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    Hi, how do I go about purchasing 2 new replacement knobs for a HoF 2x4 reverb unit? Thanks David

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    • DavidSeifert
      RexBeckett Hi David, I suggest that you open a Care ticket for this.

      At the top of this page, click Support then scroll down the new page and select Parts. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • Feb 13
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    I'm having issues with the software and Flashback2 pedal. If I edit a template on my laptop using the on screen sliders/dials I can hear the parameters change as expected. The physical selector is set to one of the available toneprint slots. However when I try to save the modified template, I am asked for a name and when I click save all the settings change to whatever the physical position of the knob on the pedal is set at. For example suppose I change delay1 to 580ms but the physical delay knob is at 300ms then the template saves the 300ms setting. I also noticed when I load a template from the library to one of the slots it also changes the settings to whatever the pedals physical setting are, I assume this is not correct and the toneprint slots should not be affected by the knobs otherwise the whole point of creating and saving presets is pointless. Any help would be appreciated.

    Update I think I have figured out how to solve this, but I will leave the post in case someone else has the same issue. I cant find a user manual for the latest version of the editor and there is no mention of this in the one I have so this might just be a workaround rather than what should be done. So I would still appreciate some feedback. If I open the mapping tab and unassign all the knobs I can then save my the edited template. Is this the intended method?

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    • stevecon115
      PedroRodrigues Hi, please follow the link below to access the TONEPRINT APP 2.0
      This is the last version available any new tools available on the new updates are present on the release notes on each respective version.
      Please consider that if you are referring to the fact that you have open a template and only after making any change on the template you will be able to save it, that is effectively the procedure on the TonePrint Editor. Thank you
      • Feb 19
    • stevecon115
      TC-Mike THi Steve, this is expected behavior. You store the range and the function of the pot meters and not a fixed preset value. The pots of the pedal and the app buffer are not in sync, so after storing a TonePrint to a memory location of the pedal it will load with the physical pot meter positions and the values to match. You can use the pedal pots to set the values in the Tp app to have them in sync while editing, but how the setting loads when the app is not connected will be set by the pot meter position alone.
      • Feb 19