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    can you tell me if the latestdriver  3.6.1    64bit  for My KONNECT 24D   ( november 2016)  is running well with windows 10 pro





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    • PeRn57
      Nigel67 Hi Phil. I am sorry, but support for the Konnekt 24D was halted a number of years ago now and we cannot confirm that it works with Windows 10. The only information I can give you, and this is the same information I give to anyone that asks about Konnekt software, is that I have read some people have it working in Windows 10, but they have not confirmed which version they are running. I have suggested that it may need to be run in compatibility mode. I have asked for users to let me know whether it has worked or not but none have ever come back to me.
      • Jan 19
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    I purchased a UMC22 around a week ago, mostly for the Tracktion license, already registered the product 2 days back (case #: CAS-409867-P5N6S4 ) and still haven't received the key. Also, the Redeem License page leads me to an expired site when I click on "Missing this E-mail?", so that's a dead end.


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    • l3m0n
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe. I just found your case and sent you your Tracktion code. Please check your email.
      • Jan 14
      • Still No Tracktion License
        l3m0n Got it! Thank you so much for the help
        • Jan 14
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    Hello, I wrote a ticket on the Care Portal asking for an upgrade option form Master X TDM to Master X Native. Nobody replied and the case appears as "solved"

    Is there a way to upgrade from TDM to Native?

    Ticket Number: CAS-404737-J5F8F9

    License upgrade from TC Master X TDM to Master X Native

    Hello, I own a Master X TDM License, it's a must tool for my work I recentrly upgraded to a new Protools system, and TDM is not supported anymore. I woul like to upgrade my license to Master X Native , is that possible?

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