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    After a computer crash I can no longer log in to from FINALIZER and use the comparison tool.
    I can log in to the webpage and use it and the password was saved in the webbrowser somehow (still I wonder what the password was because I have not change it)

    Where do I find the proper way to get a new password som I easy can log in FROM Finalizer directly.

    To ask for support on the musictribe web pages is difficult, I really dont know where I should go, its confusing.

    Peter Stedt

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    hello, unfortunately I can't get this plug in to work, is it possible to reimburse me so that I can buy the clarity hardware or find a technical solution for this plug in to work. Thanks for your feedback.
    Mac Os Monterey 12.2.1 + Pro tools with Ilock.
    Best Regards
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    hello there,

    is a programm available, to move the licences from card to card?

    many thx


    all the best


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    • Nurmie
      PedroRodrigues Hi Nurmie thank you for your post, please consider that back in 2011 we ceased further development of the PowerCore platform. Although we have been doing no official development with regard to the PowerCore software itself, for almost 7 years we were maintaining the PowerCore account system, and provided customer support for PowerCore users.
      As we were reorganising our server infrastructure as well as human resources, we came to the conclusion that we could not continue our current support of the PowerCore infrastructure. As of December 31st 2017, we have discontinued:
      • The PowerCore account system
      • Customer support for PowerCore
      Unfortunately, it is now no longer be possible to log into your PowerCore account to register products, transfer licenses etc. and we will no longer be providing customer support for the platform. There is of course nothing that prevents users from using their current PowerCore system, also, we will keep the PowerCore forum running. Thank you
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      • Powercore Series
        chrisarias Hi Pedro-

        When are you going to support the LM2 and LMC for Apple M1? I rely heavily on these for my post production work. I'm using other products in the meantime which I don't like nearly as much. This has really tarnished TCE for me. I would be hesitant to purchased software products in the future. I'm running a Mac Studio with Monterey, PT 21.12. Is there any plan to update? Even the low dollar plug in companies have updated. I'm floored that we're having this kind of issue with a company like TCE. PLEASE HELP!
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        • Aug 4
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        PedroRodrigues Hi chrisarias, thank you for your question, before answering to your question I would like to first suggest you to post any of your questions instead of answering on someone else's post.

        When it comes to your question, please ponder that we are working as fast as possible to release a solution that would resolve the compatibility issue with M1 ARM architecture.

        I believe that it is important that everyone is aware that for TC ELECTRONIC to be able to release a version that operates on the M1, TC ELECTRONIC relies heavily on information on the M1 processing structure and other resources that only Apple owns and discloses at their own time.

        Without those resources creating this version would not be possible.

        Thank you
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