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    Anyone else had this issue? I get no sound out of the hi tom, whether I'm using mains or the dedicated output. Switching to Hi Conga gives no sound as well.

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    RD-8 MKII

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    In our constant pursuit for perfection and authenticity, we proudly introduce the new RD-8 MKII, the most authentic analog recreation ever produced.

    This drum machine has been re-designed from the ground up with carefully selected components and circuitry, which have dramatically improved the sound of the voices as well as noise and phase response across both the main and individual outputs.

    Most importantly, our engineers - together with our Coolaudio semiconductor sister company - successfully recreated the 40-year-old BA662 chip, which is instrumental for the authentic voices of this instrument.

    We’re proud to deliver the most authentic and accurate analog drum machine recreation ever produced.

    We Hear You.

    List Price: $329 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)

    #Behringer #RD8MKII #Classic #Analog #DrumsAndPercussion #DrumMachines #Drums

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    When is the release in the USA for the RD8 Mk2?

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