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    Hi, how do I go about purchasing 2 new replacement knobs for a HoF 2x4 reverb unit? Thanks David

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    • DavidSeifert
      RexBeckett Hi David, I suggest that you open a Care ticket for this.

      At the top of this page, click Support then scroll down the new page and select Parts. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • Feb 13
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    I'm having issues with the software and Flashback2 pedal. If I edit a template on my laptop using the on screen sliders/dials I can hear the parameters change as expected. The physical selector is set to one of the available toneprint slots. However when I try to save the modified template, I am asked for a name and when I click save all the settings change to whatever the physical position of the knob on the pedal is set at. For example suppose I change delay1 to 580ms but the physical delay knob is at 300ms then the template saves the 300ms setting. I also noticed when I load a template from the library to one of the slots it also changes the settings to whatever the pedals physical setting are, I assume this is not correct and the toneprint slots should not be affected by the knobs otherwise the whole point of creating and saving presets is pointless. Any help would be appreciated.

    Update I think I have figured out how to solve this, but I will leave the post in case someone else has the same issue. I cant find a user manual for the latest version of the editor and there is no mention of this in the one I have so this might just be a workaround rather than what should be done. So I would still appreciate some feedback. If I open the mapping tab and unassign all the knobs I can then save my the edited template. Is this the intended method?

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    • stevecon115
      PedroRodrigues Hi, please follow the link below to access the TONEPRINT APP 2.0
      This is the last version available any new tools available on the new updates are present on the release notes on each respective version.
      Please consider that if you are referring to the fact that you have open a template and only after making any change on the template you will be able to save it, that is effectively the procedure on the TonePrint Editor. Thank you
      • Feb 19
    • stevecon115
      TC-Mike THi Steve, this is expected behavior. You store the range and the function of the pot meters and not a fixed preset value. The pots of the pedal and the app buffer are not in sync, so after storing a TonePrint to a memory location of the pedal it will load with the physical pot meter positions and the values to match. You can use the pedal pots to set the values in the Tp app to have them in sync while editing, but how the setting loads when the app is not connected will be set by the pot meter position alone.
      • Feb 19
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    is there any info on the editor as i am having a great deal of trouble with simple things like moving a board to a location of my choice.

    The board wont move nothing happens is there some some sort of set up command in settings that i am missing?i have a lot of fine editing that has been lost causing me many hours of problems.Ilove hte sounds but if i cant use it? please help


    thank you Don Mackenzie

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    • Naldos
      WilliamR Hello Naldos, The quickest way would be to open the Plethora in the tone print app and drag the pedalboard to the locations you want. After you make the moves in the Toneprint editor, be sure to click store in board.
      • Feb 17
      • plethora x5
        Naldos Thank you William I found that the problem was simpler.I had changed the connection lead that came with the unit for a longer one for ease of working and there were certain things it just wouldn't do like in depth editing and even just moving songs around on the board.When I changed it back everything worked again!.... also when changing board from one position to another you want have to save the plethora sees it and moves it to the pedal accordingly.Thanks for your reply I appreciate it.Don
        • Feb 17
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    I purchased a vicious vibe pedal off of eBay. Programming it to my guitar doesn't seem to make much difference. Once I beam the sound to the pickup the stumble turns red after it says it worked. Shouldn't it turn green if it was a successful beam. Please let me know if it is working correctly or it may be not working right. 

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    • bloodtohead
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi bloodtohead, yes that would be correct. If at any point during the beaming process the LED flashes red this means the process has failed. Here are a few things you may want to try:

      Ensure the pedal is on the latest firmware version, firmware updates will be available from the product page on the website.
      If you are currently using a phone to beam the Toneprint try attempting this from the Toneprint editor for PC and MAC and see if it works this way.
      If using a guitar or bass with active pickups ensure your tone knob is turned all the way down (so that the treble is completely rolled off). The preamp in active pickups can introduce a slight bit of distortion to the beamed signal, which can cause the beaming process to fail.
      • Feb 7
    • bloodtohead
      TC-Mike red Led indicates that transfer didn't work. Please make also sure that there are no active FX prior to VV pedal, as this will alter the beaming file unreadable . Can you confirm that you have selected a TP slot when beaming?
      • Feb 8
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    TC Electronic
    Triber Moderator


    Dock, power and connect TC Electronic ICON Series hardware controllers such as TC2290-DT, DVR 250-DT, Master X HD-DT and PEQ 3000-DT in one flexible unit with a small footprint.

    List Price: $179

    #TCElectronic #TCICONDOCK #ComputerAudio #DesktopController #ICONSeries

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    • TC Electronic
      yann_ Waiting for a vid of this it kind of looks cool but doesn't seem like they've put a lot of thought in it there's more icon tools than u can fit in this... what will I have to do with the other ones it should fit them all... the 2290, 8210, 1210 Dvr250, master X hddt, brickwall, hddt, peq3000 and dyn3000. Let's hope Tc electronic is smart enough to offer different sizes...
      • Feb 19
      • TC Electronic New Product Release: TC ICON DOCK
        PedroRodrigues Hi Yann please consider that for now this is the only size we will offer and please consider that this dock must share the space on a studio with other units therefor we have selected this size to allow just that. Thank you
        • Feb 24
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    can you duplicate boards on the plethorax5, if so how?

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    • voodoo1
      TC-Marcus Yes you can.
      - Toggle to the board you want to duplicate
      - Enter edit mode
      - Push up on the Board toggleswitch
      - Select duplicate
      • Tue at 12:14 PM
    • voodoo1
      voodoo1 thank you so much, also, how do you delete them?
      • 13 hours ago
      • can you duplicate boards on the plethorax5, if so how?
        TC-Marcus Almost the same thing
        - Toggle to the board you want to delete
        - Enter edit mode
        - Push down on the Board toggleswitch
        - Select delete

        Note that you can also choose "clear" instead of delete. As the name suggests, this will just clear the board
        • 10 hours ago
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    Three features requests I would like to log:


    1. Tap Tempo

    External tap tempo using a footswitch. I would be fine using the expression pedal input to support this, or maybe the stereo input jack (like the feature on the standalone Flashback 2 you added previously). It would be good if this external tap tempo would control all pedals on the current board that support tempo (so all of them synched to the same tempo you tapped in). I know you have support for using the MASH button as tap tempo, but then I lose the MASH feature which is a huge loss.


    2. Configure Pedal Display

    It would be good if we could have a few options for the pedal display. Right now it shows:

    • Top: the name of the effect name (eg. "Hypergravity") in medium font
    • Middle: the type of effect type (eg. "Compressor") in large font
    • Bottom: the toneprint name (eg. "PETE'S TONE ENHANCER") in small font
    • Very Bottom: the author of the toneprint (eg. "TC ELECTRONIC) in small font

    For my typical use pattern, it would be more helpful to know the toneprint name and author in larger font so it is more readable when playing (so I know what it is currently set to when I switch boards). The effect name and type are kind of implied by the colour, so it feels kind of a waste of that display real estate.

    I don't know the best way to expose this in the UI, but even having a few options where you could choose between what info is large and what is small would be nice.


    3. Linking Pedal Across Boards

    I realize this might be a large change to the underlying data model in the firmware, and it might be confusing for some users, but it would be totally perfect for my use case (and potentially others).

    I'd like the abililty to link pedals across boards. For example, if I had two boards, then in slot 5 of both pedals, I could have the same Reverb instance. Right now, I can put a Reverb in both boards in slot 5, but they are not linked. So if I change the toneprint on one and then switch boards, that change is not linked and that board's Reverb has its original tone print. Same with pedal on/off...if I turn the reverb on/off on one board, when I switch to the other board, it will retain its previous setting on that board.

    Like I said, this is probably by design, as each board is considered an indepenant "scene", but the way I use it is to always have the last two pedals in all my boards be my Delay and Reverb, and then switch boards to change up the other pedals. So it would be nice to have them linked so when I'm playing, any changes to those Delay or Reverb pedals gets applied no matter what board I have selected.

    Again, how do you design a UI to do this...that might be tricky. But it would be a very cool advanced feature to add!



    Keep up the good work, this is a great product!

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    • mattbudd73
      WilliamR Hello Matt, Thank you for your suggestions, I have forwarded these suggestions to our engineers.
      • Feb 26
    • mattbudd73
      tangozebra +1 for Configure Pedal Display. Would also be nice to be able to assign a "description" label to each pedal version that would be on the display. or example "Long Delay" on one instance of a Flashback and "Short Delay" on another, even when using built in toneprints.
      • Feb 27
    • mattbudd73
      CSurieux Concerning display, I would also appreciate to see the % of the expression/volume pedal when I change it.
      • Feb 28
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    The mimiq is fantastic with a mono input and stereo output to two separate amps.  Love it.    But I have a truly stereo pedal board.  For example, I have a Flashback II stereo delay and a stereo chorus before the Mimiq.  If I have a nice ping pong delay or a lush stereo chorus heading into the mimiq in stereo, the effects get mashed up and lost in the Mimiq.  What are the best recommendations for using stereo inputs to the mimiq?  How is it supposed to work - ie - what's the purpose served by stereo inputs.  Am I missing something? Should I focus on keeping it in the mono chain before the stereo effects? 

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    • DougB
      PedroRodrigues Hi,DougB Please consider that the audio inputs on this pedal are standard 1/4" jacks (mono/TS), please connect your guitar to the mono audio input on the right side of your pedal using a regular 1/4" instrument cable, never the less the pedal also accepts stereo signals using a pair of 1/4" TS cables.
      • Feb 16
      • Mimiq - with stereo IN ????  What's the purpose?
        DougB Yes - that's my question. If I come out of a stereo chorus pedal - with a lush interesting stereo chorus on L+R and then go into the Mimiq with 2 x 1/4" cables, the Mimiq squishes the chorus channels together ruining the effect. I'm trying to think of an application where you'd put the Mimiq in the middle of a stereo chain and can't think of one. It seems that it should ONLY be a mono in, stereo out device. What am I missing?
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        • Feb 16
      • Mimiq - with stereo IN ????  What's the purpose?
        PedroRodrigues Hi DougB as I mentioned above if you connect your guitar only to the mono audio input on the right side of your pedal using a regular 1/4" instrument cable you will have a mono signal arriving to the pedal. The pedal offers stereo and mono input
        • Feb 17
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    I am interested in the VSS3, MD3 and DVR2 native plugins I a have my licences from the all PowerCore unit.

    Do i have any discounts o crosgrade on the licences of these products ? and

    How Can I buy the licences for these products? Can I do it from your web?


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    I know it is an older discontinued unit.  What is the latest firmware update for d-two and how do I download it?

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    • MikeSwift
      PedroRodrigues Hi MikeSwift, please be aware that the latest Firmware available for the D-TWO is version 1.05 that you can access by following the link below:
      • Feb 9
    • MikeSwift
      MikeSwift Are there instructions to update the firmware? The manual doesn't have any instructions
      • Feb 11
    • MikeSwift
      PedroRodrigues Hi Mike, please be aware that the MIDI information that you transfer during the upload, is in the so-called SysEx format. It's a sort of binary code, that can cary system information. Thus, the MIDI code IS the software.
      The upload procedure requires a PC with a standard MIDI Interface, and an application capable of sending .syx files, for instance the freeware application MIDI-OX, which is available from the MIDI-OX website.
      Your existing user presets should not be affected by the update, but we suggest that you make a safety backup as described in the user manual.
      Important: before starting the upload procedure, please quit any MIDI related application on your PC, other than MIDI-OX.
      Connect the PC MIDI-Out to the D-Two MIDI-In socket.
      Press and hold the EDIT and "Arrow Up" keys during power up to enter the service menu.
      The D-Two display will read: "D-TWO 1.06 FRONT 1.6Dial the wheel and choose "Download DSP code
      Press the ENTER key to confirm. The display will now read "Downloading code" and "000" in the upper right corner.
      Start MIDI-OX. Choose view/sysex. In the sysex window, choose send sysex, and browse to select the D-Two .syx file, and press ok.
      You should now see the D-Two numerical display counting as well as a progress bar on your PC screen.
      Important: after the upload has finished, you MUST wait (up to 1 minute) until the D-Two display reads "D-TWO 1.06 FRONT 1.6" again.
      Reboot ("POWER" off/on) the D-Two using the front panel Power switch. During startup, the D-Two will now read ">D Two version 1.05<".
      You have now successfully uploaded the new application software to your D-Two.
      Troubleshooting: after otherwise successful load, the D-Two does not go back to "D-TWO 1.06 FRONT 1.6": Reboot the D-Two and retry load procedure.
      Error 9: Reboot the D-Two and retry load procedure.
      Error 1: Reboot the D-Two and retry load procedure.
      In case of persistent errors, disconnect the power cable to the D-Two for 10 seconds, then connect it again and retry the upload procedure.
      If error persists even after the power has been removed, the D-Two MIDI speed may have been set wrongly.
      Enter the service menu as described above.
      Choose the menu item "Change MIDI speed ?", and press ENTER.
      If the display does not read "MIDI speed: 31250 * ", then press "BYPASS" to make this text appear; then press ENTER to confirm.
      Reboot the D-Two and retry the upload procedure.
      • Feb 11
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