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    Hey all, so I am using a Blue Yeti X Condenser Microphone and was told that all you need to do to connect it to the GoXLR is just to add the 3.5mm cable to it and done. However, whenever I try to plug it in all I hear is a loud screeching sound and I cannot use the Chat Mic option. If anyone has a solution, I would truly appreciate it! Thank you!

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    • Mazards
      PedroRodrigues Hi Osman,please note if you intend to use the popular Blue Yeti microphone, which has its own built-in headphone output, you should run that built-in headphone output into the GO XLR’s MIC input.
      For Blue Yeti mics powered via USB, plug the USB connector directly into your computer for power, but do not select the Blue Yeti as an audio source on the computer.
      Instead, the Blue Yeti’s headphone output will be the audio source for mixing inside GO XLR.
      • Jan 7
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    I have had the GOXLR for about a month and the sampler is still not working. When I go to record something, no audio is saved. When I download a sound byte/clip it shows the wave form, but when I click play it doesn't work either. Is there a function on the GOXLR thats keeping this from working or do I need to try and re-install the software?

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    • newbz4ever
      WilliamR Hello Andrew, William Reichling here from music tribe. Could you click on the Support link at the top of this page? On the Support page, scroll down to the bottom and click on Technical Support to get started. please put my name in the subject so that I'll get it directed to me. I'll be glad to help you out with this.
      • November 24, 2020
      • Sampler Not Functioning correctly on the GOXLR
        ItsNicochi For some reason my support ticket is not working so ill ask here. I have the exact same problem as this guy. all of my audio is set up correctly as far as i can tell and the sampler seems to be functional. When i try to record audio or play an audio file it doesn't work. if you were able to figure this guys problem out please let me know what I should do.
        • Jan 21
      • Sampler Not Functioning correctly on the GOXLR
        WilliamR Hello, First, start by closing your GOXLR app. If you go into your documents folder, find the GOXLR folder. Drag it to the desktop so that it is no longer there. Then reopen your GOXLR app. It should create a new folder. This should restore the default sampler folder if it were corrupt. You can go into the GOXLR folder you dragged into your desktop and retrieve any presets and profiles you had previously and drag them into the proper locations in the new folders created to get them all back.
        • Jan 22