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    Tc Helicon Perform VE won't power on?

    any suggestions?

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    Guten Tag,

    mein GoXLR Mini übernimmt die Farben von der App bzw. Software nicht. In der Software kann ich unter dem Punkt "Lighting" die Farben einstellen, die ich möchte und diese werden auch in der Software angezeigt aber nicht auf mein Gerät übernommen.


    Das GoXLR Mini leuchtet in einen normalen Weiß. Sobald ich den Style bei den Fader wechsel zu Gradient oder Meter übernimmt er dieses ohne Probleme.

    Das USB-Kabel habe ich einmal entfernt und wieder reingesteckt, dann leuchtet das GoXLR in "Regenbogenfarben". Die LED's sind also nicht defekt.

    Die komplette Software habe ich deinstalliert und neu installiert.

    Eine mögliche Lösung oder Problem ist ein Bug in der jetzigen Version.

    Windows 11
    Gerät ist an USB 3.0 angeschlossen.
    App Version:
    Hardware Version:

    Ich bitte um Hilfe.



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    (I am setting up for podcasting)

    I am in Mic Setup and there is NO MIC SIGNAL showing.

    • I have a Go XLR Mini.
    • Shure SMB7.
    • All plugged into an external hub.
    • All software updated.
    • The app says: "Go XLR Mini Connected via USB".
    • I have the Shure Mic plugged into the Go XLR.
    • I have the USB plugged into the external Hub and have tried it plugged in direct to the Laptop.
    • In Windows I have selected: Chat Mic.
    • The laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1, well up to the job.
    • I am running Windows 11.

    Can someone please help me I am getting a bit desperate.

    Thank you


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    I have a Go Twin. But the "direct monitoring" switch seems to have no effect, I can hear both the wet and dry sound regardless of the switch position through both the headphone jack and stereo outputs. Is there a fix for this?

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    For the longest time I've only used my voicelive rack in stereo.  Saturday, I went to a friends house for an informal jam and due to limited inputs decided to just go mono. I plugged into the left output to the board and changed the I/O in settings to mono. No effects! No harmony, no delay or reverb. I must be missing some other setting.  I even plugged headphones directly into the headphone jack of the voicelive and no effects there either.  I feel like this might be something really simple I'm missing and I'm just having a brain fart. Can anyone think of what I'm missing?  

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    Is there a list somewhere of what each preset's settings are? I have found a list of all the presets, but not what their settings are, would make it much more time efficient when looking for a certain setting? THAnks for all of your help. 

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    Hello dear community
    and HELP - I need somebody, i need anybody .....
    I need your help urgently!
    I use voicelive3 extreme and work with backing tracks.
    I also use an Apple IPAD with the SongbookPlus software.
    ( )
    I also use a Switch 6.
    The VLE3 extreme has a midi out/in. Now I want to control the iPad and the SongbookPlus software from the VLE 3 via Midi - Bluetooth. Specifically, when the Backing track start button is pressed, a midi signal should be sent via Bluetooth to the iPad or the Songbook Plus software so that it also starts the already called up and pre-programmed song text (also called song here).
    The start of the pre-programmed SongbookPlus "song" or song text then has the effect that the next page is automatically turned at a preset time or, if you do it differently, the page is scrolled automatically and synchronously with the VLE3 Extreme without further manual starting on the SongbookPlus.
    The question arises as to whether the Backingtrack start signal via Midi using Blootooth
    (I did it with Quicco Midi adapter
     and also with a Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless Midi Adapter
    on the VLE3) can be transmitted to the SongbookPlus.
    Since I am actually a keyboard player, I have found that with the Keyboards
    works without any problems. I have tried everything on the VLE3 - but to no avail. What am I doing wrong or what do I have to do so that I can manage the SongbookPlus - this software can do everything in this respect. Please ask for your help and experiences. Maybe the problem can be solved.
    Thank you in advance for your help and information! :)

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    j'ai acheté d'occasion un voicelive 3 extrême d'occasion il y a un mois, il fonctionnait bien et ça fait 3 semaines que je l'avais pas utilisé.

    j'ai essayé de le rallumer et rien plus rien ne s'allume.

    Que me proposez-vous ?

    un grand merci 

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    • Fab2098
      PedroRodrigues Merci pour votre post.

      L'achat de matériel d'occasion peut parfois conduire à ces situations. Dans ce cas, je suggérerais de confirmer que vous utilisez la bonne alimentation pour votre unité 14W.

      De plus, je vous suggère de contacter nos deux partenaires en France listés ci-dessous pour demander une inspection hors garantie de votre appareil.


      RUE DU 1 MAI 7
      France 91120

      1C, RueA DuA Charron
      Saint Herblain
      France 44800
      +33 240 38 2932

      • Jan 20
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    Hello! Trying to record loops/ vocals from my voicelive touch 2 into Ableton Live via the USB connection. As shown in the photo, Ableton is picking up the device as a Midi input, but when I hit the record button, no audio is recorded.  I'm a total noob to Ableton and recording and fooling with this and trying to research the issue is really throwing off my creative process and bumming me out.


    Can I record using this USB connection directly into my PC? or do I need to invest in an interface to be able to get my vocals into Ableton? Thanks in advance!

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    • ricothecreative
      PedroRodrigues Hi ricothecreative, thank you for your post, regarding the Voicelive Touch 2 the unit can sync to MIDI Clock received at either its USB or physical MIDI inputs. This allows you to make new loops and play them back in time with a computer audio sequencer (DAW), a drum machine or an arranger keyboard.
      Note that MIDI Clock is not MIDI Time Code (MTC), which Voicelive Touch 2 does not support.
      – Connect Voicelive Touch 2 to your DAW or MIDI Clock source via USB or physical MIDI cable.
      – When using the physical MIDI In on Touch 2, set the MIDI CTRL setting in the MIDI page of the Setup menu to MIDI. Otherwise, leave it set to Merge.
      – Ensure that your clock source is set to transmit MIDI Clock to Voicelive Touch 2.
      – Set MIDI Tempo in the Setup Menu Metronome page to Slave.
      – Set Met: Off in the Loop Tools menu to On or Shh.
      – Initiate playback on your clock source.
      – Record and play back loops as you would using the Metronome.
      Your Record and Play button presses will be quantized to the closest beat.
      Note that Voicelive Touch 2 syncs to beats only, not bars. Thank you
      • Jan 19
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