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    Good morning everyone I have a Bugera 333 just wondering how do I order parts on this site?

    Don't know what the board is called but it's for you plug the main power cord in it is a small circuit board with the fuse and the off and on switch. I hope the image helps me identify this board and where I can get one thanks in advance everyone

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    Hi everyone.

    I have a bugera 333xl and i want to ask if i can control the channels with my pedalboard (boss gt100) . I play with 4th cable method but I don't use the preamp from pedalboard So I need to control lead clean  channels of bugera without use the footswitch . Can i use midi cable to connect pedal board with the amp footswitch? Or buying a midi controller ? 

    Thank you .

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    • NickPapanikolaou
      PedroRodrigues Hi NickPapanikolaou please consider that the 333XL will exclusively operate with the FSB104 footswitch. Thank you
      • Sep 8