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    Hey guys, I just got to try a friend's Veyron Mosfet head with the 210 cabinet and I'm enamored. Why can't I find these cabinets anywhere? I want the same setup, amp and cabinet. Seems I may be able to find the head, but I'd want the cabinet too.

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    hi all, I have an rh 750 and wonder when connected to an 8 ohm 4×10 does the power half to when connected through a 4 ohm 4×10 cab


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    • MauriceBates
      DavidKnighton Hello MauriceBates,
      Typically, the output rating is given at 4 Ohms, so you should have full power when connected to a 4 Ohm load. The manual lists 750 Watts for the power module rating and 1,200 Watts peak output at minimum impedance (4 Ohms). Running an 8 Ohm load would reduce the output power by roughly half, and should allow the amp to run a bit cooler. Check out the POWER RATING document on the product webpage here
      • Jul 14