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  • 2020-09-18

    Hello, I have logged a support request looking for a replacement Mini USB to lightning cable for the go guitar pro. They gave me the part number, Q71-00002-27890, but I cannot find where to buy this from. Logging another support request asking where to purchase this just resulted in providing the same part number, with no solution on where to buy it. Does anyone know where I can look to find this? Google turned up nothing, and It seems mini USB to lighting is a hard cable to find, and I'm not even sure if they use standard pinouts or not. Any help is appreciated!

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    • Thcoolest
      Nigel Turner Hi, can you give me the two case numbers and I will take a look s to why we didn't supply you with pricing and availability for the part. I am really not sure why we would have given you the part number and no other information. Many thanks.
      • Thu at 10:29 PM
    • Thcoolest
      Thcoolest Hi, the case numbers are CAS-139394-X4K5H9 and CAS-138262-P6N1S8
      • Fri at 3:59 AM
      • Go guitar pro replacement lightning cable
        Nigel Turner Hi, I have checked your cases. They are still with the spares team. The part numbers were added by a colleague to make it easy for the team to quote you. I have asked them to get back to you today, Monday latest.
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        • Fri at 2:25 PM