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    I just bought and installed a Behringer Feedback Destroyer FBQ1000 in my home Rehearsal Studio.

    We had Feedback issues becaus eit's a small room; I set it for AUTO to control Feedback and it truly works!

    BUT NOW; I notice; sometimes after playing 15 minutes; it seemes to mess the with EQ; and all of a sudden there is MINIMAL BASS and LOW END on our mix?

    I am not super Techno Savvyl but I know in my setting; under Filter; it syas "AUTO"

    Is there a way I can "Turn Off" the Parametric EQ Filter (from AUTO) and still have this device eliminate Feedback?

    Let me know any suggestions and thnaks!

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    • Davesaul20
      NicJonesMT Hi Davesaul20.
      I've not heard of this happening before if I'm honest.
      You could try setting the Filters to Parametric mode. This will then allow you to manually adjust Specific frequencies on this.

      There is a break down of what the filter modes do on page 8 of the user manual.

      If you manually adjust the Filters and still have the same issue could you please submit a technical support ticket by clicking the Support button at the top of the page.
      • Jul 12
    • Davesaul20

      Thanks!!!!!!! Is there any way way I can speak to you or a person there for 3 minutes? Dave 516-987-5001

      • Jul 12