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    I have bought a secondhand Behringer CX2310 unit from EBay to drive a single set of small speakers and a subwoofer for a small church building. 

    I need to understand how to connect the speakers (via an Amp) so I get "full range to each side and lows to the subwoofer. 

    1. Can I connect the outputs of the "High" and "Low" outputs to one channel of the amp to effectively sum the outputs?

    2. Do I tune say the "High" or "Low" outputs to give me the range I need?

    The frequency response of the speakers (JBL Control One Pro) is 100Hz - 18KHz

    The frequency response of the Sub is 40Hz to 250Hz

    So I need to be able to send 200Hz - 18KHz to the JBLs and 40Hz - 250Hz to the Sub

    I can't see which settings I can use to achieve this without using both the high and low outputs.

    Any thoughts??



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    Guys I am in desperate need of help I need to split

    my x32 main outputs sending one to my first sd8 and my 2nd main out to my 2nd sd8 please help

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    • frankieg53
      Nigel67 Are you running the 2 x SD8 in series or one from each AES50 port? If you are running them in series, then you can set the switches on the end to either be identical (9-16) so the outputs of both units will be identical or you can set one as 1-8 and the other as 9-16. As standard the X32 output Main L and R on Outputs 15 and 16 and as default Outs 1-16 are sent out on AES50 A and AES50 B 1-16. Therefore, if both SD8 are set to 9-16, you will get the Main Outs on XLRs 7 and 8 on both units. If one unit is set as 1-8 and the other is set to 9-16, then the latter unit will have the Main Outs on XLRs 7 and 8. You will then need to assign Main L and R or one of them (depending on your requirements) to one (or two) of Outputs 1-8. Of course, this also depends on what you may already have assigned to Outputs 1-8, so other patching options may have to be found.
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    Hi I am Srinivas from India. we are facing booting issue in our console . we kindly request some one to give us online support to rectify the issue . 

    console is Midas XL 8 

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    hey there

    i'm trying to configure my dn9650 switch via the web browser address manual suggests to tipe in

    this one


    it dont open no thing!

    is it my week intenet connection or some other issue?




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    where I can find vst which are in the set? Behringer1820
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    I am an integrator and I have a install that I would like to propose a TLS84 rig in. I need help with EASE to generate supportive data. I have .DWG files for the space, and of course .GLL files for the boxes. I am just VERY inexperienced and therefore inefficient with the software, and require assistance. I am on shows thoughout this weekend, but would greatly appriciate a call from someone at the beginning of the week.

     Thanks so much.


    Flash Point Productions, Inc.

    cel # 727-460-9154

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    Hola, espero puedan ayudarme. Tengo una cmd studio 4a y al conectarla a la laptop me sale un error de codigo 10 y que no hay recursos de sistema suficientes para completar la llamada a la API. La laptop es nueva, la compre hace unos 15 días, es una HP con procesador AMD ryzen 5, con Windows 10 single language. Actualice el Windows a Windows 11, pero no he podido dar solución a mi problema, llame a la marca hp y me dijeron que el problema es de terceros osea que es de behringer. Ayúdenme por favor, ya no se que hacer para solucionarlo ya que compre la laptop para usarla con la consola. 


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    Hi everyone. I'd like to ask. has anyone here had this problem? and how to overcome the begai where.?

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