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    On WING + DL32, how many DP48s can be daisy chained without issue? I could use the second AES port  off the WING or the through connection from the DL32 stagebox.



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    • ecfsanjose
      Paul_Vannatto I think the answer is the same as to how many P16 can be daisy chained - we're not sure.
      • June 17, 2021
    • ecfsanjose
      DavidKnighton Hello ecfsanjose,
      I'm not sure if there is an exact number, but I know at some point there was a class full of X32/M32 that were all daisy chained, between 30-40 mixer without issue. That being said, you should probably make use of a HUB4, because 1 bad cable link can disrupt the whole AES50 stream. A HUB4 will distribute up to 4 separate streams for better management.
      • June 17, 2021
    • ecfsanjose
      ecfsanjose Thanks Paul, David
      • June 17, 2021
    • ecfsanjose
      joshtew Do note that talkback function doesn't work between daisy chained DP48s.
      • July 7, 2021
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    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to transfer files, IE mix/group settings, via the SD card from unit to unit

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    • GeorgeAukerman
      Paul_Vannatto Yes you can. If you press the Setup and SD Rec buttons simultaneously, it gives you the Load/Save as well as Read/Write from/to the SD.
      • May 27, 2021
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    Does anyone know if the DP48 Monitoring System can be used with the Midas MR16 Mixer? Or if there is a solution how this can be configured?

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    • Errol
      DaveMorrison No. The DP48 only communicates using the AES-50 protocol. The MR16 doesn't.
      • April 2, 2021
    • Errol
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Errol, since the DP48 uses the AES50, the MR18 (or any of the M-Air/X-Air consoles) cannot use the DP48. The only solution is to upgrade to the X32 Rack (or any X32 or M32).
      • April 2, 2021
    • Errol
      Dale_M No as mentioned there is no AES50 available on the X-AIR products
      • April 3, 2021
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    We are currently using firmware v1.4 on our 4x DP48s. Can someone point me to a full revision history from v1.4 to the latest v2.0. I can only find revision history for v2.0. Is there a full user manual to go with this firmware? All I can find is the quickstart guide and that is for v1.3 of firmware.

    Has anyone update to this firmware version and can vouch for it's stability/reliability?

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    • tone_crafter
      GaryHiggins DP48 firmware historical

      Version 1.2 - (16 December 2019)
      The DP48 Firmware Update 1.2 features performance enhancements to the personal monitoring mixer’s operating system. Firmware 1.2 adds:
      * Remote configuration of DP48 Groups and channel assignments, including Level and Pan settings, directly from Midas M32* series mixing console GUI 

      * Automatic adjustable ducking of ambience microphones during the performance, depending on signals coming in over AES50 

      * 12 new external preset storage slots on SD card 

      * Stand-alone mode can now be used with AES50 stage-boxes such as DL32 or DL16 

      * M32* console time is now received over AES50. This allows timestamped SD recording files 

      * Mix A/B Limiter activity is now displayed on the meter overview screen 

      * My Group controls the playback level, while a track is selected for playback on the SD Recorder 

      * Upstream of local AUX-Input and built in Microphones to AES50-Stream for sharing click or backing tracks and communication to the Engineer 

      * Close boot screen by pressing MIX A or MIX B * Requires mixer fw 4.01 or higher

      MIDAS DP48 Firmware Update Version 1.3 ( May 2020)

      New Features 1.3

      • 2 separate stereo reverb processors for separation between Mix A and B

      • Stereo mode for assigning and editing two channels of a Group at the same time (long press)

      • Reverb sends are now post-fader separately for Mix A/B

      • New idle screen with Group names and pre-fader metering overview

      • Quick Group renaming by selecting from a list of common names (long press on idle screen)

      • MIX A/MIX B ‘Meter Screen’ same as idle screen but showing A/B post-fader levels

      • Talkback function using the internal microphones in conjunction with HUB4

      • Talkback signal will be exchanged between all DP48 mixers and M32 consoles via CH48

      • Automatic configuration if Talkback is active:

      o Add CH48 to assignment of Group 12

      o Rename Group 12 to ‘Talkback’

      o Activate ‘MIC +20dB’ in Setup

      • Configure Talkback in Setup, press and hold MIC button to speak


      • FX return default value set to -10 dB

      • ID and enumeration bugs in remote operation fixed

      • Master units update local preset copy when a X32 broadcast message is received

      • Remote function: group names are sent to remote unit

      • Group PAN had no effect when the group was assigned to a MIX as MY-Group

      • Work on local preset when the remote ID is master

      • Better AES50 error management and faster recovery

      • DP48 on HUB4 master port for remote control

      • Missing X32 messages improved

      MIDAS DP48 Firmware Update Version 1.4 (2020-06-17)
      New Features 1.4
      * Regular group solo function replaces automatic group solo in edit mode (to enable use long press on GROUP button) 

      * Automatic 10 dB assignment-solo dim Improvements 

      * Daisy-Chain upstream bug fixed (introduced with FW1.3) 

      * Stereo-Assignment when resetting device fixed (introduced with FW1.3) 

      MIDAS DP48 Firmware Update Version 1.5 (2020-07-15)

      New Features 1.5
      • Sending control and name commands through stage boxes Improvements
      • SD-Card recording bug fixed (introduced with FW1.4)

      MIDAS DP48 Firmware Update Version 1.6 (2020-10-12)
      New Features 1.6
      * Volume control changed to smoother linear operation. 

      * Full compatibility to new DP48 Console-Remote including stereo link control. 
(introduced with X32/M32 Firmware 4.03) 

      * Bugfix for multiple DP48 in a chain all indicated as Master-Devices. 

      * Pan law gain changed from 6dB to 3dB for improved stereo imaging. 

      * The purple frame for slave devices is now only visual when active remote control is taking place. 

      * Bugfix for post fader reverb send in conjunction with MY GROUP control.

      MIDAS DP48 Firmware Update Version 1.7 (Oct 2020)

      Midas DP48 Firmware UpdateVersion 1.7  

      This update introduces a wealth of new features that help simplifying setup, improve overview and provide new means of communication for all live performance and studio production applications, where musicians are in control of their own monitor mix.Midas is constantly adding new features and making enhancements to this extremely stable ecosystem of digital mixers, I/O boxes and personal monitoring mixers. This means you always experience the best possible performance. Visit and check for updates of your products regularly. Download the latest firmware for DP48 and HUB4, and make sure the latest versions will be installed to both.

      New Features 1.7

      • Mirror Mix A on Mix B output in singlemode.

      • Fix for saving master parameters if powering off while remote controlling.
      • Fix for stereo link assignment and indication on booth channels in a pair, while working remotely.
      • Fix for passing on wrong AES50 information of connected devices in a chain.
      • Fix for pre fader reverb send when using MY GROUP in singlemode.
      • Refresh assign page after being remote controlled by master.

      Midas DP48 Firmware Update
      Version 1.8 - (23 November 2020)
      Congratulations on purchasing this innovative personal monitoring system. This update introduces a quickfix for an crossdependent issue with the post-fader reverb send when using MYGROUP in single mode.
      Midas is constantly adding new features and making enhancements to this extremely stable ecosystem of digital mixers, I/O boxes and personal monitoring mixers. This means you always experience the best possible performance. Download and install the latest firmware for DP48 and HUB4 to make use of the latest Features and Improvements.
      • Fix for crossover MIX A-B/ MIX B-A pre-fader FX send issue in single mode

      Midas DP48 Firmware Update
      Version 1.9 - (4 December 2020)
      Congratulations on purchasing this innovative personal monitoring system. This update is fixing and improving the loading of presets.
      Midas is constantly adding new features and making enhancements to this extremely stable ecosystem of digital mixers, I/O boxes and personal monitoring mixers. This means you always experience the best possible performance. Download and install the latest firmware for DP48 and HUB4 to make use of the latest features and improvements.
      • Fix for preset loading issues
      • Improved preset loading with active Remote-

      Midas DP48 Firmware Update
      Version 2.0 - (5 February 2021)
      Congratulations on purchasing this innovative personal monitoring system. This update is fixing issues related to the PAN and EQ when using dual MY GROUP in single mode.
      Midas is constantly adding new features and making enhancements to this extremely stable ecosystem of digital mixers, I/O boxes and personal monitoring mixers. This means you always experience the best possible performance. Download and install the latest firmware for DP48 and HUB4 to make use of the latest features and improvements.
      • Fix for PAN and EQ issues when using dual MY GROUP in single mode
      • March 19, 2021
      • DP48 firmware
        GaryHiggins BTW I believe 2.0 is stable, I have not used it much to be honest but do not recall many (or any) complaints regarding bugs.
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        • March 19, 2021
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    I have a HoW installed M32R connected to a DL16 stagebox thru AES50-A.  How do I configure AES50-B on the DL16 to send to the daisy-chained DP48s used as IEMs on stage? Currently, the DP48s are connected directrly to the M32R on AES50-B on a CAT5 mess along the floor edge. If I could run the DP48s off the AES50-B from the DL16, I would be able to avoid running cable thru the ventilation system, crawl spaces, walls, and drop ceiling to get to the DL16 in the rack at FOH. Will the Hub4 do this or is there a more economical solution?

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    • DouginAlaska
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Doug, you can daisy-chain the DL16 and the DP48, understanding that the first 8 outputs from the M32 will be assigned for DL16 outputs. These will also pass through (downstream) to the DP48. It also means that you will only have AES50 9-48 available for the DP48.

      The other issue is the upstream signals (see page 6 in the DL16 User Manual). These are shifted one bank over when passing through the stagebox. This will be important if you plan on using the talkback functionality of the DP48 for the musicians to communicate with FOH, because the talkback on the DP48 is on AES50 channel 48. Therefore when passing through the DL16 to the M32, the talkback will disappear. This is why it is recommended to either have the DP48's fed by the other AES50, or get a Hub4 which has a true pass through.
      • March 11, 2021
      • Routing DP48s thru DL16
        GaryHiggins Very helpful advice! Makes perfect sense when I think more about it. I have not used them in a stage box daisy chain but I am going to note this for future reference.
        • March 12, 2021
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    I noticed i can only assign an aes channel once to a group. When assingning the same channel to a second group it dissapears from the first group.
    This is logical but.

    When i want to use the DP48 for  two musicians it could actually be helpfull to assign  the channels to 2  different groups.
    Because then user 1 can use group 1 for (example) drums and adjust the individual channels to his own flavour. User 2 can use group 2 for drums and adjust the individual channels for his own flavour.

    Is there a possibility to change this in future firmware?



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    • WillemKrabbe
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Willem, unfortunately it is not possible to assign a channel to more than one group, due to the assignment design.
      • February 24, 2021
      • DP48
        WillemKrabbe Thanks for your quick reply. Pity though it's not possible.
        • February 24, 2021
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    Noticed this recently that when I switch off a DP48 with other units daisy chained to it, the downstream unit will produce a very loud pop sound in the headphones output even though the Volume knob has been fully lowered.

    I noticed it because I could hear the pop from the headphones connected to another unit that was almost 2 meters away when I switched off 1 unit for firmware upgrade and testing.

    Once again the volume level has been fully lowered on that downstream unit yet the pop sound came through so loudly and this happened consistently.

    What will it do to a musician with in-ears when another musician upstream switches the unit off, by accident or for whatever other reason?!

    Please fix this soon.

    **Glad to report that the above issue has been resolved in DP48 FW v2.2!

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    • joshtew
      Paul_Vannatto The loud popping sound is due to the breakage of the AES50 that passes through the DP48 in a daisy chain configuration when the upstream DP48 is turned off. This has been an issue since the introduction of the X32 (back in 2012) or even earlier. The fix is to get a Hub4 and connect the DP48 from it instead of daisy chaining. The other solution is to make sure nothing is turned off until everyone is finished and no longer using the DP48's. Also make sure you are using shielded cat5e/cat6/cat7 cable with ethercon ends.
      • February 19, 2021
      • Very Loud Pop(even with fully lowered Volume) when Upstream DP48  in daisy chain is switched off
        joshtew Wow, I feel there should be much better signal breakage handling from such professional equipment and at the very least the unit should conform to the volume knob setting...
        • February 19, 2021
    • joshtew
      Paul_Vannatto I'll report this to the developers (of the DP48) to see if they can do anything about it.
      • February 20, 2021
      • Very Loud Pop(even with fully lowered Volume) when Upstream DP48  in daisy chain is switched off
        joshtew Thanks, much appreciated
        • February 21, 2021
    • joshtew

      Glad to report that the above issue has been resolved in DP48 FW v2.2!

      • April 28, 2021
    • joshtew
      Paul_Vannatto Thanks Josh for the good report
      • July 8, 2021
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    I'm wondering if anyone has used, or could comment, on using CAT5e or CAT6 unshielded cable for a DP48 daisy chain system.

    I've already read the 'recommended shielded' information and don't need posts re-iterating the same.

    This post is to solicit real world installations where end users may have used unshielded CAT cable and I'm interested in the results and learnings of doing that.

    I have an existing CAT network from the M32 mixer to the rack and from the rack to stage boxes that is all unshielded CAT6.  I'm stongly leaning toward migrating to the DP48 personal monitor system.

    I'm trying to figure out if I really need to replace all the CAT6 unshielded cable with shielded. Does unshielded really affect the performance of the system?

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    Hope you guys are well. I am having the weirdest issue with 1 of our DP48s. We are connecting them via HUB4.  For the most part, the system is work well.  We have 1-DP48 that is making a wierd digital noise.  It's only comes from 1 routed channel & that channel is not making that noise on the other 3 DP48 units.  Very strange.  Anyone else experience any weirdness like this?

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    • RevPaThomas
      Nigel67 Hi, this unit sounds faulty and needs repairing. Have you tried plugging it directly to the mixer to see if the problem still persists? If so, then I would say it is faulty. You could try re-upgrading the unit to see if that fixes the issue. It could be corrupt software. If it is under 30 days old, then you can go back to the store that you purchased it from and claim a replacement under DOA, or if over 30 days, please click on the Support Tab at the top of the page. In the new page that opens, scroll down and submit a Service ticket.
      • January 26, 2021
    • RevPaThomas
      GaryHiggins You might also try factory reset. To reset the DP48 to factory default. Select the Setup and SD Record buttons simultaneously. Then select the Reset. Set it up again like it was previously. Do they all have the most recent firmware? I think 1.9 from Dec 2020.
      • January 27, 2021
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    I have a DP48 for my IEM and the other guys in the band are using P16's. I also have the S16 in aes50-a. So for that reason my DP48 is connected to aes50-b.

    if I record a sound check the guys using the P16's can then adjust their personal mix without having to do any re-routing at the X32(rack). However, it seems that this can not be done for the DP48. As far as I am aware I would have to re-route to playback the soundcheck so I can adjust my IEM mix???? or am I mistaken, is there a way I can play back without having to re-route (and then having to re-route again to be able to use IEM for the actual live performance?

    please email me as I will probably never find this discussion again. (The most confusing forum ever designed).

    [email protected]



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    • andyp13
      GaryHiggins Andy, it might be easier if you posted your scene file. You can use dropbox or similar and post the link to your file here. Not really clear on what the routing issue is but you should be able to do what you wish. Off the top of my head you could include aes50 33-48 (by default unless changed is P16) as part of your DP48 mix and at least hear what they do. Something to experiment with anyway.
      • December 31, 2020
      • DP48 Playback for mixing IEM
        andyp13 Hi Gary, thanks for the reply and sorry if my post is a little confusing... all I was hoping to do was to do a soundcheck with the band and record it in my X32, then play it back as a virtual soundcheck to be able to get my inEar mix right, however it appears that if I wish to do this I have to go into the menus of the X32 and route some of the settings so I can play it back and hear it in the DP48, then put all the settings back ready to use it live....the guys using the P16’s don’t need to do that.....I got the DP48 as I wanted more channels but I think it will need to be returned as the last thing I want to do before a gig is to have to play about with the routing settings ? gutted.
        • December 31, 2020
      • DP48 Playback for mixing IEM
        GaryHiggins It seems as though maybe you need to setup your DP routing of aes50 ch’s such that you are able to listen to the same sources as the band is. IF they can hear the recordings ok with p16’s, you need to be able to hear the same sources they hear as a mix on the DP48. You shouldn’t have to re route to do that. P16 uses aes50 33-48 by default for the sources and at the chosen setup tap point. So include aes50 ch’s 33-48 as a mix or part of a mix, on the DP48. What do you use now on your DP48 to listen to? You should be able to save a setup and recall it on the DP pretty easily. Save your current live mix to use when playing out or once your mix is right for a certain gig/recording. If you can post your current scene it would be easier to see the issues and help without a lot of back and forth and maybe me not creating more mud than clarity. Paul V has a lot more experience with the DP48, maybe he can suggest a fix.
        • January 1, 2021
      • DP48 Playback for mixing IEM
        andyp13 Hi Gary thanks for the reply, I just came across your reply by accident on Google as I’m still trying to find out some info before I return the DP48, I didn’t get an email notification so had no idea I had a reply... - this forum is a joke, along with it being very slow, laggy and confusing... if you can help my email is [email protected] as the chances of me finding this thread again would be very very slim. I can use the DP48 to listen back to the P16 channels without having to do any re- routing for record and playback ..but as it only gives me 16 channels I may as well just keep my P16 or if I need more channels use an iPad....
        • January 1, 2021
      • DP48 Playback for mixing IEM
        GaryHiggins I didn't mean JUST those 16 ch's but making those ch's also part of your DP 48 mix. What ch's do you use now? Not sure why you would be listening to different sources or tap points than the band, but rather adding others that they can’t (because of their ch limit) yet still including their 16 with yours. Really seeing the specific scene and routing would help, it could be something completely different.
        • January 2, 2021
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