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    How do I replace the battery without loosing memory? Can I do it with the unit powered on? Im an electonic Engineer so there is no risk of me shicking myself. 

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    • mmcpherson
      Nigel67 Hi, yes, this would be the only way. Replacing the battery with the unit repowered, however we cannot recommend this unless it is performed by one of our trained service centres due to the fact that you could cause yourself harm by putting your hand inside a powered unit. We take no responsibility for any damage you may cause to yourself or surroundings. Please also dispose of your battery at a recycling centre. Many thanks
      • Mar 27
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    Where would this be put in a Pedalboard Chain? 

    FX loop?

    Thanks in advance.


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    • Stillgrinning
      Stillgrinning The other pedals I have are NUX Looper, Behringer Chorus and a Tuner.
      • Mar 18
    • Stillgrinning
      DavidKnighton Hello Stillgrinning,
      I would put the tuner before everything else so that you have clean tone for tuning, and then put all the effects in front of the looper so that you can loop the effected signal. Example, Guitar>Tuner>Chorus>FX600>Looper>amp.
      • Mar 18
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    Will anyone help me to register my new purchase or shall  I return it to the seller and forget it?

    Every time I attempt it the option SELECT BRAND is ALWAYS inactive so I CANT finish my registration.


    Tried on ALL MAJOR browser - it does not work. So far so called technical help closed my first ticket (excellent service must say)



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    • Zvirus24
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Zvirus24, I am sorry to see you are having issues registering your product. Upon checking our system for the case you mention I can see one of my colleagues had responded requesting additional information on 15/03/2021 with a follow-up sent on 18/03/2021.

      It may be possible his response has gone to your spam or junk folder, could you please check these locations? You can also use your case number to search for any replies as this is always included in the subject line, your case number is CAS-431668-Y4K1X4. If you cannot locate the response please let me know and I will have them resend it.
      • Mar 20
      • CANT REGISTER product for nearly a week now!
        Zvirus24 Hi. Got an email - THANKS - replied - awaiting confirmation of registered product. Cheers!
        • Mar 23
    • Zvirus24
      izavodov Hi, I have the same problem!!!
      • Mar 20