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    I am HOPING to use the DM8500 as the brains of my entire installation.  Part of that requires being able to use TCEs to send signals to the GPIO outputs… but I can’t for the LIFE of me figure out how to get ANYTHING to talk to the GPIOs or generate logic inputs of any kind)!  I would LIKE to have buttons on the TCEs be able to trigger various GPIO pins hot or cold (as well as other logic within the system), but I have not found a way to do that AT ALL.  To me that seems like a pretty basic function (that apparently was available on the previous wall controllers), but I can NOT find it.

    I have one GPIO input (or any logic input) signal that is critical to the audio design, and I need to trigger 4 GPIO pins which will be used to control various presets on a digital SDI switcher (to include choosing which HDMI inputs will send the audio to the DM-8500 given various settings).

    Is there a Logic input setting that I can trigger from a DMTCE?  Unfortunately, due to a lack of great documentation, I chose this system with the assumtion that this would be a given, but now that the entire system depends upon it, I am finally able to figure out that it might not work.  I am really hoping for a simple solution I just don't know about yet!


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      NicJonesMT Hi TrentPerkins.
      If possible could you please click Support at the top of the page and open a technical Support ticket. We can then assist you further on this issue.
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