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    I've been successfully using a single Hub4 with multiple DP48s. Because they have been rock solid for almost two years now, I would like to expand to more than 4 DP48 units (up to 8). Can I simply add an additional Hub4 to the signal chain and retain all current routing/functionality? Also, secondarily, am I correct that independent monitoring (in dual mode operation) of the DP48 only applies to the 8 groups and not the individual 48 channels. e.g. two musicians using a single DP48 in dual mode can independently adjust group levels but not individual channel levels? This is very important to me to get right because I wouldn't need to purchase additional gear if there is truly independent 48 channel monitoring while in dual mode on the DP48! Thank you, Tribe, so much for your assistance. Be well!

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    • lochsa4
      Paul_Vannatto Yes you can cascade (daisy chain) Hub4's and yes you are correct about the dual mode of the DP48. Group settings are independent of the Mix A and B. But the Assign and Edit settings are not. I use the DP48 in dual mode all the time.
      • Oct 24
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    • KEILA
      KevinMaxwell I think the all mute button stays on until you have a good connection over the AES50 to a mixer.
      • Oct 24
      • DL32
        KevinMaxwell I tried that today and it stays Muted until you have a good connection like I said.
        • Nov 1
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    My only DP48 is directly connected to AES50B of my M32. No daisy chain, no HUB4.

    In the M32 inputs routing, i selected AES50B 1-8 for the channels 1-8.

    On M32 channels 1-4 and 7-8 there is no signal, on channels 5-6 I get the signal from the DP48 microphones.

    When I switch on the DP48, after 2 seconds, there is a loud pop on channels 5-8, nothing on channel 1-4.

    DP48 firmware is 2.2.

    Question : Is the upstreaming only allowed in conjonction with HUB4, meaning that upstreaming without it is not supported and leads to the weird results i explained ?

    Thank you for your support.


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    • JacquesMathez
      Nigel67 Hi JaquesMathez. The Upstream should work without the need of the Hub4. Please refer to this block diagram. The 8 channels being sent back to the AES50 ports is shown right at the top. You have the Aux Inputs, Ambience Mics, Mix A and Mix B. It would appear that the 8 channels are working as you mention that you see the audio from the ambience Mics. Is the M32 running G4.06?
      • Apr 24
      • DP48 upstream without Hub4
        JacquesMathez Thanks Nigel, everything is clear to me now. By the way, yes, i'm running V4.06
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        • Apr 26
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    Good Morning,

    how can I adjust the recording level from DP48?




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    Hello everyone

    I am currently working on a WING based systems with DP48s and a HUB4. I'm trying to do the following:

    WING-A <-> DP48-1 IN/DP48-1 through <-> HUB4 Master/HUB4 through <-> DL32-1 A/DL32-1 B <-> DL32-2 A

    I have the follwoing questions regarding this setup:


    1. As I understand it this should pass inputs 1 - 16 from DL32-2 to WING-A on AES50-A 33-48. However this is not the case. What does work is the HUB4 sending the talkback from the DP48s to WING-A on channel 48 (but only when taking DP48-1 out of the chain, as the 8 channels that unit inserts at the start of the AES50 stream replace 40-48 and therefore also the talkback). This is the only signal I am able to receive on the WING on AES50-A 33-48.

    No routing options on the HUB4 are engaged. The outputs of AES50-A are routed to all DL32s as expected (1-16 duplicated on the XLR outputs of both stageboxes.)

    When bypassing the HUB4 and daysichaining only the stageboxes on AES50-A everything works as expected; inputs 1-16 from DL32-2 are combined with inputs 1-32 from DL32-1 on the AES50 stream.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this currently not supported?



    2. Of course I also have DP48s connected to the hub:

    WING-A <-> DP48-1 IN/DP48-1 through <-> HUB4 MASTER/HUB4 Port 1 <-> DP48-2 IN/DP48-2 through <-> DP48-3 IN

    In this configuration DP48-1 can only remote control DP48-2 but not DP48-3. When daisychaining DP48s without the HUB4 in between, remote control works for all devices.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this currently not supported?



    3. I don't really need it in this scenario, but just out of curiosity: When daisychaining two DL32s is it possible to get OUT 1-16 on DL32-1 and OUT 17-32 on DL32-2 on their respective XLR outputs?



    Obvioulsy this would all be fixed by running a second CAT cable on AES50-B, but I would very much like to avoid this if possible...


    Thanks for your help!



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    • fricia
      Paul_Vannatto 1) The upstream signals (DL32 -> Wing) you are getting are because you have included the DP48 in the middle. The DP48 does not pass signals through upstream. If you are using a Hub4, it is better to connect the DP48 to the Hub4 port (1-4). That is the way the Hub4/DP48 package is designed.
      2). Don't put the DP48-1 in between Wing and Hub4. It is not designed for that. If you want to use any DP48 without the Hub4 (instead daisy chain the DP48's), either put them on their own AES50 or daisy chain them at the end (after the DL32).
      3) No. The DL32 accepts only the first and second blocks of AES50 outputs from the Wing. if you want separation (outputs 17-24) use a DL16 or S16/SD8/SD16 where you can select the output blocks.
      • Feb 10
    • fricia
      fricia Hi Paul and thank you very much for your insight!
      I think I wasn't quite clear in that I'm not getting any signals from the second DL32 no matter whether the DP48-1 in between Wing and Hub4 is there or not.
      A couple of firmware updates ago remote control via the sync master port of the Hub4 was introduced. This is what I'm trying to achieve and it seems to me this should be officially.
      Also, I think the DP48s do pass signals through upstream, else you couldn't daisy chain them...
      Here's the thing: When bypassing the Hub4 and going

      WING-A <-> DP48-1 IN/DP48-1 through <-> DL32-1 A/DL32-1 B <-> DL32-2 A

      I do get all the expected Signals from both DL32s. So the hub4 must somehow overwrite AES50 33-48 right? Which according to all the information I can find it shouldn't?
      • Feb 10
    • fricia
      Paul_Vannatto I just checked what I said with my Wing and DP48 and a stagebox (SD8) configured as such
      Wing <-> DP48 <-> SD8
      Inputs from the SD8 will not pass through the DP48 to the Wing. That is by design.
      Outputs from the Wing will pass through the DP48 to the stagebox (SD8 or DL32)

      If you include the Hub4 between Wing and DL32 (Wing <-> Hub4 <-> DL32), the inputs from the DL32 to the Wing will depend on the state of the StageConnect/AES50 A33-48) button. If it is disabled (not lit), all 48 channels of the AES50 from the DL32 (connected to the Hub4 Thru port) will pass through to the Wing. If this button is enabled, AES50 A33-48 will change from the Hub4 to include outputs of the DP48 (1-4) and replace what is coming from the second DL32.

      Here is the latest Hub4 Routing diagram
      • Feb 10
    • fricia
      Paul_Vannatto I forgot to mention the new Talkback feature. If the talkback is enabled on the DP48 (and the DP48 is connected to one of the Hub4 ports 1-4), when the Mic button is pressed, the Hub4 will replace AES50 A48 with the talkback signal so that the musician can talk to the FOH engineer. This only works with the Hub4. If using the DP48 by itself, talkback will not work.
      • Feb 10
    • fricia
      Paul_Vannatto I just added this to the Behringer World Wiki for future reference
      • Feb 10
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    We just upgraded from the P16s and love the sound quality. The one thing that we are really looking for in a firmware update would be independent Mix A & B control of the relative levels and panning within each group. We run like instruments on each group, so it would be ideal for each band member to control their group submixes independently.

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    • ShaneB717
      Paul_Vannatto Everything you are asking for is already included in the current firmware. In fact, IIRC, they have always been there.
      • Feb 7
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    I am working on upgrading our audio system to Dante for several reasons. But what I would like to do is keep using the HUB4/DP48s for in ears on stage. Can i do this using the DN9650 to send the channels from dante to the HUB4 AES50 port?

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    • KSpeyer
      GaryHiggins Are you already using a DN9630? If you are using a Wing or X32 with Dante cards added (if that's what you are saying) AES50 is still available to connect your Hub4/DP48's and Dante is a separate bus and separate routing but is available at the same time. If not and you are already using a DN9650 I don't see why that would not work. It in fact should work. really well syncing everything.
      • November 4, 2021
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    How are you!

    I live in Suwon, South Korea, and am an office worker who is interested in sound equipment.

    I had an idea for a wireless method during acoustic monitoring for a long time, so I sent it to AVIX & CUOSHOP the official Korean importer of Midas & Behringer, to propose and discuss it.

    The wireless WIFI monitoring app development book and STAGE WAVE & other monitoring APP Guide materials are attached as additional materials through AVIX.
    In the future if necessary, we will make it into a translated material and provide it.

    Currently, I am in charge of circuit parts in JIG and equipment assembly and manufacturing at Samsung VD and a primary supplier (Na & Na).

    In general, in relation to monitoring, it is a form of using one's own smartphone as a monitoring device from a wired method using

    Behringer P16-M to a wireless network method using WIFI Router. Innovative products are being launched to support you.

    We have analyzed STAGE WAVE App, which is currently the most emerging, and we would like to suggest a way to develop more advanced than

    STAGE WAVE App by identifying the improvements in the network of that APP.

    Advantages of STAGE WAVE: App compatibility / stability / Low latency possible (latency changes depending on the setting)

    Cons: Requires high-performance Router and mid-range performance smart phone
    Amount of high-power WIFI data / Monthly flat rate

    Advantages of the New Behringer App (temporary name): Intermediate performance Router / Entry-level Smart Phone support available

    Basic output WIFI data amount / Calculation of reasonable monthly fixed amount for users

    Development and sales of PC-only and WIFI Router combined (small-scale) models

    There are additional materials reviewed and analyzed to make this proposal, and ideas related to Line Up that will be upgraded in the future from

    this proposal model are also being prepared.

    Please review the contents first, and if you need interest or discussion about my proposal, please message & call.

    thank you.

    [email protected]


    H.K.Oh (Hong Kyun Oh)

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    • rockbill01
      Paul_Vannatto You have already posted this once before and got a response from the company. This is an end user forum. So it is inappropriate to post this here multiple times. Please delete this thread.
      • August 31, 2021
    • rockbill01

      Hello. Paul_Vannatto

      Sorry for posting the same content multiple times.

      As you said, I clicked the function to delete the discussion, but the content is not deleted normally.

      thank you.


      • September 1, 2021
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    I have 6 DP48s and they've been rock solid until last Sunday when we used them. I had some completely drop all signal coming into them. It seemed like 1 worked and the rest dropped out. They eventually reconnected but that's a no-go when you're using a click track. Suggestions?


    My signal chain: Midas M32>AES50B>DP48>DP48>DP48>DP48>DP48>DP48

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    • GregWarren
      GregWarren I did some digging around and found that my firmware was woefully behind on the dp48s. It was 1.5 and I updated to 2.2. My 2 DL16s were 2.4 and I update to 2.5 and my Midas M32 is 4.02 so I think we're good there. I will have practice Wednesday and update if I have more signal loss.
      • July 19, 2021
    • GregWarren
      Paul_Vannatto Hey Greg, are you using proper AES50 cable (shielded with ethercon ends)?
      • July 19, 2021
      • Dropout on DP48
        GregWarren I'm running shielded cable but it's not ethercon.
        • July 20, 2021
    • GregWarren
      Paul_Vannatto Hey Greg, Brian Wynn proved to us (back in 2013) that the ethercon ends are very important in shielding the cable from ESD (electrostatic discharge) which results in AES50 dropouts. So if you have low humidity, this may be the source to your dropouts.
      • July 21, 2021
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    Want to purchase a Midas DP48 monitor system because our band uses the M32r.  However, personally I also own a Behringer XR18 that uses Ultranet instead of AES.  I see in the marketing info that it says that the DP48 works with all Midas and Behringer digital mixers, being that the XR18 is a Behringer digital mixer, I wonder if this is true.  Does anybody have a definite answer to this question as I'd love to use the DP48 with my Behringer XR18 as well.  Thank you!

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    • Johnnyh64
      Paul_Vannatto No the DP48 does not work with the X-Air or M-Air consoles, since they do not have the AES50 (which the DP48 requires)
      • July 2, 2021
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