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    Will the Flashback work the same with vocals and acoustic instruments through microphones  ?

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    Hello, community!

    Do the TC Electronics Flashback Mini and Flashback support tails? Is that what the "Kill Dry" switches in the pedal are for?

    thanks in advance,


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    • DarrylR
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi DarryIR, the following video is a great example of what the different dip switches do and have the Kill Dry feature works:
      • Mon at 11:18 PM
    • DarrylR
      TC-Mike Both Flashback 2 mini and Flashback 2 support Delay trails. In true bypass mode , delay repeats are cut on bypass and in buffered mode they ring out. Since the mini pedal doesn't have room for physical bypass and Kill dry dip swithes like the bigger siblings, you set it via the TonePrint app (product settings -> bypass mode)
      • Tue at 1:46 AM