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    When I recently tried to update my installation of LM6n on my Mac running macOS 11.4 Big Sur an error dialogue box popped up indicating the installation could not proceed 'because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. The software needs to be updated.'
    I'm guessing the same may apply to my LC6n software, which current is up to date but I would hate to need to reisntall it if it has the same problem with Big Sur.

    When will an updated version of these installers that function with Apple's malicious software check be released?

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    I purchased MD4 HD Native plugin on July 23 and I still don't have any authorization code. I've opened a ticket and I was asked to provide aa screenshot of the payment, which I did on July 24 and I got no more replies.

    I'm using the trial now, but I'd like to receive the full version since it's a digital purchase and we're living in 2021

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    • LucaFrancini
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Sorry for the delay, Do you have a case number so that I can look into this for you?
      • Tue at 6:13 PM
      • No Authorization Code for MD4 HD Native after 5 days
        LucaFrancini CAS-473856-T4M6D8
        • Wed at 6:13 AM
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    Hello, dear team, on Monday I bought the stereo loudness bundle. Booking was made via Paypal. According to the order confirmation in the browser, it is said that I will receive the activation code within 24 hours. It's been 48 hours now. nothing in spam!!! 


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    • EgenlaufMusic
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi EgenlaufMusic, Can you please check your spam/junk email folder, as sometimes the Activation Code email will be routed to here.
      If the Activation Code is not in your spam/junk can you please submit a technical support ticket and provide a screenshot of the order and your iLok ID? We can then generate this for you.

      To Submit a ticket go to support at the top of the page and scroll down to the technical support tab.
      • Wed at 4:36 AM
      • No Authorization Code for the Stereo Loudness Bundle
        EgenlaufMusic Please Look at Case CAS-474551-W1D8D8  -  LC2 NATIVE  - Order 9291
        • Wed at 5:17 AM
      • No Authorization Code for the Stereo Loudness Bundle
        EgenlaufMusic I've been checking my emails since Monday
        • Wed at 5:47 AM
    • EgenlaufMusic
      EgenlaufMusic You find all infos in the Case. I'm a little annoyed
      • Wed at 5:18 AM
    • EgenlaufMusic

      Hi EgenlaufMusic, thanks for confirming your case number. I have just followed up for you on the case, your license has now been deposited. I hope this helps.

      • Wed at 6:23 AM
      • No Authorization Code for the Stereo Loudness Bundle
        EgenlaufMusic Thx !!!!
        • Wed at 6:30 AM
      • No Authorization Code for the Stereo Loudness Bundle
        LucaFrancini Hey Chris could you please take a look at my ticket as well? I replied with Paypal info but I got no answers. Thanks CAS-473856-T4M6D8
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        • Wed at 6:41 AM
      • No Authorization Code for the Stereo Loudness Bundle
        ChrisEdwards1 Hi LucaFrancini, upon checking your case I can see my colleague requested on 24/07/2021 a copy of your order confirmation and your iLok ID but I can see no further correspondence. Would it be possible to reply to the case providing this information or alternatively PM with this information?
        • Wed at 6:53 AM