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    Whats happening with the RD-9? Where is it?

    The official release date announcement was made months ago. They said "It's Finally Here"

    Release date March/April 2021

    it's May 6th today!

    Ive held £300 for 3 months waiting for an RD-9. Should I give up? Should I buy a quality used Roland TR8?

    No updates. No notifications. No customer respect.

    Come on Behringer/Music Tribe stop F'king with our heads. Be transparent. Honesty works & earns.

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    Hi, I downloaded the last synthtribe 2.5.0 for Win ( I'm on win 8.1). I have many Behringer synths, all are well detected, but no change of settings is possible because there is no "save" button at the bottom ( close to the "restaure factory settings" one, as it seems it should be, when I see screen captures on tutorials). If I change a setting, go back t the main page and choose the synth again, of course no change has been kept... same for every synth. Am I missing something ?


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    • ratch
      NicJonesMT Hi Ratch. Could you please click support at the top off the page and submit a Technical support ticket. We can then look into this for you.

      Could you please take some screen shots/photos of how you have the synths setup and connected to your computer, and of the Synth Tribe application. We can then forward this over to the dev team if needed.
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