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    Am I able to run an X Touch Mini into the USB ports on this? I tried and got no functionality but maybe there's a setting that needs to be config'd?

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    I have the larger X-Touch (8 channel, 9 faders). Here's what happened...

    It was fully functional until I pressed the INST buttom in the Encoder Assign section at the top. When I did that, everything froze. No buttons would work. Now when I restart it, the firmware version comes on (1.22) for about 3 seconds, then it goes off. After that, the only lights on are the backlight of the channel lights (nothing displayed on them) and the ring around the main encoder button. Nothing I do at that point changes anything.

    • I have reinstalled the firmware, which it does successfully.
    • I have nothing connected except the power cord (in order to remove as many variables as possible).
    • If I turn the faders up before I restart, it brings all the faders down once I start it. So the mechanical part of the faders is working.
    • If I restart and hold down the channel 1 Select button, it will let me change modes (both LEDs show what they are supposed to) and it will save it. But when I restart, there is no change in function (though the mode I saved is the mode it is in).

    I bought the unit about 5 years ago, but never took it out of the box until two weeks ago. It has about 5 hours of use on it. When it worked it was an amazing machine.


    Any ideas?



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    I have been in touch with MOTU concerning DP integration.

    I asked:

    "If I connect as Mackie Control will I still be able to send Midi CC data?"

    They say:

    "I can't say 100% if it's possible to be candid, as the documentation for this device isn't super clear. A quick chat with Behringer may answer that question immediately
    That is, using this with Mackie Control and assigning keys to send out CC info
    keys, knobs, buttons*


    DP, of course, responds to Midi CC data, but clicking the buttons on the unit show NO midi data being transmitted.

    What are my options for successful integration?


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    Specifically looking for a west coast retailer of Behringer X-Touch Extender. 

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    Hi - I've been switching between my Scarlet 2i4 interface and a Behringer Monitor2USB with Reaper DAW for over 2 years and have noticed that in the last few months the Behringer has been "glitching" my DAW's playback, and now it has been happening a lot, which sucks because I love using the Behringer! (The Scarlet never does it, only the Behringer).

    The "glitch" is that it slows down the playback and it sounds digitized like its in the Matrix movie. So I open Reapers' Device settings and hit "ok" which seems to reset it and I'm fine for awhile. But that doesn't work so much any more and it seems to be getting worse.

    Any Ideas on what the heck is goin on? Thanks!! 

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    • drnoble
      Dale_M Hi we would advise trying it with another DAW and/or another PC?MAC to see if the issue follows the unit.
      • Nov 15
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    Does anyone know how to have the second line (lower) in the scribble strip show information? I use Reaper and the only text I see is on the top line of the scribble strip (Ie Track 1 or anything elese I type in the Reaper Track name), I cannot see anything on the line below it.  It would usefull if I could customise the text on the empty line below the track name.

    When I use my Old Multitract Studio Software by Bremmers Audio, It shows text on both the top and bottom line.  Just not iun Reaper!

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    • Pistolpete71
      NicJonesMT Hi PistolPete71
      This is dependent on the DAW you are using. The XT works as a MCU or HUI Emulator, so how it will behave is dependent on how the DAW has incorporated this protocol.
      • Nov 24
    • Pistolpete71
      Pistolpete71 Hi NicJonesMT
      • Nov 25
    • Pistolpete71
      Pistolpete71 Thank you for explaining that, I will take it up with the Reaper folk and see if they have some thoughts on how to enable the scribble strip functionality a little further. Thanks again
      • Nov 25