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    Bought a used BH800.  Amp is great!  I run it into 2 Fender Rumble 15" cabs.  However I cannot get the toneprint stuff to be accepted by the amp.

    I have watched every video I can find and the result is always the same.  The light on the amp never flashes, and the the toneprints never change.  I am using an iPhone Xr with IOS 14.2.

    The Toneprint app is v4.3.02.

    Its not a big deal if it doesn't work.  But it might be fun if it did.

    Has anyone got any ideas?

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    • Andy Senn
      Jonty Joyce I'm having the same problem with a BH550 and nobody has come up with a fix yet. Are you using the Toneprints from the 'Bass Amps' section? The only one I have managed to beam successfully is a flanger, but only one of them. Have you tried a software update via your computer?
      • Tue at 9:14 AM
    • Andy Senn
      Andy Senn Hey J.J., thanks for the response. Yep, I am trying to transfer any of the "Bass Amps" tone prints, have yet to get any of them to transfer. When I tried a software update, it says I am running the latest version. Not a big deal because I usually run just a SansAmp as my only "effect". I'm a straight signal guy when it comes to my bass playing, but it might be fun if it worked. The used amp I bought has 2 tone prints assigned. I think TP1 is one of the Compressor settings, and TP2 is a chorus setting. I don't like either of them so I was just wanting to play a bit with the other prints available but I have a feeling this will never be fixed.
      • Sat at 4:56 AM