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    I had my wireless unit working perfectly with Outs 1 and 2. I am now hooking it up to the Aux out 1 and 2 with a couple of my extra guitar cables and it isn't working.  Any ideas?  I did rerout the mix buses to Aux 1 and 2 and I can see the sound meters going up and down properly when talking into the mic.  But my wireless unit doesn't seem to be getting any signal. Do I need different types of cables?

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    In some weeks this extension card is available in my reagion. I rather would have the Dante option available as the promised internal module because I do not want to loose the SD Card recording option on my WING.

    so, is there a plan when the internal module will be available or is it allowed to use the module of the extension card to be placed internal to keep the SD card extension?

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    • KlausMock
      GaryHiggins I would only say it’s highly unlikely that the actual card for internal would be any different than the one coming in Wing-Dante. The X-Dante 32 ch card even fits perfectly (and works) in it. So it would seem to me the choice to use it internally would be an easy one to make.
      • 6 hours ago
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    Dear community

    I am new here, so apologies if i've failed to locate any existing posts on this subject. 

    I'd like to dedicate two XR18 Air AUX sends to drive RCA inputs on a consumer-grade stereo amplifier, such as Technics SU-V303. I have been looking into the subject of how to do this correctly, and get the impression that it's somewhat dependant on the manufacturer's implementation of the balanced output stage.

    Am hoping to find out what Behringer recommend for the XR18 Air, which has led me to this forum. Any pointers to this info?

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    The firmware update 11742 for FLOW 8 works with remote app FLOW MIX 1.2 and Windows ASIO/WDM driver version 5.0.This new FLOW Firmware version contains:
    • Fix for leveljumps when changing gain on hardware (Hold MAIN)
    • Fix for fader offset when switching layer control sets
    • Optimized brightness control (in line with the IEC 62386 dimming curve)
    • Timeout for flashing TAP button (after 5 sec if not on FX page)
    Update Process:
    To update FLOW 8 to the latest firmware please use the SimplyPUT update tool. SimplyPUT is available for Mac, Windows and Linux and can be downloaded from the FLOW 8 product page at
    1. Please make sure you have installed the latest USB-Driver, which is available on the FLOW 8 product page!
    2. Connect FLOW 8 to your computer using the USB Type B socket
    3. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet
    4. Launch Application SimplyPUT will detect FLOW 8 and search for the latest firmware available on the serverSimplyPUT will always preselect the latest version available
    5. Select UPDATESimplyPUT will start transferring the new firmware to the hardware using the installed USB-DriverAfter a successful update, FLOW 8 will indicate the new Firmware-Version and reboot automatically
    1. Connect FLOW 8 to your computer using the USB Type B socket
    2. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet
    3. To launch application please use rightclick (CTRL+Click) and select Open.Select Open on the upcoming pop up againSimplyPUT will detect FLOW 8 and search for the latest firmware available on the serverSimplyPUT will always preselect the latest version available
    4. Select OPENThis will enable the DFU-Mode on the hardware.Recognisable by a red display on the hardware showing the current installed Firmware-Version.
    5. Select UPDATESimply Put will start flashing the new firmeware to the hardware After a successful update FLOW 8 will indicate the new Firmware-Version and reboot automatically
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    On my SD card, I have one recording with a soundcheck of about 20 channels of recorded music.

    As I want to learn the uncountable features of the Wing, I playback my soundcheck while learning the channel parameters and effects.

    At a certain moment, after some fiddling around in the SD card screens, it worked for me to loop the track from the SD card, and I cannot recall what I did to make that happen.

    I try selecting 'loop' without markers, and also with markers, but it does not want to loop. The playback always stops at the end of the track.

    Can anyone help me to get the soundcheck track on the SD card to loop while playback?

    My Wing is now on firmware version 1.11

    Thanks in advance.

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    Maybe someone here can shed some light for me on the situation.
    I was trying to buy M32R LIVE for a few months now. I was waiting forever for it to be available, so several weeks ago I just placed an order and decided to wait. It was suppose to be 1-2 week waiting time at most. Well, I am still waiting. My order is still indicated as "on order from the distributor". The most recent answer I got from the retailer in Central Europe (Czech Republic) is that their European distributor does not know why it is still unavailable, nor when it is going to be available again.

    I wonder why can't I get M32R LIVE for so long in Central Europe?
    Any advice on how to get one in that situation?

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    • ArekK
      Dale_M Covid 19 has had an impact on production of many items, added to this there is a current restructure of sales channels, sorry there is no new news on this matter.
      • Fri at 6:10 AM
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    Another update with a few added bits. However, still missing DCA spill which is present and working on the older X32 mixer. What's going on Behringer. Please can we have DCA spill

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    • Tejay
      Dale_M I will pass your comments over to the design team.
      • Fri at 5:20 AM
    • Tejay
      Dale_M Hi Tejay, the Design team have pointed out that the WING has a total of 20 completely customisable Fader Layers. DCA Spill might follow one day, but aren't those Layers a very compatible if not even more flexible alternative?
      • Fri at 6:43 AM
      • Behringer Wing DCA spill
        KevinMaxwell And that is actually a bit of an exaggeration to say "the WING has a total of 20 completely customizable Fader Layers". If you count all of the different fader banks separately then you might come up with 20 but that is not how one uses this kind of mixer. BTW I was told by what I assume is the person over the developers that DCA spill will eventually be available on the WING.

        When doing musical theater I change what is in the DCAs regularly and have on other mixers with DCA spill used that function to my benefit a lot. But even doing concert work DCA spill is a lot more handy then having to configure different layers. If I want to see all of the faders controlled by the Drum DCA or the Horns DCA or any other DCA the Spill is the way to do it.

        And even though you can customize each layer that means that you may make it so you don’t have a fader on any layer by mistake. I like to leave the standard layers were they are and only use the 2 user layers for customization.
        • Fri at 10:45 AM
      • Behringer Wing DCA spill
        Paul_Vannatto The problem with implementing DCA spill on the Wing is that DCA's are assigned by named tags, whereas the X32/M32 assigns DCA's by indexed numbers. This complicates DCA spill implementation significantly.
        • Fri at 6:23 PM
      • Behringer Wing DCA spill
        KlausMock I can‘t really see that, because the processing engine have to know the assigned channels too, otherwise it is impossible to control their faders via a DCA. Ordering the assigned channels might be also quite easy, i guess. But, nevertheless, I see a good reason to use DCA spills, even on fully customizable fader layers. A DCA spill will always show me all members of the DCA group. If I have to use fader layers they might be not in sync, maybe because you changed the DCA assignment after you created the layer layout. Next reason for having DCA spills is that they give you access to all channels of a multichannel instrument lika a Drumset,. And don‘t forget, DCA spill will get you 16 extra layer. I learned to love DCA spills on my dLive C2500, also an console with fully customizable layers. And we all do not have less than those A&H guys, right?
        • 9 hours ago
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    Hi folks, I'm looking for some knowledge into an issue I am having. For some background knowledge I run wired in ear setup and my musicians are running the M32-Q app. I have sent 6 of my bus mixes through the aux outs and a few other through the XLR outputs to get to the inear amps on the stage. My problem is that many of my bus faders are not working, the volume sent from a channel to the mix bus is all I seem to be able to control, the mix bus fader moves up and down but it doesn't change my output volume, and of course this is a serious issue as with in ears you want to make sure that musicians can turn down their overall volume to not do damage to there ears. I have updated to the latest firmware for you knowledge and I have used the board for three years and have read through the manual three or four times so I do understand routing and all the parameters but I have exhausted all my trouble shooting techniques. Love to hear if somebody knows how to fix this! Or any troubleshooting ideas!  

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    • natmoo97
      Paul_Vannatto In the Routing, Aux Out (and where you have assigned the mixbuses to the XLR out - probably the Out 1-16 ) screen, change the taps to post fader (in relation to the mixbus master fader).
      • Thu at 7:32 AM
      • Midas M32 Bus fader issue
        natmoo97 Hi Paul, Thanks so much for the reply. Just an additional question for you as I seemed to be getting bogged down in the routing details just a little. How does one set what the preference for the channels being sent to the bus are (wanting post EQ but before the fader of the channel as most do), versus what you have suggested as the way to route the mixbus master fader. I seem to be mixing up the two places to make this routing setting proper and just want to hammer that out so I don't run into this again! Again thanks so much for your reply, it is greatly appreciated.
        • Thu at 7:56 AM
      • Midas M32 Bus fader issue
        Paul_Vannatto The other sends are channel sends to the mixbuses. Those taps (found in the channel strip's Sends screen) are in relation to the channel strips faders. The other that I mentioned above (Routing, Aux Out, Out 1-16 and Ultranet screens) are in relation to the master faders of the buses (including Main LR, Main M/C, matrixes, mixbuses, etc.).
        • Thu at 8:13 AM
      • Midas M32 Bus fader issue
        natmoo97 Makes perfect sense thanks Paul!
        • Thu at 8:19 AM
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    1.11 out today:


    WING Firmware Update Version 1.11 - (15 April 2021)

    The console 1.11 firmware update offers some functional improvements and new features. Besides new Effects and new Talk, Solo and Listen functions this update also offers the option to send Midi-CC from Custom Controls and Fader Banks

    It is sensible to periodically check for new firmware updates. New features and bug fixes will be released regularly. Our development team is eager to react to customer suggestions and to amaze you with improvements and new features. Visit the WING product page on to download the latest firmware, install the update and enjoy the full potential of your WING.

    This new WING Firmware version contains:

    New Effects

    • Speaker Manager (Multiple Filtertypes + Dynamic EQ + Limiter)

    • Velvet Imager FX (Stereo-Enhancer)

    • Triple Dynamic EQ

      New Features

    • Option to send MIDI CC with Custom Controls and Faders

    • Show gain reduction on monitor limiter meter

    • Global Main/Alt overview + Auto switch page

    • Option to send channel to both SOLO buses in livemode

    • Source-Solo via Listen Channel (CH39 or AUX 7)

      (SRC SOLO on routing page auto-routes selected source to Listen Channel)

    • Talkback Improvements

      • Talkback indication (frame on selected channel and during talk)

      • Automatically open talk destination page when pressing SOLO on talk channel

      • New TALK TAGSs to allow soloing or unmuting channels during talk

    • Auto-Customization for Listen- and TB-Channel

    • Support for future Waves Soundgrid Module

    • Buses removed from SIP logic

      Bug Fixes

    • Pitch correction fix could lead to fx processor reinitialization

    • IP fragmentation fix for long OSC packets

    • Fix for very rare USB audio startup issues

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    • GaryHiggins
      WITELITE Hey Gary. Any idea WHERE the Global Main/ALT Overview is. Im hoping it automatically flips when playing back recordings from the multitrack but can't seem to find it - MM
      • Fri at 11:42 AM
      • New Wing Firmware 1.11
        Paul_Vannatto No it doesn't automatically flip when playback (like with the X32 and X-Live). If you set each channel source to Auto, it means that it will flip when you switch the Input Select (in Setup, Audio screen).
        • Fri at 6:04 PM
    • GaryHiggins

      It's on the setup/audio page, bottom left's fairly big but easily missed...

      • Fri at 1:40 PM
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    I have a problem with my xenyx 302 usb mixer in my streaming set up.  The sound from my desktop audio is coming through the mic.  It's reading on the OBS sound board.  Why is this?  I can find no videos that address this issue, nor can I find anything to give me any support.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had this problem so why cant I find any help.  I stream on a laptop.  With OBS, Windows 10 using  a xenyx 302 and a shure MV7 mic.  I want help in setting this up correctly.  I'm sure there are people here who have experince with streaming.  I just want all my sounds separate to be able to control them.  Desktop audio should NOT be coming through the mic

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    • Vidgirl8
      Nigel67 Hi Vidgirl8. Where do you have your microphone plugged in to, the mixer or the computer. I am afraid that if you have it plugged into the computer, then this will be a computer / OBS set up issue and I would advise that you contact the OBS support team for further help. If you are plugged into the Xenyx 302, then please advise where you have connected the mic to. Have you installed the ASIO driver for the 302USB on your compute? You can find it in the software tab at this link
      • Wed at 10:48 PM
    • Vidgirl8

      I have it plugged into the mixer where the mic is supposed to be plugged into. I don't need an asio driver. I never needed one before as I am not recording anything, just streaming.

      • Thu at 11:16 AM
      • Problems with clear instruction to set up Xenyx 302, to windows 10 laptop, to OBS for live streaming
        -mjk- You need the driver to get the audio on the USB port - for any purpose.
        • Thu at 7:34 PM
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