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    Win10, a good PC with 3.2 Ghz, 16 GO RAM, SSD. 

    I'm a new user of this kind of process. The latest drivers installation seems to be right in device manager , no ! or ?.

    Restart system after install.

    Configuring Cakewalk, all is there, UMC is displayed in "audio devices", selected ASIO in the right place, Cakewalk recognises plugin (TH3 is the default plgin), selected a bass guitar plug in in audio track, validate input in audio track, all the way fine, with a priori good explanations from a friend.

    My bass and my jack wire are fine to normally work (checked in my amp)

    And desesperatly no signal in input.

    Tried with ASIO4ALL, no signal too.

    Changed for input 2, no signal too.

    Changed ASIO for WDM or what else, no more signal.

    However, when inserting mp3 in audio track, it sounds fine when playing it.

    What's the trouble with trying to record my bass? 

    Thx a lot to help me.




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    • Dsdli
      NicJonesMT Thanks for Posting David.
      Could you please submit a Tech support ticket (Click Support at the top of the page and then scroll down).
      We will need to get some more information from you on how you have the system and your UMC setup and configured to be able to assist you.
      • Apr 28
    • Dsdli

      Ok , thx a lot.

      • Apr 28
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    Can I multi track record into a DAW with the XR16?

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    • WilliamMauldin
      RexBeckett Hi William, no the XR16 does not support multitrack USB recording. You would need an XR18 or X32 for this.

      The XR16 (and XR12/MR12) can record stereo wav files directly to a USB stick.
      • Apr 15