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    Hi, I need to aquire some rotary encoders for my DN 8000.

    Please let me know where I can purchase these in the UK.

    Many thanks.


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    • AMS1
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For spare parts inquiries please contact us through the Support portal at the top of the page. Click on support, then Spare Parts to fill out a ticket.
      • Jul 21
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    1. Our MIDAS M32 was working perfectly, but recently the USB card stop working. The mac does not recognize it.

    2. the issue, is not related to any update.

    3.. After the failure, we update the midas m32 firmare. It did not repair the problem

    4. We back to factory settings, and it did not repair the problem.

    5. We remove and reinstall the card and it did not repair the problem.

    6. The usb card DOES RECOGNIZE the SD cards, but not the usb port conexion.

    7. We have tryed with windows and mac . The same result.

    8. Does any body now what we can do?


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    Morning all,

    Very close to hitting the button on this product to connect my X32 to 2 x 16 stage boxes

    Any user thoughts/opinions?

    I can't see if the screenshield is connected to the Ethercon shell, does it need to be?



    Really excited about first gig since March 2020, need all the gear to be rock solid (not sure what I can do about me!)




    Thanks and stay safe

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    • LowBee
      GaryHiggins You will be very happy with it, high quality throughout, great reel included and yes the shields are connected and yes you DO want exactly that.
      • Jul 14
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    Dear Sir,

    For the last 6 months I contacted almost all your worldwide distributers trying to buy 2 devices of Klark Teknik VNET2-DANTE BRIDGE

    Please advise from where I can buy those devices or whom should I contact?

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    • AhmedAlani
      DavidKnighton Hello AhmedAlani,
      Unfortunately we can not advise much further than your regional super partner. If you like, you can submit a PRE SALES inquiry via the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page. That may get you on the right track.
      • Jul 13
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    Im Trying to connect my DN9630 to the Midas M32R the blue light comes on for usb power but on the back there is a red light above the AES50 connector. Im using shielded CAT5 cable. The Midas doesn't show connection the AES50B port has a red light and says No device. Is there a step Im missing. My Computer is running Ableton live 10 with drivers for the DN9630 installed 

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    • smith837
      Paul_Vannatto Is the samplerate on the DN9630 set to 48K and is the M32R also set to 48K?
      • Jul 11
    • smith837
      Dale_M Hi Smith,we’re sorry for your experience. Please submit a technical ticket from the support tab above. .
      • Jul 12
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    can i have 1 transmitter and 2 recievers ??? how to link them with 3 units?? 

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    • TimHuttner
      DavidKnighton Hello TimHuttner,
      You can only send bluetooth audio to one subscription at a time. Bluetooth audio does not support multiple audio devices simultaneously.
      • Jul 9
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    We are trying to multitrack record to Logic Pro X Via the DN9630 from a Midas Pro1. Everything is configured and patched on the Pro1 and the status on the Pro1 says it is connected and AES50 Sync is OK. The DN9630 is flashing green and orange above the ethercon jack. On the computer side, the iMac and Logic see the DN9630 and let me select it as the audio interface, but when I arm the tracks, there is no signal (yes the direct out is not muted). Help!


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    • Adamrussell
      DavidKnighton Hello Adamrussell,
      On the DN9630 there is a switch for 48KHz or 96KHz operation. Do you currently have it selected as 48KHz? This would be incorrect if so. Midas Pro1 operates at a fixed 96KHz sample rate. Some users make the mistake of selecting 48KHz thinking it will automatically sample down/up to the computer, but this is not true. You make the selection based on the console sample frequency.
      • Jun 30
      • Klark Teknik DN9630 Via Midas Pro1
        Adamrussell Sorry, I responded last week and it looks like it didn't actually post. The sample rate is on 96KHz to match the Pro1.
        • Jul 6
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    I have some questions about DN9848.

    I forgot my password, how do I reset it? Didn't find the relevant description in the manual? Can you tell me the solution?

    Thanks in advance.


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    • Jayden
      Nigel67 Hi Jayden. This is sensitive information as anyone with the password could unlock a unit and cause damage to a loudspeaker system if they wanted. I will send you an e-mail with this information.
      • Jun 14
      • Klark Teknik DN9848
        Nigel67 E-mail sent. If you haven't received it in your inbox, please also check your spam box.
        • Jun 14
    • Jayden
      Jayden Thank you very much for responding to my question in such a short time.
      • Jun 14
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    DW 20BR connect iphone or ipad (ios) ,will stop output sound when tap to other song to play ,have to disconnect it and re-connect the DW20BR then play the sound .Its not allow tap to change any song after the first tap from beginning.

    Its work on andriod phone.

    Anyone have this issue on ios ?


    Thanks in advance




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    Hey, is there a way to aggregate the Dn9630 with another interface to use the outs of the interface to send to another destination other than the mixer (X32)?

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    • Spankdedrums
      Nigel67 Hi, I am not quite sure what you are asking, maybe you could give some more information on what you are thinking about for the 'other destination'. As long as it has an AES50 connection with a clock, then you can connect it to that. For example an i/o box such as a S/DL16. If you set it to internal clock then you can connect it directly to a DN9630. The same with any of the DL15X series. Set them to internal clock and connect directly to the 9630. The only downside with the DL15X series if you want to use the inputs, is there is no way to adjust the input gain on them, however you could set up the gains with a mixer, disconnect the mixer and the gain settings would remain over power cycles, so as long as you had the same channels of audio going into the mixer every time, then you would be fine. If you could let me know what you have in mind, then I will help you further.
      • Jun 8
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