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    Hi Music Tribe,

    Looking for Part# A09-00001-62842 they are small black "push bottons" which help control presets and stored settings. Anyone on here also looking or may have a line on where to order these parts? All service centers were a waste of time. 





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    Hi TC Team

    I've had my BH550 now for about 2 months, and it's very good amp.

    I love the toneprint feature, but one major issue I've noticed is volume differences between presets - mostly with drive/comp-type effects. I usually have a modulation toneprint in slot B (currently a chorus), and I like a compressor or drive in slot A.

    However, all the drive e compressor (and comp+drive) toneprints are incredibly loud. It's impossible to switch between A and B in a live situation because of this... I have to turn the gain way down for A and then back up when I switch.

    ...the toneprint editor is only for pedals :(

    how to resolve?


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    • Majestic5
      PedroRodrigues Hi Majestic5, thank you for your post, in this case I would suggest performing a firmware update to your unit.

      Updating your TC amp’s firmware requires a computer running Microsoft Windows or OS X with a standard USB interface and a USB cable.

      Preparing the firmware update Download the newest firmware from the link below:

      If a firmware update is available, you will find the following updaters:

      -For Microsoft Windows (these are ZIP archives containing the firmware installer)
      -For OS X (these are disk image files containing the firmware installer).

      Connect your TC amp to your computer using a USB cable.
      Power up the amplifier while pressing and holding the UTIL button on the rear panel.
      After a few seconds, you should see the LED next to the UTIL button turn red

      Launch the firmware updater you have downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to apply the firmware update.

      When the update is concluded, and you have power cycled you Bass Amp we can them proceed and load a TonePrint to one of the two slots available.
      By default, TonePrint slot 1 contains the TubeDrive TonePrint, and slot 2 contains the famous TC Classic Chorus TonePrint.
      Please follow the link below and download the TonePrint App version 4.5.5 to your computer.

      Once the TonePrint app version 4.5.5 is installed on your computer please connect your computer with your Bass Amp BH550 to allow loading the TonePrint on the Bass Amp.
      Please do not use any type of USB adaptors or USB HUBS, your computer must connect with the BH550 directly.

      Please confirm that the USB cable is in good condition.

      To select a TonePrint slot (1 or 2), set the TonePrint slot switch to the respective slot. The LED of the currently selected TonePrint slot will light up.
      You will hear the TonePrint effect currently stored in this slot, and if you transfer a new TonePrint to your TC bass amp, it will be stored in this slot.
      Use the TonePrint knob for the currently selected TonePrint slot to control the TonePrint in this slot as follows:
      For most modulation effects (Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato and Octaver), the TonePrint knob work as a dry/wet mix control, but for some TonePrints, it could also be the speed of the Vibrato or the depth of the Chorus.
      For Compression and Drive TonePrints, the TonePrint knob usually acts as amount (intensity) control.
      Featured TonePrint artists may have assigned the TonePrint knob to other parameters. Finally, there are some TonePrints that encompass two effects.
      In this case, the TonePrint knob will control one or multiple parameters of one effect, while the parameters of the other effect are static.
      Please note that while your TC bass amp can store two separate TonePrints, only one TonePrint can be active at any time.
      If you do not want to hear or use the TonePrint effect at all, set the TonePrint slot switch to centre position or turn the knob of the currently active TonePrint slot fully counter clockwise.
      Please report back if following the steps provided you where able to resolve the issue described on your BH550. Thank you
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      • Toneprint volume differences
        Majestic5 Hi Pedro,
        thanks for your detailed answer!
        I proceeded to reinstall the latest firmware version and now everything works fine.
        Thank you so much for the support you provide!

        a suggestion for improving the toneprint app
        if you could add a slider to adjust the effect's gain when loading the toneprint the management of the various effects would become much more flexible to adapt to the various needs of the songs
        ... and wow!

        Greetings from Italy!
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