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    I just bought a TC Helicon Perfomance VK and I would like to know how to do the connections on a digital soundcraft ui16 soundboard. 

    I'm using my keyboard Roland FA-O6B with an inhalambric Shure microphone. I'm an amateur singer and piano player at church. 

    I love the Perfotmance VK, works great for our small church, but I don't know how to do the connections correctly...

    Anyone can help me? 

    Valeria (From Barcelona)

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    • Valeria Juez
      Chris Edwards Hi Valeria, please take a look at the attached photo of the setup diagram from the user manual (this can be downloaded here Where the mixer is placed circled in red would be your ui16, you will simply need to run from the L&R outputs of your Perform VK into 2 of the combo inputs on the ui16. Hope this helps.
      • Nov 12
    • Valeria Juez
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Valeria the TC Helicon Perfomance VK should be connected as you can see on the picture, I hope this helps
      • Nov 12