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    I just recently got a new pc and after downloading the software none of the profiles are loading. i tried using one drive and send-anywhere to get them to upload, but nothing works. I cant even create a new profile. I have no idea what the issue is.

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    • Slip
      PedroRodrigues Hi Matthew, can you please confirm that you did you save your profile before or know where it was saved before?
      To confirm please go to system -> global settings and see if the files are in that location
      From your description this may be caused by a windows issue.
      As Windows did an update or even if it didn't and for some reason your audio isn't playing where it used to/how it used to.
      Here is our no-screwing-around guide to getting your audio back to how it was before.
      Step 1: Check your Windows Audio Devices.
      One of the most common issues that comes up after a Windows update is that Windows has magically reassigned audio to devices that were previously disabled, or to a different TC-Helicon device. Make sure that the following defaults are set (screenshots below):
      Recording: Chat Mic (TC-Helicon GoXLR) - Default Device & Default Communications Device
      Playback: Chat (TC-Helicon GoXLR) - Default Communications Device | System (TC-Helicon GoXLR - Default Device

      It is also crucial to make sure that your levels are set to 100% in Windows and that the audio device itself hasn't been muted by Windows as well.

      Step 2: Check the Inputs & Outputs of the individual apps that are having an issue.
      Go into each app and make sure that the input and output is assigned correctly. To be safe, toggle the input/output to another device, save it, and then toggle it back to the correct one. Whenever possible, do not use "Default" and instead use the actual device.

      Step 3: If both issues still aren't fixed, double check your Routing Table & Fader assignments.
      If everything seems to be routed properly in Windows, then we want to make sure things are set up correctly in the GoXLR App.
      • Jan 7
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    Hi! I bought a GoXLR almost a month ago and have been enjoying it so far. I tried out the sampler but can't seem to get it to record anything. The instructions were to just press and hold the button while talking. It does not seem to work. I tried restarting the app and reinstalling it.


    Please let me know if ou have any ideas. Thank you.

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    • JoseMuoz
      PedroRodrigues Hi, Jose, there are usually 6 causes for the sampler to not record new samples so start with #1 and move on if your issue persists.
      1.) Restart the GOXLR app and GOXLR then try to record a sample again.
      2.) In the routing table of your GOXLR app, uncheck and then recheck mic in the samples row at the bottom then try to record a sample again.
      3.) Go into windows sound settings by searching "Change System Sounds" in your taskbar, go to the recording tab, right click on samples then click properties, navigate to the levels tab and make sure that the slider is at 100 and not muted, then try to record a sample again.
      4.) Disable or add exceptions to the GOXlR documents folder/GOXLR App to any 3rd party Anti-Virus like Avast, Malawarebytes, etc.... avast has been known to keep samples from being created so best to create the exception in others if you are running more than 1
      5.) Close your GOXLR app and keep it closed, navigate to your GOXLR samples folder (by default it is in your documents/GOXLR) if you have samples in that folder make sure to copy the folder somewhere safe, then delete it from the GOXLR folder, restart the GOXLR app and try to record a sample again.
      6.) Try another USB port and repeat.
      Please try all these steps and you will have the sample up and running in no time.
      Thank you
      • December 21, 2020
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    Greetings guys I got an GOXLR Mini as a present.


    I want to know if this will have a warranty in the US or if it comes from another country/distributor.


    The serial number is S190902257DI7



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    • YAird
      PedroRodrigues Hi Fernando, please be aware that if you have a original proof of purchase form a USA reseller in your name for the unit you have acquired you will have the standard Warranty cover stated by the US Law 1 year. If you register your unit on the first 90 days form purchase you will gain access to two extra years of cover and the unit will be covered for 3 years. Thank you
      • December 15, 2020
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    So I am trying to figure out how to use both a Mac where I record my music and my PC where I game and watch youtube to work together. I'm stuck where I don't know how to make it work. I don't have computer speakers, I have Studio Monitors connected via a Scarlett 2i2 and I've tried to get them to work but I have not been able to figure it out. Any ideas? 



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    • BrayanAndrews90
      PedroRodrigues Hi, Brayan, please be aware that if you wish to set up GOXLR in a 2 PC setup, please use the images below as a guide.
      Please also be aware that we never tested two different OS’s on the same set up but please teste having in to consideration the set up on the images below. Thank you
      • December 7, 2020
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    Die GoXLR Serie ist nicht nur für die Broadcast Szene interessant. Auch für die Gaming-Szene öffnen sich ganz neue Möglichkeiten.

    Beispielsweis meine beiden Söhne, sehr PC affin in unterschiedlichen Richtungen sind, waren auf der Suche nach einen kleinen Mixer. Er sollte eine einfache Anbindung am PC haben, die verschiedenen Audioquellen verwalten können in Richtng Mikrofon, Kopfhörer, Lautsprecherboxen, Subwoofer. Er sollte klein sein, typische Feature´s in Sachen Klaneistellungen haben und ein bisschen was für Auge bieten.

    All dies bietet der GoXLR mini.

    Nach längeren Arbeiten damit fiel jedoch auf, dass noch ein paar Möglichkeiten fehlen, um das Ganze abzurunden. All die Leute aus der PC-Gaming-Szene, die damit gearbeitet haben sagen übereinstimmend:

    - Mind. noch 2 Fader/Kanäle mehr

    - 1 separater Lautstärke Poti vorne neben dem Kopfhörer-Ausgang nur für den Kopfhörer

    - 1 zusätzlicher Lineout für den Anschluss eines Subwoofers

    - Alle Audio-Ausgänge mit einen EQ versehen, wie der für den Mic-Eingang

    - Software Schnittstelle zur Einbindung eines USB-wireless Headset, um beispielsweise den Kopfhörerausgang auf das Headset zu routen

    - eventuell eine Bluetooth Anbindung an Smartphones/Tables


    Sollten diese Ereweiterungen nach Vorgabe des GoXLR mini vorhanden sein, wäre dies der perfekte Mixer für die Gaming Szene und würde wohl einen regelrechten Boom auslösen. 

    Das Mangament / Entwickler-Team von TC-Helicon sollten diese Gedanken mal aufnehmen. Der Erfolg wäre garantiert. Viele der Gamer warten sehnsüchtig auf die Innovation...

    Hier mal ein Beispiel für die Gestaltung.

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    not 100% sure if this is the actual problem but its the only thing that is consistent, I always have the GOXLR software open and every so often it checks for updates, and when it does my mouse and keyboard stop working and seem as tho they lose power, it comes back on in about 5-30 seconds, I have NOT uninstalled and reinstalled it yet as id rather not do that.

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    • LucasHols
      PedroRodrigues Hi Lucas that is generally due to the USB connection dropping, please change to another USB port
      • December 1, 2020
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    I have had the GOXLR for about a month and the sampler is still not working. When I go to record something, no audio is saved. When I download a sound byte/clip it shows the wave form, but when I click play it doesn't work either. Is there a function on the GOXLR thats keeping this from working or do I need to try and re-install the software?

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    • newbz4ever
      WilliamR Hello Andrew, William Reichling here from music tribe. Could you click on the Support link at the top of this page? On the Support page, scroll down to the bottom and click on Technical Support to get started. please put my name in the subject so that I'll get it directed to me. I'll be glad to help you out with this.
      • November 24, 2020
      • Sampler Not Functioning correctly on the GOXLR
        ItsNicochi For some reason my support ticket is not working so ill ask here. I have the exact same problem as this guy. all of my audio is set up correctly as far as i can tell and the sampler seems to be functional. When i try to record audio or play an audio file it doesn't work. if you were able to figure this guys problem out please let me know what I should do.
        • Jan 21
      • Sampler Not Functioning correctly on the GOXLR
        WilliamR Hello, First, start by closing your GOXLR app. If you go into your documents folder, find the GOXLR folder. Drag it to the desktop so that it is no longer there. Then reopen your GOXLR app. It should create a new folder. This should restore the default sampler folder if it were corrupt. You can go into the GOXLR folder you dragged into your desktop and retrieve any presets and profiles you had previously and drag them into the proper locations in the new folders created to get them all back.
        • Jan 22
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    dont have a photo wouldnt let me put it here


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    Hey, so the other day I was rewiring my desk and my goxlr fell to the gound and now the faders dont move when you hit the mute button is this something that can be fixed?

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    Hi, I'm interested in buying a TC Helicon Go XLR Mini for my streaming setup but I've got a question about the optical input of the device. 

    Is it possible to send the output of my DAW from an external sound card (RME) through the optical input of the Helicon ?

    Or is it only meant for gaming devices ? 

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    • RezonationDJ
      WilliamR Hello Francesco, You can go from the optical out at 24 bit 48Khz from a separate device. If you are going from the computer sound card, it can't be the same PC that GO XLR is running on.
      • November 16, 2020
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