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    I have tried every trick in the book to get my voice live one to connect to voice support two. I have read all of the help sections and the FAQs. Is there some settings I need to change in the utilities? What else can I do?

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    • mykeaster2
      WilliamR Hello, Unfortunately, Voicelive 1 has been discontinued for quite some time now. The voice live one pre-dates the voice support 2 software so it is not compatible.
      • Jun 11
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    My Play Acoustic controller knob just quit working.  Can't change any settings in menus now.  Never been damaged or mistreated.  It just stopped working. No friction when I rotate the knob.  Does anyone know what can be done?

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    Hello Tribe, 

    I want to know about the settings for manual key and scales. There isn't any place that I have found that has the answer. When selecting manual, pressing both buttons allows you to select the key. I get that. However, the "1, 2, and 3" for scales is totally unknown. Please help. I'm assuming major, minor, and chromatic, but I don't know and would like to dial this in. Any help? 

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    • prabara71
      kiskadar69 The key and scale in Harmony-G XT is shown in 2 or 3 sequential flashes. If the "-" character does not flash, it means one of the major scales. If the "-" character flashes, it means one of the minor scales. For example:

      - an E might flash, then a number 1 indicating "E major 1" scale.
      - an E might flash, then a dash "-", and then a number 3 indicating "E minor 3" scale.

      The number corresponds to one of three major and three minor modified scales. Choosing an alternate scale may help you find a fixed-key harmony that works best for your song.
      • Jun 6
    • prabara71
      kiskadar69 "does it even matter about the scale selection?": yes, it matters. For example, the "minor 1" scale will produce different notes than the "minor 2" scale.
      "how do you add or remove the dash?": with the right footswitch you can choose from 6 scales: "major 1", "major 2", "major 3", "minor 1", "minor 2", "minor 3".

      Read the Harmony-G XT manual and watch the following video. If you have a Harmony-G XT, give it a try.
      • Jun 7
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    I have noticed that while using the vocal harmony function on my VL3 extreme that the harmony cuts in and out or varys in volume while I am singing. Is there a setting that will prevent this?

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    • Frankd117
      NicJonesMT Hi Frankd117
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      Please provide as much information on how you have parameters set, and your full setup as possible.
      • Jun 23
    • Frankd117
      H1r4m Prueba modificar los ajustes de voz
      • Jun 23
      • Voicelive 3 Extreme Harmony Cutting Out
        H1r4m Setup - Tone - y ahí modificas las opciones de voz
        • Jun 23
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