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    Downloaded the TonePrint app and Alter ego x4 is not there. Why? Can anyone help please?

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    • Bassman316
      WilliamR Hello, William with musictribe here. This is perfectly normal. The Alter Ego V2 works with the TonePrint editor and the TonePrint application on your smartphone. However, since it does not have its own TonePrints, you cannot see the Alter Ego V2 in the TonePrint editor or the TonePrint app. The Alter Ego V2 can be loaded with all Flashback X4 TonePrints. Like all of our delay pedal variants, the Alter Ego V2 is a Flashback, an Alter Ego, a Flashback X4, or an Alter Ego X4 pedal with a different silk print. Therefore, you will only see Flashback TonePrints in the TonePrint editor library or the product list on the TonePrint app. Rest assured, your Alter Ego V2 is compatible with all of these Flashback TonePrints.
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    I'm having trouble with my HOF 2 pedal. When I connect to my effects loop on my Marshall combo amp and I turn on the pedal it significantly lowers the sound. It makes it sound as if the my amp is far away. I have also tried this pedal through the effects loop of a peavy half stack and I get the same result. How can this be fixed? 

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