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    I'm using a VoiceLive 3 with the external TC Helicon switch 6. II'm absolutely desperate to find out if I can set one of the buttons to play and overdub or if I'm still stuck with play then waiting for it to loop around again to record. The Switch 6 is preferable to using the pedal itself for a number of reasons to do with the performer (not me). I'm looping up to 16 bars so waiting for it to come around again just isn't an option.

    The last time I tried to do this I found that the Switch 6 couldn't be set up this way but there were rumours that TC Helicon were going to fix it. Has this happened or am I out of luck?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi I have a vlx3 but I'm having problem with beat pedal through loop. I plug beat into aux input, problem I'm having is once I've recorded beat I play it back and the beat is playing soft through loop how do I fix this. I have my beat pedal turned up I've even gone into settings under main screen turned things up and it's still too soft playing back.

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    Hello Community,

    great i found, at least, YOU. My question is: am i stupid? I can´t find the software to connect my two devices. I bought new, but quite a long while ago. (was ill for a very long time) I´d like to start using these devices and this software was still installed in an older Laptop of mine.

    Please, please can anybody help me what to do? I still spent many hours without success, so the main question remains: am I stupid?



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