• 2020-10-23


    We just set up a new M32. EQ'd all instruments and vocals and everyting sounded great. The scene was then saved with all of the scene safes engaged (mistake.) The scene was then reloaded with all scene safes engaged (mistake.) It now sounds terrible like all of the EQ settings were lost. However, when you go to the EQ view for each channel, it appears that all of the EQ adjustments are still there. We have reloaded the scenes multiple times without scene safes engaged with no new result. Any suggestions?


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    • Jeff Bray
      Paul Vannatto Hi Jeff, safes only restrict the loading of particular sections (that are enabled). When scenes are saved, it saves (almost) all console settings (except some settings on the Setup first 4 screens). That means the EQ's of all channels will have been saved in the scene. Make sure all safes are disabled, including on scene, param safe and chan safe screens before loading the scene. If you want to see what settings were saved in the scene, export it (using the Utility button) and have a look at it with a text editor or Scene Parser (https://sourceforge.net/projects/x32sceneparser/).
      • Fri at 12:54 PM
      • Midas M32 - EQ not engaging - Scene Safe issue?
        Jeff Bray Hi Paul, I used your Scene Parser and it looks like everything did save in the scene (thank you for that.) That's good news but I am still at a loss for why the mix now sounds the way that it does.
        • Fri at 5:13 PM
      • Midas M32 - EQ not engaging - Scene Safe issue?
        Paul Vannatto Is it actually the scene you saved immediately after fine tuning to the great sound you are expecting? Did it get overwritten somehow by accident? If not, do you have any external processor (EQ, crossover, etc.) that might have changed? One thing you could do is to save your scene file to the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and share the link here. That way one of us could have a look and better advise.
        • Fri at 7:39 PM
    • Jeff Bray
      Jeff Bray Thanks Paul. I'll take a look at that.
      • Fri at 1:09 PM
  • 2020-10-21

    Hello all


    Does anyone have any insight when a new version for the X&M32 Mix app will come out? Tons of things you can't do on the current app that you could do on the console.



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    • Matthew Ross
      Gary Higgins I would not hold my breath. It's always had features missing from day 1, going back years. It is an elegant and slick app for the iPad but at what cost? Slick app with missing features is not so great. It has gotten way better in the last few years, I give it that. I use Mixing Station, not as much eye candy but all the features available plus some...and very well supported, often updated.
      • Wed at 3:57 AM
    • Matthew Ross
      MarkNorgren I also use Mixing Station. I have found that most of the mixing I do in my band setting can be displayed out in about 2-3 layouts. We have customized these so that I have long holds on stuff that I don't want to accidentally change! I use one separate layout for all the monitors mixes. This has made sound check run much more smooth. Walking around on stage and talking with each band member is a snap. One layout is for the master mix and the final layout handles the effects I use. Note that some features from the effects layout are also on the master layout. Hope this helps my workflow.
      • Fri at 4:30 AM
  • 2020-10-19

    On a normal M32 snippets can be imported/exported from/to the console and USB by pressing Utility while in the Show Control window.  How does one accomplish the same task on an M32C?  The M32-Edit software ony shows import/export for the PC side of M32-Edit, not the console side.

    BTW - what is the correct way to refer to the two versions of Show Control files in M32-Edit - you know - PC based on the left, and console based on the right?

    Thx all.  Dwayne A

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    • Dwayne Aasberg
      Gary Higgins I checked my M32 and Core (connected to both) and using Edit, neither one can import/export snippets from the usb side, only the computer side. I think this means using Edit you have to save or import/export to the computer side first then save it to a usb stick.
      • Mon at 5:49 AM
    • Dwayne Aasberg
      Dwayne Aasberg Thx for the cross check, Gary.
      I have created some very explicit snippets using Paul V's tools and need to move those to the M32C.
      I agree it's possible to save them on the computer side of M32-Edit, but that work process requires the snippets be installed on every PC that could connect to the console - a bit of logistic dancing I was hoping to sidestep.
      • Mon at 6:04 AM
    • Dwayne Aasberg
      David Knighton Hello Dwayne Aasberg,
      On the M32C, you must load your entire show file from the front panel USB stick. Once the show file is loaded, you can launch scenes/snippets at will from within that show file.
      • Mon at 7:18 AM
      • Import snippets to M32C
        Paul Vannatto Thanks Gary for that confirmation. I was just reading the revision history and found a mention of importing presets/shows being fixed.
        • Mon at 9:20 AM
  • 2020-10-15

    Hello guys i have a question regarding some spare parts for the Midas Venice F Mixing Desks. I need at least one new channel fader and the master fader could be change for a new one as well. Normaly changing a fader is no problem but from what i can see all the fader of the Venice F Series are mountet to a pcb borad.

    My question before i disassemble the mixer. Are there any spare parts avalaible and if yes where? If not it would be awesome to have a Service Manual for this mixer because i cant find it? The Midas website only provide the Operation Manual. If there is no Service Manual for dl it would be awesome if someone knows what kind of fader (manufacturer) i could use to repair channel one and the master channel.

    I really dont want to buy a second Venice F Series to have enough spare parts for the future. The desk is still pretty awseome for its size and the price so it would be a shame if its not fully working.





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    • Sebastian Rothermel
      Paul Vannatto Hi Sebastian, I would suggest you submit a service/parts ticket by clicking on the Support menu (above). Someone will get back to you regarding your requested parts.
      • Oct 15
      • Midas Venice F16
        Sebastian Rothermel Thanks Paul. I will give it a try.
        • Oct 15
  • 2020-10-14

    **I tried to search the community for similar topics, but the web search was not all that cooperative, so apologies if this is a repost.**

    Hi All,

    I've been using the M-Air (and X-Air) app on my iPad for years with MR18/XR18's and have been very happy.  However, I've switched modes and now would like to run my lights simultanously.  Unfortunately, my chosen lighting software (Enttec D-Pro) only runs on MacOSX and Windows, and I would rather not have to deal with two tablets simultanously.  So, I went and got myself a MS Surface Go 2 (with all the goodies,) and my initial testing experience suggests it's going to work out really awesome!  It should serve my purposes exactly as desired.

    That said, two "convenience" items are immediately apparent.  This is more commentary, and they're not really bugs, but maybe feature requests?  If somebody has a suggestion for work-arounds I'm all ears.

    1)  I notice that on the Touch interface in Windows 10 (1909) that the M-Air app does not respond to long-presses as right-clicks.  This makes it impossible to change labels/label-colors using only touch.  This is not a feature I would normally use on the fly, and is easily worked around with a BT/Wireless mouse, but would be nice if it worked as it does on iOS.

    2)  On the iOS version of M-Air (never tried it on Android,) it only displays 8 channels at a time, and you have to slide back and forth between Chan 1 and CHan16/Effects.  While this is sometimes annoying, on WIndows I've set up "always-on-top" DCA's, so in my scenario not so bad.  Either way, it would be nice if there were a setting on both iOS and Windows (and Android I suppose,) to choose which mode to use...full channel or "half-channel slide."

    3) On Windows, I notice that the top-line menu items (Mixer, Channel, Input, Gate, etc.) and the right-top config buttons (Setup, Utility, In/Out, Resize, etc.) require a double-tap (in touch mode) to activate.  All of the other buttons appear to react to single-tap. While I prefer single-tap in all cases, I could get used to double-tap, so I don't really care either way.  But, it would be nice if it were consistent.

    I haven't tried any of these things with the M32-Mix or X32-Mix apps, but expect them to be similar.

    In any case, none of these items is a huge problem...just suggesting some steamlining of the features.  Definitely open to suggestions if I"m getting it wrong.

    Thanks all!

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    • KendellWelchII
      Paul Vannatto Hi Kendall,

      To be honest, I think you are going to have issues with the Surface and Win10 using the M-Air-Edit app. It would be far better to switch to an android tablet and use Mixing Station Pro. With the layer and layout customisation functionality, you can have the surface you always wanted.
      • Oct 14
      • Thoughts on Switching to M-Air on Windows
        KendellWelchII Hi Paul,

        You may be right. Would you mind elaborating on the specific issues you anticipate I'll run in to on the MS Surface, other than the minor ones I mentioned?

        As I said, I've been happily mixing from the iPad for several years, but want to try the MS Surface to solve a very specific problem (running lights from the same tablet.) Testing so far suggests that it should work quite nicely even with my previously mentioned concerns.
        • Oct 14
    • KendellWelchII
      Dwayne Aasberg Hello Kendall.

      In my applications I am connecting to either an M32 or an MR18. In both cases I routinely use BOTH a Win10 Surface and an Android device. My experience has been that setting up the event is easier with M-Edit (M32-Edit) on the Surface (setting channels names and settings, etc.). I usually end up picking up the Android tablet and using Mixing Station Pro to run the event. The sliders (in my opinion) are easier to manipulate in tablet mode with MSP/Android than in M-Edit/Win. All that being said there have been times I've run the entire event on the Surface with M-Edit.

      The annoyances you've noted are, IMHO, just that. You should be able to do all you need with the Surface and M-Edit.

      Dwayne A
      • Oct 15
    • KendellWelchII
      Dwayne Aasberg ...sorry for piling-on...
      In answer to your customization concern - I frequently use the pop-up window 'user layers' and minimize the main M-Edit window.
      • Oct 15
      • Thoughts on Switching to M-Air on Windows
        KendellWelchII Not at all Dwayne. Thanks for the input!
        • Oct 15
  • 2020-10-10

    Brand new MR18 will not connect to any devices via hardwire Ethernet. Have tried all IP options on the console, multiple computers, with and without a router with no luck. The remote switch on the console is in the correct position. Built in AP works fine, but is not the desired control method.

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    • Andrew Bennett
      Rex Beckett Hello Andrew, here are a few tips:

      Changes made on the X-AIR Edit Setup -> LAN page are only applied if there is an open network connection to the mixer (shown on the top of the app window). So you need to connect using the AP to change the network settings. Make sure to click the APPLY button to set the new configuration.

      For a direct connection to a PC, the LAN Mode should normally be DHCP Server. You need to specify an appropriate IP Address (e.g. and Subnet Mask (e.g. Leave Gateway as

      For connection through a router, the LAN Mode should normally be DHCP. The other network settings are not required.

      When you have changed the LAN settings, move the MR18's network switch from Access Point to Wifi Client and wait ten seconds before setting it to Ethernet.
      • Oct 11
    • Andrew Bennett
      Gary Higgins Did you try setting everything up for your lan and wireless settings while connected in ap mode? You need to actually be connected to the mixer to set ip's and subnets etc. Once they are are correctly set for your situation THEN change the mixer switch to the desired position. (sorry Rex, didn't see your reply)
      • Oct 11
    • Andrew Bennett
      David Knighton Hello Andrew Bennett,
      When setting up the LAN function, ensure you are doing this from a computer and not a tablet. Things tend to work well with DHCP, but often a static IP address is helpful.
      • Oct 13
  • 2020-10-03

    Ok so I'm running a Behringer Wing console with 4 DP48's. Been running like this for a few months now with no issues. I'm running my inputs/outputs to the DP48's over AES50-C. I'm powering the DP48's with a POE injector mounted in our rack behind stage, injecting power in between each unit. This has been working great. And then taking the mix signals from the DP48's and sending those to our stagebox and then outputs to the wireless transmitters. 

    So today I wanted to hook up a 5th DP48 at FOH to remote control the 4 other DP48's. So I put it inline on AES50-C and everything was working as it has been, other than my inputs back moving by 8 since I added an mixer before the others. No big deal. 

    Here is where I'm hung up. When I set the FOH DP48 to remote and then go to the next DP48 and set it to Remote, it would not fully connect. The FOH DP48 would every once in awhile show connected but only for a second, then it would lose it. Then it might come back. The second DP48 would never show connected. 

    Ok so for a test I put two DP48's right next to the wing with short 3ft cables. I got them to connect now, but it was random. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it would not. When they were connected, if I powered them off, then back on, they would lose the connect and the Remote mode would be turned off. 

    Can anyone help me out on this? I'm running version 1.5 firmware on all the DP48's. Cable is Cat5e shielded with Ethercon ends. Again no issues with the audio inputs and outputs from the DP48. Only noticed and issue when trying to use the Remote control mode. 

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  • 2020-10-01

    hi guys,

    I have placed a ticket in your system but unsure if anyone is monitoring this....

    can you check and revert?

    regards, Alex Kempkes

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    • Alex Kempkes
      Leah from Music Tribe Hello Alex,

      Apologize for the delay, I will have our parts team reach out to you shortly. Please check for a response to your case in your email inbox.

      • Oct 1
  • 2020-09-29

    Hello Everybody,
    I am searching for a solution including Driver to use my Midas Venice F24 with my new laptop. The Drivers on the Midas homepage are not compatible with the latest OsX version 10.15.6. It is also hard for me to find an adapter from firewire to thunderbolt 3.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, tipps or solutions?


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    • Florian Scheibein
      Nigel Turner Hi Florian. Yes, I am afraid that the VF will not work with Catalina. The only option that I can suggest, however I do not know if anyone has tried it, would be to have a dual boot on the MAV where you can try running a much older version of OSX that originally worked with the Venice F. I have no idea whether this will work, I only found out that you could dual boot two versions of OSX on a MAC a couple of months ago. If you do try it, please let me know the outcome as it may make a lot of other Venice F owners extremely happy.
      • Sep 29
    • Florian Scheibein
      Sebastian Rothermel He Florian, I haven't tried it so far but the attached link looks promising. Just got a Venice F16 but first it needs some service before it will go into the studio. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/1278805-midas-venice-f32-catalina-64bit.html
      • Oct 15
      • Midas Venice F24 firewire on a MacBook Pro 2019 (Thunderbolt3)
        Nigel Turner I had heard of this working in Mojave, but not Catalina. This is great news. Thank you for highlighting it.
        • Mon at 1:01 AM
  • 2020-09-29

    I am using a Midas 32R. Input 9 seems to be the only working channel when I plug in an SM58. The other working channels are wireless recivers programmed into Inputs 1 and 2. 

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    • Elsa Obenza
      Gary Higgins Perhaps you can post your scene/setup using Dropbox or similar, or explain your routing with a bit more detail.
      • Sep 29
    • Elsa Obenza
      David Knighton Hello Elsa Obenza,
      As Gary suggests, if you could drop your current scene in a share folder and provide the link here, then we can investigate any potential routing errors. With the variety of routing options for the M32 consoles, there's a number of ways you can get tripped up if you're not familiar with how to look for them. You can start by checking the HOME/INPUTS tab in ROUTING menu. The LOCAL inputs will be from the rear of the console. AES50 inputs will be from a stage box.
      • Sep 30
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