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    Any chance there's ever going to be a VoiceLive 4?

    If you guys need some ideas for upgrades here's a start:


    1. Layered harmonies - think of the Beatles in "Twist and Shout" - third and fifth with separate activation buttons. 

    2. Seperate harmony output - so you can record harmonies separately from the main vocal track or output separately to your PA

    3. Bluetooth connection - to computer for programming

    4. WiFi connectivity - for cloud or local server backup

    5. Sync - the ability to sync multipe VoiceLives easily - one VL that stays in the studio, while another goes out on the road. 


    Perhaps some of these exist already, and I'm unawaure. But it would sure be nice to see an updated VoiceLive.  

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    • Andrew489216
      kiskadar69 "2. Separate harmony output"
      It is currently possible to have the main vocal on the right XLR output (albeit without effects, only the SETUP / Input / Global Pitch Correct and SETUP / Tone affect it) and the background vocals on the left XLR output (also without effects, only the SETUP / Input / Global Pitch Correct and SETUP / Tone affect it). If it's a VoiceLive 3 and you have a guitar plugged into the VoiceLive 3, you'll also need to use the Guitar Thru or Guitar L / R output.
      2.1. Set SETUP / Input / Lead Mute to On and
      2.2. Set SETUP / Output / XLR Output Mode to Mono and
      2.3. Set a preset so that only the Harmony block of the vocal effects is turned on.
      • 1 hour ago
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    The options for Natplay source:    USB    is the only option.  What does it mean and why is it the only option?

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    • steverosen13
      PedroRodrigues Hi steverosen13, please consider that you can use the Global NatPlay Source parameter to define a global signal source for the NaturalPlay feature.
      You can use this parameter if you want to make sure that only audio or control data from a specific source is used to determine key/scale.
      The Parameter settings are the following:

      VoiceLive 3 “listens” to any audio or control data coming from the Guitar input/MIDI or USB port/Aux input/RoomSense microphones to determine the key/scale that should guide Harmony voices and HardTune.

      Audio received at the Guitar input is used to determine key/scale.

      MIDI note messages received at the MIDI IN jack are used to determine key/scale.

      Audio received at the Aux input and Input is used to determine key/scale.

      Room Sense:
      Audio received by the built-in RoomSense microphones is used to determine key/scale.
      • Sep 21
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    Having an issue with tc helicon perfomer vg. The harmony  wont stay set on a 5th above. It returns to  5th below everytime I go to use it. I tried to reset it but it keeps going back to 5th below

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    • Rjay17
      PedroRodrigues Hi Rjay17 ,please consider that the Harmony works slightly differently than the other effects, since there are more styles to choose from.

      When you first hold the harmony button to enter edit mode, you’ll be greeted with a level control.

      Unlike the other effects, this is simply a minimum to maximum control and applies regardless of which harmony style you’ve chosen.

      Once in edit mode, tap the harmony button again to toggle between level control and style control.

      Harmony styles are represented relative to the topmost (12 O’Clock) LED, which serves as an indicator of your lead voice.

      Please check the images below.
      • Sep 20
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    1. My pissed off self to start again...  grrr....  

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    Hi i have a problem,
    when i set on Dual Mono output option, i can hear only the voice signal on right XLR and no guitar signal on left xlr.

    I've tried and search any option in all menus and tabs but anything seems to resolve this. May be a bug???

    Thanks for all helps.

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    • In3On
      NicJonesMT Hi In3On.
      If you havent already please submit a technical support ticket and we can go through some trouble shooting steps with you.
      • Sep 14
    • In3On


      • Sep 14
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    Hi Guys,

    When I tap on the TAP button to set my echo timing, the noise of my tapping is picked up by the mic (SM58).   

    I've tried tapping *very* softly but the tapping noise is still passed through to the front of house system.

    The mic and the Peform-VG are on the same mic stand.

    Is there a work around that people use, eg a separate stand for the Perform-VG unit?   A better quality mic stand?   Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance




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    I switched from VLX3 extreme to an acoustic play.  The AUX output used to be on the vocal side of the XLR output.  On this acoustic play I have it set for vocal and guitar and it seems the AUX output is on the guitar side. Anyway to switch that?  I want to keep it Vocal on one channel and guitar on the other. But would like AUX to be on the vocal side 

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    • T3aztec
      PedroRodrigues Hi T3aztec please take in to account that you must use the Output parameter to set how signals are sent over the XLR outputs of Play Acoustic.

      The unit offers several parameters that you can set up on the output stage such as:

      1)-The Vocal/Guitar (DI) setting, with this setting, vocal and Aux signals are sent over one XLR connector, and guitar signals over the other XLR.

      2)- With the Stereo setting, a stereo mix of Vocal, Guitar and Aux signals is sent over both XLR outputs

      3)-With the Mono Setting all effected vocal and guitar sounds are sent via the left XLR output.
      Dry vocals, with Tone and pitch correction, if you have set the Pitch Cor Amt parameter on the Input page to a value other than zero, are sent via the right XLR output.

      The unit also offers on the outputs stage tools such as the Vocal cancelation function and the Lead Mute parameter.
      The first tool that attempts to remove the vocals from a piece of music while the second tool mutes the lead vocal and only output the processed signals.

      1)- With the Off setting/ On setting
      When it’s on “Off set mode” no processing is performed on the Aux input signal.
      When it’s on “On setting mode”, Play Acoustic will attempt to remove lead vocals from a piece of music.
      This will create “Karaoke” style music for you to sing along to, including key information for harmony generation.

      2)- With the Off setting/ On setting
      When the Lead Mute parameter has the “Off setting” activated Lead Vocals are routed to the main mix.
      When the Lead Mute parameter has the “On setting” activated Lead vocals are removed from the main mix.

      I hope this clarifies the options you have available to configure your unit and how you must set it up to reflect your creative intentions.
      For a more in-depth information on how to set up your unit please follow the link below to access the full guide and all the resources available for your PLAY ACOUSTIC.
      • Sep 14
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    Hello guys :) I love voicelive 3 but it’s been a while that l m waiting for an upgrade , so here is the question …is VOICELIVE 4 coming out soon?

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    • OPANOS
      PedroRodrigues Hi OPANOS please consider that at this moment we cannot provide any information on this matter, please keep an eye on our social media for any news on new units. Thank you
      • Sep 14
    • OPANOS
      OPANOS What about this? ?
      • Sep 15
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    where at Music Tribe I can have an overview over the (Music Tribe) products, that I have already registered?

    I cannot find the appropriate site

    There should exist a listing under the membership entry.

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    My Perform V won't except the beam signal from my cell phone. Itried resetting device, checked microphone it works, could hear signal with earphones. I tried various volumns nothing seems to work. Please advise.

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    • Beegaboy
      WilliamR Hello, Sometimes the stereo speakers on cell phones can throw off the data transfer process. I would advise plugging in some earbuds to your cell phone and try holding one earbud to the mic of your perform v when you try beaming the toneprint again. That usually does the trick.
      • Sep 10
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