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  • JohnDiNicola
    Contributor - Level 2
    Dear All,
    We are happy to announce the release a new firmware for X32 Digital Consoles (2.14), along with a new X32-Edit (2.4). You can find these updates available for free download on all X32 product pages here at Here are the release notes from the updates:

    X32 Firmware 2.14:

    2.14 (2015-07-22)
    - X-USB and DN32-USB were reporting wrong sample rate after changing sample rate without reboot

    2.13 (2015-07-06)
    - fixed an issue where iQ speaker settings were not recalled correctly when linked
    - iQ setup now also accessible via layer buttons
    - fixed an issue where inserts were not activated when usb was very busy during startup
    - correct preamp indication on DL152..DL155, output SRC disabled on DL155
    - fixed an issue where midi messages were duplicated when assigned to more than one assignable
    button/encoder simultaneously

    V 2.4 now offers new graphics routines with automatic or manual scaling of the editor window to any size between 1000 and 2000 pixels width, for matching your physical display size. It also features the revised Setup structure of recent X32 firmware updates up to 2.14, and the console remote initialization is improved. The firmware DCA-Mute and Hard-Mute options are now also remote controllable from X32-EDIT 2.4. The application surface offers two Talkback buttons for direct accessibility and a new Fine mode for sensitive fader movements.
    For friends of the Raspberry Pi2, we also compiled X32-EDIT V2.4 for this extremely cost-efficient platform. We successfully tested on a RPi2 Model B 1GB running on Rasbian (Debian) Linux, and you can find a corresponding archive on the BEHRINGER X32 downloads page.

    New Features:
    - Automatic or manual scaling of the editor window
    - Revised Setup/config and Setup/global structure
    - DCA Mute and Hard Mute options supported
    - RTA peak hold and decay adjustments
    - Talkback buttons available at the fader section
    - New Fine mode for smooth fader movements
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  • Roblof
    Volunteer Moderator
    Apple is about to release their next update to their iOS very soon - iOS 8.4.

    It is advised not to update your current iOS version until compatibility tests has been made on the iOS 8.4 release for the current apps if you are dependent on your iPad/iPhone for your x32/m32 and x-air.
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  • ZachariasZachar
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I'm thinking of upgrading to Win10 from Win7 in July. Will the current drivers for both USB & Firewire be compatible with the new operating system? Will there be a new driver for win10?

    Just want to be reassured that's all.

    Thank you,

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  • NormRobichaud
    Newcomer - Level 1
    I ordered my XD80USB electronic drum set from my local dealer and was told that Behringer would not be shipping until the end of June.

    Is that still the case?
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  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator
    Dear All,

    Today we are glad to announce that we have released the latest firmware update for the X32 family of Digital Mixers. The update has some fixes and feature enhancements including functions for the X32CORE system. You can download the latest firmware from the Behringer Website:

    Please note: It is recommended that you backup all data (export Show and Libraries to USB) before updating, as a firmware upgrade may erase data currently stored on your X32.

    X32 Firmware V 2.11 and 2.12

    The X32 Firmware Update V 2.12 features performance enhancements to the award-winning X32 operating system. The V 2.12 firmware adds support for Behringer S32, MIDAS M32C, DL32 and DL231 products and includes a number of improvements. It also offers to group a selection of Turbosound iQ series loudspeakers, that are connected via P16 Ultranet, for concurrent remote control of EQ presets and speaker sound modelling. These loudspeaker profiles can now be stored in snippets and assigned to user buttons for immediate recall or A/B comparisons.

    BEHRINGER is constantly adding new features and making enhancements to this extremely stable operating system, so that you always experience the best possible performance from your X32. Check out for updates regularly.
    Note: It is recommended that you backup all data (export Show and Libraries to USB) before updating, as a firmware upgrade may erase data currently stored on your X32. Please be aware that firmware 2.12 requires minimum X32-Edit 2.3 on PC / Mac / Linux computers in wired networks, and with X32-Mix 2.2 on Apple iPads (iOS 6 or 7) for wireless networking.

    Enhancements 2.11:

    - load show file in X32CORE fixed (snippet offset)
    - fader motor issues on M32/M32R (minimum position) fixed
    - exclude hidden and system files from usb file list
    - correct indication of 0 dB fader position
    - scene GO and UNDO leds fixed
    - DHCP can be selected on X32CORE
    - bus AFL solo correctly uses pan when bus is routed to LR

    New features 2.11:

    - support for M32C, S32, DL32, DL231

    Enhancements 2.12:

    - HUI level meters and LCD fixed
    - DHCP menu on X32CORE fixed
    - fixed rare issue where aes50 slave mode won't sync
    - iQ speaker settings moved to /outputs/p16 path

    New features 2.12:

    - iQ speaker control groups A/B function
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  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator
    Dear All,

    We're glad to announce that the latest v1.21 of the X AIR App for Android is currently now available for download from the Google Play Store! See the official release notes below:

    BEHRINGER X AIR Android app for X AIR Digital Mixer Series

    The X AIR Android® App allows you to control all mixing, processing and effects functions of BEHRINGER's X AIR digital mixer series right from your Android® tablet or smartphone.
    X AIR version 1.21 delivers comprehensive control for the X18, XR18, XR16, and XR12 mixers. The user interface is configurable for either simplified access, or expert level editing, for mixing 18 input channels to 12 buses. Control is also provided for the 4 internal stereo effects processors – all of which feature the critically-acclaimed BEHRINGER X32 audio processing engine.

    The X AIR app provides the mobility to go where you need to get the most out of your system, enabling you to adjust your house mix from any seat or fine-tune monitor mixes from on-stage. Since all BEHRINGER's X AIR mixers feature internal access points, setting up the X AIR app couldn’t be simpler – just select the X AIR network and connect your Android® device to it. Upon opening the app, your X AIR mixer will show up as a controllable device, and will even allow you to lock your Android® device to that specific X AIR mixer. You can also run the X AIR app in demo mode without connecting to your BEHRINGER X AIR series mixer. Additional hardware is not required, making the X AIR Android® App the ideal solution for seamless remote mixing applications.


    Control all Input Levels, incl. Preamp Gain, Low Cut, Phase, Phantom, Stereo Link
    Channel Parametric EQ Control – fine-tune EQ from anywhere in the room
    Configurable RTA overlay on the EQ editing screens
    Metering Overview – whether you use the Android® tablet or smartphone remotely or at the console, all levels at a glance

    Control bus send levels of input channels conveniently from their channel faders
    Detailed Preamp/Configuration, Gate, Dynamics, EQ and Bus Sends pages
    4 Full Effects editing screens for Hall Reverb, Vintage Room Reverb, Modulation Delay, and Dimensional Chorus, or more than 50 other studio quality effects

    Use single bus-send mode for personal monitoring application without risking to affect any other signal path


    Support for XR12/XR16 USB recorder functions with i/o metering
    Show and Scene storage in the app
    Faster data synchronization between X AIR mixer and application
    Improved IDCA performance


    Compatible with Android® devices running Android® 4.0 or higher, display sizes larger than 5" recommended
    X AIR 1.21 requires X AIR series mixer firmware V1.09 or higher, or can be used in demo mode
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  • TerryMcMoore
    Contributor - Level 2
    Where can I find the drivers for windows 8.1 for my QX1202USB Mixer

    I only see drivers up to windows 7 on the behringer download page
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  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator

    2015 marks the 3-year anniversary of the X32 Digital Mixing Console and we have some very exciting news to share with the forum community, see below.

    5/10/2015 Los Angeles – Behringer today announced a major reduction in the U.S. MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of the Company’s best-selling X32 and X32 COMPACT Digital Mixing Consoles, and their respective Touring Packages (TP). The new pricing takes effect on May 15.

    “Sales of our X32 Digital Mixing Console have far exceeded our expectations, with the X32 rapidly becoming the industry’s best-selling digital mixer of all time. The X32 mixer has revolutionized the market and until today offers an unprecedented audio quality with Midas designed preamps and connectivity with the P16 Personal Monitor system. High profile customers include Earth, Wind & Fire and the famous “Whisky a Go Go” club in Los Angeles,” stated MUSIC Group Senior Manager, Experience Joe Sanborn.

    “We decided the best way to celebrate X32’s 3-year anniversary was to make it even more affordable. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to all who have put their faith in the Behringer brand. This new pricing puts the vast X32 feature set within reach of even more musicians and sound engineers.”

    The new U.S. MAP will be: X32 ($2,299.99); X32-TP ($2,699.99); X32 COMPACT ($1,799.99) and X32 COMPACT-TP ($1,999.99). All models are covered by Music Group’s 3-Year Limited Warranty Program.
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  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator
    Greetings everyone,

    Today is a very exciting day for MUSIC Group, see our official announcement below:

    MUSIC Group has today announced the acquisition of TC Group, one of the largest group of companies in the professional audio industry. Headquartered in Denmark, and with offices all over the world, TC Group owns and manages some of the most acclaimed brands such as Tannoy, Lab Gruppen, Lake, TC Electronic, TC Helicon and TC Applied Technologies. The deal has been signed and it is expected to close within days.

    The addition of Tannoy, Lab Gruppen and Lake allows MUSIC Group to round out their professional install and touring sound offerings alongside Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound, while TC Electronic and TC Helicon represent the industry’s leading brands in the guitar effects and voice processing sector, and perfectly complement MUSIC Group’s Bugera guitar tube amplifier brand and highly successful Behringer prosumer division.

    TC Electronic has also long been established as a leader in broadcast, studio, mastering and production processing, where it gained ultimate authority in loudness control and mastering. For decades now, Tannoy’s HiFi products continue to win “Best in Class” Awards, and as a result the brand has developed a huge following of audio enthusiasts around the world.

    TC Group’s strong focus on product innovation and IP creation is further demonstrated by their TC Applied Technologies company, which is invested in cutting-edge semiconductor designs, networking and interface technology.

    MUSIC Group founder and CEO Uli Behringer commented, “MUSIC Group stands for relentless focus on innovation, business transformation and overall IP creation. Since the acquisition of Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound, we have been continuously pursuing brands that complement the mixing console, processing and loudspeaker excellence offered by these historic brands. Throughout our search, TC Group has clearly stood out as the ideal match because of their world-class brands, impressive intellectual property, sterling reputation and first-class team of people. I am very proud to welcome the TC Group team into our family.”

    Tannoy, Lab Gruppen and Lake will now join MUSIC Group’s prestigious Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound anchor brands to further strengthen MUSIC Group’s continued expansion into the professional A/V market. Aimed at delivering complete system solutions to Install and Touring customers, the combination of these brands represents an unprecedented range of choice for the most demanding of applications.

    Uli Behringer continued, “We will invest heavily in positioning TC Group’s brands at the very pinnacle of the industry, as we have done with Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound, where we have invested over $100 million in highly automated and integrated manufacturing facilities, quality control systems and engineering resources, including a new Center of Engineering Excellence in Manchester, UK.

    TC Group will now equally have full access to MUSIC Group’s extensive resources and advanced automated system platforms in such areas as product development and lifecycle management, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and finance.”

    TC Group’s CEO Anders Fauerskov responded, “We are very honored that during the acquisition process, some of the largest industry players were bidding for TC Group; however we have selected MUSIC Group as they represent the perfect fit in terms of strategic direction, overall synergies and company culture. Our team is thrilled to join MUSIC Group and open a new chapter for TC Group and its prestigious brands. With the incredibly talented people and massive resources of the MUSIC Group behind us, the team is excited to enter a new era of unprecedented innovation and growth.”
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  • JoeSanborn
    Contributor - Level 2
    Dear Paul Vannatto,

    On behalf of MUSIC Group we would like to offer you our congratulations on your 5,000th post!!
    This is an incredible milestone and we want to take this opportunity to express our sincerest thanks for all you do for the forum community.

    Your experience and selfless willingness to help so many others in the community are to be commended. We have experienced good times and challenges and truly appreciate your positive attitude and helping hand. You have always managed to respond to others with respect and offer solid guidance for those seeking help.

    We are eternally grateful for all your contributions and look forward to many more to come in the future!! We will be sending you a very special Gift as a token of our appreciation.

    Congratulations on behalf of MUSIC Group.
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    • JoeSanborn
      Paul_Vannatto Thanks Joe. It has definitely been an adventure. Having the opportunity of helping others worldwide through this forum has become very fulfilling.
      • April 10, 2015
    • JoeSanborn
      Roblof Yeah, he must sleep with his computer and x32 with one eye open Smiley Tongue.

      I'm only close to 2000 posts so I have long to go...

      Congratulations Paul!
      • April 10, 2015
    • JoeSanborn
      Michael_Lapke Way to go Paul!! This is incredible, congratulations! Smiley Very Happy
      • April 10, 2015
    • JoeSanborn
      PatrickGMaillot Yes! Congrats Paul! makes all of us feel like babies
      • April 10, 2015
    • JoeSanborn
      MarioVano Yay for Paul!!!

      • April 10, 2015
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