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    i had a problem with motherboard & cpu of klark teknik dn9696 multitrack recorder i sent it to amac the distributor in lebanon of klark teknik & midas since on week, they contact klark head quarter in uk, they answer them today that they can't fix it because spare parts not available anymore, this makes me angry because i bought since 10 years at 25k it's not logic to not keep spare parts  klark store for it.
    please if you can find a solution to fix it i'll be grateful, you know i'm the first customer in the middle east who bought the first midas & klark dn9696 & i did upgrades for 2 pro6 to prox in 2019 because i believe in your company, i do not deserve such treatment.
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    • Tonykhourymidas
      coachhouse You can try and save the unit yourself. I replace the ATX power supply in ours and also swaped out the motherboard with one off ebay. It even updated it to have USB 3 which was nice. GIGABYTE ULTRA DURABLE 3 AM3 MOTHERBOARD 770TA-UD3 ATX USB 3.0 SATA6G 140W CPU . You will need to get a CPU and RAM for it as well. We cloned the two internal drives to SSD before booting up with the new board. So far and about 10 shows its working great.
      • Aug 6
    • Tonykhourymidas

      did you changed all these stuff for dn9696 & it works well?

      • Aug 8
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    Mair for my Midas rm18 crashes in iOS 16 on an iPad. It is IOS 16 beta 2.


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    • Olemou
      NicJonesMT Hi Olemou.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      Please provide as much detail on your setup and exactly what is happening (For example does it crash if you adjust a certain parameter in the app).
      • Aug 2