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    Why does your customer care people keep claiming my issue is RESOLVED!!!??? No it is NOT!!!!

    Re: [MUSIC Tribe Care] TC Helicon - Service Request - CAS-612700-N4Q0F2 - CRM:0049200000953
    To: Music Tribe Customer Quality <[email protected]>

    This is a serious problem. Because I have shows and TV shows to do and I need my unit. The service location you quoted I already spoke to them they are the ones that said it can take 14 to 16 WEEKS to get a part. 
    I'm asking that someone escalate/ expedite my issue as was done in the past (for me getting Urgent Attention.) The Voice live 3 Extreme is a staple to my setup.  
    That long of a wait is totally unacceptable!!! I'm sure you can understand. Please escalate this to the next level to intervene and advise what can be done... (perhaps TC-Helicon can provide a loaner unit, Or I can ship my unit directly to you. Please advise ASAP!
    ~Al Smith
    Founder of Blacksmith Music
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    • Blacksmith
      soundmandan Hi Al, Apologies for the delay. Musictribe have recently changed over to a new system to improve response time. Now, when you reply to a case email, it is alerted more transparently to the correct team and they will endeavour to respond to/resolve your issue as soon as possible.
      • Jul 14
    • Blacksmith
      soundmandan FYI, Daniel Hutta is no longer with the company. which may account for the initial lack of response.
      • Jul 14