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    Proud new owner of a GoXLR.  Opened the box and the only power adapter plug included was a European/UK version.

    I don't want to return this unit but going to be forced to unless someone can take care of this.



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    • Bullworkz
      Nigel67 Hi Jim. I can only apologise for the inconvenience. Please contact the shop that you purchased the unit from and ask them to supply the correct adapter or replace the unit with another one which does have the correct adapter. Many thanks. However, if you are in the USA for example and you purchased the unit from a European/UK seller, then the unit would not have included a USA plug adapter and your best option would be to purchase something like a travel adapter.
      • Apr 4
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    Hi, I need a power cord for a GOXLR Mini. I accidentaly cut through the power cord with scissors and would like to buy a new power cord. It's not a warranty issue, and even if it was, I tossed out all the boxes and paperwork already.

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    • dannyc116
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi dannyc116, if you have not yet done so I would recommend submitting a spares ticket. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spares tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Apr 1
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    I recently purchased a GoXLR from a UK vendor. Unfortunately, at the time, I did not consider the difference between wall outlets in the Europe and North America. Since the product has already shipped, I was wondering what my options would be in acquring a North American wall outlet plug in.

    Thank you for your help inadvance.

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    • combustabowl
      Nigel67 Hi, the power supply is part of the plug assembly and there is an adapter which contains the pins for the country you reside in that you snap on to the psu. Very similar to the mobile phone charger plugs. You could either purchase a travel plug converter that will convert between uk and USA plugs or contact our spares department who will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spares tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Mar 29
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    I have a GoXLR Mini that I have configured to work with a Mixamp for Xbox party chat. My Optical Audio from the Xbox comes into the GoXLR as "Console" and then I use the line out port into the mixamp with a chat splitter. Yes, the cable is plugged into the microphone input on the splitter.

    More often than not, my party informs me that it sounds like I'm in the ocean and the microphone displays levels detected on the meter. My Twitch stream hears no such distortion. If I unplug the XLR cable from the mic and re-plug it in it clears up temporarily. Now that makes no sense to me because the stream doesn't hear any of it.

    I  have tried replacing the cable from the GoXLR to the mixamp, the chat splitter, I've put a ground loop isolator on and nothing seems to work. It's extremely frustrating and I don't know what else to try. I've put the gain on the mic down to 0 db and then everyone says my volume is too low. It's a uhu Condenser +48V mic. Not sure why the audio levels would be so low as I have a naturally loud voice.

    What am I missing?

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    • atkline69
      NicJonesMT Hi Atkline69. Could you please submit a Tech support ticket (Click Support above then scroll down) and we can go through some trouble shooting with you. We need to know exactly how you have your Routings Set so please provide a screen shot of this and how you have the apps routed to the GoXLR.

      1 Final thing, do you get the same distorted, underwater sound if you bypass the Mixamp? So go direct from the Line out of the GoXLR into your Pad rather than from the MixAmp.
      • Mar 28
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    I'm not sure how to explain the problem I'm facing, I'll try my best.

    Basically whenever I move the mixer, touch the back of it where the USB port is, it will completely freeze the GoXLR program and I'll lose the inputs that the mixer has. System, game, chat, etc. It takes 5-10 minutes for everything to reset and come back to normal and sometimes I'll even have to restart my PC. I've tried replacing the cord but that's not the problem because it's continuing to happen. I feel like my only option is to have my mixer replaced. I've already created a ticket but I feel like the system is a little confusing because I'm unable to check replies or even edit my ticket so I'm hoping I'll get in contact with someone through here. If not, it was worth a try.

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    • Innocznt
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. It looks like your ticket was stuck in the wrong queue. I apologize for the delay. Someone will contact you shortly.
      • Mar 20
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    Hello! I just recieved my GoXlr to see that I accidently purchased one with a Germany plug in adapter instead of the USA one.

    What can I do??? PLEASE HELP!

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    I have a Go XLR 

    I wanna play electric guitar on twitch also 

    I have a Line 6 Pod I plug/play guitar with.
    is it possibly to plug in my guitar board into the GO XLR? 

    I heard you can plug a guitar DI to Go XLR but I have not idea how that works while also being able to use the go xlr for my mic also

    I'm running a single pc setup just wanna play some guitar while I'm also talking with people on twitch 

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    Only had the GoXLR Mini for about a month, been working fine until this week. Hadn't changed any settings but suddenly sound only comes through the right ear of the headhpones with static in the left, when plugged into the front headphone port.

    When I plug the headphone directly into the PC the sound is fine. 

    Things i've tried:

    Multiple leads & headphones 

    Checked PC sound control settings - Levels are both up on left & right channels. 

    uninstaleld/ reinstalled the GoXLR app 

    Reset all sound settings to default and set back up

    Unplugging everything and leaving it for a days (Is there a button combo reset for the mini?)

    Any other suggestions welcome.



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    • djdcee
      NicJonesMT hi Djdcee.

      It unfortunately sounds like an issue with the headphone port on the GoXLR.

      What I would recommend is clicking support at the top of the page and open a tech support ticket. We can then advise you further.
      • Feb 7
      • GoXLR Mini - Headphone port sound only in one ear
        djdcee Thanks for the suggestion, I'll open a ticket now
        • Feb 7
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    hi, I buy GoXLR but I don't know how to download the software, I visit the website and it gives me a download error

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    are the goXLR drivers asio drivers?


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