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    I have bought the Swing Midi controller and I noticed that trying to record a sequence the TAP (to enter a rest/tie/legato) as described in the guide, seems not working.

    So I decided to upgrade to firmware v1.1.38 but same thing.

    Also the app Control Tribe is stuck on this screenshot and I can not access to all the inner parameters of the Swing.

    Is anybody there to help me out?


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    • owsley66
      owsley66 I have solved the issue to access to the inner parameters of the Swing, but the Tap functions as described on the manual (rest/tie/legato) are stil NOT working. Why?????
      • Wed at 5:20 AM
    • owsley66

      I am having this issue as well. TAP not working, arp and sequence not working,. ,will only work when arp is stopped.

      • Sat at 5:59 PM
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    Hello friends, I have a Behringer UMX490 but my pc running on windows 11 can't detect it. Please help me...

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      ChrisEdwards1 Hi BAROENTERTAINMENT001, please note the UMX490 is now considered a Legacy product, with this in mind we cannot fully confirm its compatibility with newer operating systems, however, I have included some troubleshooting steps for you below:

      Replace your USB Cable.
      Try an alternative USB Port.
      Where possible use USB 2.0.
      If you are connecting via a USB Hub please connect directly to your computer.
      Ensure you have the correct drivers installed.
      Upgrade your USB Drivers and BIOS.
      Ensure no USB Power saving settings are enabled.
      If the UMX does not seem to be powering on when using USB power please try one of the alternative power methods.
      Lastly, please try a computer running an older OS.
      • Sep 7