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    Hello I have VLX3 from TC Hellicone, 

    And from few day ago I started to experience blue screen problem,what dose it mean?how can I help it? How fast?


    Could you please answer me ASAP, because i have to start my contract tomorrow in Alaska, with Cruise Ship, and VLX3 have been sun an amazing, because when you are performing on your own, a lot if sets every day,it's really a great tool! 


    May be i can purchase new one?can you deliver to the Ship?

    But i do hope you can help me with this problem, thank you!!!

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    • YEVGENIYA777
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Regretfully, there isn't a fast solution to your particular issue. One thing you can try is to try and hook up your VL3X to the voice support 2 app and try performing a firmware update. If this works then try backing up your presets in the voice support 2 app and perform a factory reset. If this does not work I would suggest clicking the support link above and submitting a tech support case to get the warranty repair process started. Regretfully we do not sell directly either so if you need to purchase a backup you would have to contact one of our super partners like sweet water to make a purchase.
      • May 18
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    I guess I'm feeling like kind of a momo. Having difficulty interpreting the manual in regards to GLOBAL GUITAR SETTING. Is it possible to have a Global guitar sound for MOST presets BUT simultaneously have individual presets (approximately 4-6) with different guitar settings and guitar effect automation? If so how do I accomplish this?

    Lastly does anyone know the alan wrench size for the small power cable securing bracket on the back of the unit? I'm assuming it's a metric size and need to aquire one.

    Many thanks!

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    • brynnerhead1
      PedroRodrigues Hi brynnerhead1, thank you for your post, to be possible to assist yo with more tools and information on this matter, please follow the link below to submit an assistance request directly to our Tech Support Team. Thank you
      • May 17
    • brynnerhead1
      kiskadar69 "Is it possible to have a Global guitar sound for MOST presets BUT simultaneously have individual presets (approximately 4-6) with different guitar settings and guitar effect automation?": yes, it is possible. I don't have VoiceLive 3, but I think that's the way to do it:
      Step 1: set the SETUP / SYSTEM tab / All Guitar FX Global parameter so that the guitar effects are not global. See TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Reference Manual page 162.
      Step 2: Perform the steps described on pages 68, 69 and 70 of the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Reference Manual ("How do Global Effects work?", "Keep your Global Preset safe", "Defining the Global Preset", "Using an effect from the Global Preset", "The link between the Global Preset and other Presets goes both ways", "Using the Global Preset to copy effect settings into a Preset").
      • May 17
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    Is it possible to use the voice live play gtx with a go xlr mini to use the vocal effects for my stream. Didn't know if it needed to be hooked up in a certain order and which unit to use the phantom power with. Any help appreciated. 

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    • Shawndeer74
      PedroRodrigues Hi Shawndeer74, thank you for your post, this might not be an easy set up due to the outputs structure on the VoiceLive Play GTX that offers XLR Stereo output but also due to the fact that some of the tools available on this unit for vocals are entwined with the Input Guitar signal.
      The VoiceLive Play GTX was not designed with this purpose and the unit should be connected directly to DESK or via the Inputs on an AUDIO INTERFACE for a DAW.
      Nevertheless, you can set up the Output as Mono on the VoiceLive Play GTX, where the full-mix signal is on the LEFT and a DRY vocal is on the RIGHT.
      Any Tone and Pitch Cor Amt settings from the Setup menu are included on the RIGHT DRY channel.
      You might be able to feed the full-mix signal is on the LEFT to the XLR Input of your GOXLR, but you will miss the any Tone and Pitch Cor Amt settings from the Setup menu that outputs via the RIGHT DRY channel.
      For last it is important to take in to account that this is a set up suggestion not a definitive solution, and you may find some issues when pursuing this set up. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • May 13
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    I have had a perform-vk for several months now, and lately - it simply will not connect to voice support, even though it is plugged into the usb port. I have never really understood app-wise that there is no app that will let you configure the unit.  The phone app does not give separate access to the features, it simply names a thousand popular artists and you are to choose one and upposedly it handles the configuration.  My problem is that even that feature doesn't work.  My untit seems to work perfectly until i try to connect to voice support or my phone, then nothing seems to work right.  For now, what I want is to use the three setups like 

    1. one voice pitch corrected slightly with reverb

    2. Two High - original voice and one or 2 higher harmonies (preferably one) with reverb.

    3. doubling with some reverb.

    I was able to program a pedal for the above.

    But #3 somehow got changed and lost the doubling. 

    1. Is there a way to program doubling on the unit itself?

    2.  why does the unit always say it is in use by another app even after a fresh reboot?

    3.  Is there no phone app that actually works?  Even the beaming doesn't seem to work right. I Would like to be able to easily choose doubling, and even hard tune on occasion



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    Good afternoon.

    I am THE newest newbie with not just this product but in singing period. A very long-story short, on June 16th I will be joining a band onstage for an outdoor fundraiser concert in front of about 700-1,000 people (and I am scared to death because this will be the very FIRST TIME I will sing in front of people).  I am practicing daily with backing tracks but NOT with the VoiceLive Play and I have no other voice effects in place currently.

    So I recently took a leap of faith and purchased a VoiceLive Play.

    I was hoping at least some of the songs we are performing, would be included as a Preset but sadly none of them are.  Here are the (10) songs I will be singing with the band:

    01 - Thank You **

    02 - Can’t You See

    03 - The Weight

    04 - Peaceful Easy Feeling **

    05 - Cover Of The Rolling Stone

    06 - Turn The Page **

    07 - Simple Man

    08 - Mary Janes Last Dance

    09 - Rocky Mountain Way

    10 - Comfortably Numb

    The (3) songs with ** are the ones I am going to sing Lead on, the other songs are just minor singing parts and/or backing singing.

    I have looked at the settings (once) when I first received the VoiceLive Play however I simply do not have enough time to learn the VoiceLive Play device so that I can set it up for those ten songs myself.  Can somebody please help me get these ten songs setup now, so that I can continue practicing but practicing with the VoiceLive Play.

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    It's been a while since I used my play acoustic . No when I use the hit button the harmonies occasionally break up . I use a Shure sm58 mic . Any ideas anyone . I'm on the most updated firm/software . I've ordered a new mic cabile in case is that breaking down . 
    thank in advance 

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    • Livemusic
      PedroRodrigues Hi Livemusic, thank you for your post I would suggest following the guidance present on the link below to perform an update on your unit even if your are already running the lasts Firmware version. When the Firmware update is concluded please tested your Play Acoustic with the new XLR cable. Thank you
      • May 11
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    It has been a while since i used my VLP GTX and getting back into gigging now..  I think there were some firmware updates since the last time I used it (2013).  I would like to know if there are any documents that explain the new features or changers that were added in these firmware updates, that adds to whatever is in the normal user manual?

    Also I would like to know what differences, if any, exist between the GTX and the the regular PLAY...since the PLAY is still in production and probably has received even more updates...while the GTX is out of of product and probably stopped getting updates.  

    The main reason I like my GTX was because of the midi input capability.  But I recall from years ago some feedback problems occasionally with it and its possible they updated PLAY's firmware to eliminate the feedback maybe?  Anything else different?

    I saw questions on here a while ago asking what features I'd like to see in a future product....

    I really liked my GTX a lot back when I was using it, I don't need fancy features like looping, harmonies...just basic pitch correction, sometimes some tone mods..  I'm back up singer that needs to be in tune and sometimes pitch my voice up an ocative...and sometimes add some doubling and stuff like that.  If there is ever a more up to date version of VLP, that still has midi..and maybe also adds some of the newer vocal FX that TCHelicon has been coming out with in the smaller pedals...perhaps improved DSP, etc..I would definitely buy one.  The beauty of this pedal was smaller size and simplicity.

    I also definitely used the onboard ambient mics to feed my IEM's with stage sound...that has been very useful for me.  A pedal which combines VLP functionality with also a personal IEM mixer would be very useful for a lot of people.  An IEM mixer needs to combine my own mic, with my own instrument (without using built in guitar or keyboard sounds), the FOH monitor feed, as well as the ambient mics....ideally with ability to pan each of those things into a stereo IEM mix to help distinguish them a bit (ambients are already stereo).  Also, if this was provided with a mic send pure mic to FOH...even better.  

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    • SteveSchow
      NicJonesMT Hi SteveSchow.
      You can view the firmware release documents through the VoiceSupport application.
      Can you please submit a ticket if you are having issues seeing these.
      The main difference between the Play and the GTX is that the GTX has been specifically designed to function with an electric guitar. An Example would be the amp simulators that are provided on the GTX model. Please feel free to submit a ticket and we can advise you further on this.
      • May 10
    • SteveSchow
      kiskadar69 1. "there are any documents that explain the new features or changers that were added in these firmware updates?"
      v1.2.03 Build 50: Mic Boost parameter, Switch-3 programming
      v1.2.11 Build 61 (March 9, 2015, latest): fixes an issue where looper recordings could contain random pops and clicks
      Which version is your Play GTX currently running?

      2. "what differences, if any, exist between the GTX and the the regular Play?"
      The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX..
      2.1. ..cannot handle the three small buttons of the TC-Helicon MP-76 microphone
      2.2. ..has MIDI In and MIDI settings, can be controlled by MIDI
      2.3. ..has a "Notes" style in the Harmony block. In Notes mode, the notes for harmonies are not guessed by Play GTX, but follow the Note On and Note Off commands received via MIDI pretty much exactly
      2.4. ..has INST IN input
      2.5. ..has INST THRU output
      2.6. ..has GND switch for XLR outputs
      2.7. ..has electric/acoustic guitar effects block
      2.8. ..Switch-3 switches can also be programmed with Gtr Delay, Gtr Reverb, Gtr uMod, Gtr Boost
      2.9. white, the display is blue

      3. "possible they updated PLAY's firmware to eliminate the feedback maybe?"
      I don't know about that, but I think feedback can be overcome by setting up and using the device correctly.

      4. "there is ever a more up to date version of VLP, that still has MIDI"
      Unfortunately, no. Check out TC-Helicon Perform-VK.
      • May 10
    • SteveSchow
      SteveSchow Thanks for getting back to me.

      I am aware of the basic differences between these two models according to standard marketing materials. I'm more interested to find out what has been updated to either of these units through firmware updates sincd 2013.

      Ironically, I don't use guitar in the GTX. I bought it specifically because it has midi input port. Also because the onboard condensor microphone can be used as an ambient mic for my IEM's. This makes the GTX much more useful generally, unless PLAY has been updated, but I see that it has this may be moot point.

      Back in the 2013 days, the GTX (and maybe PLAY?) had a strong tendency to get feedback unless you changed the tone to settings that might prevent feedback by lowering treble but also didn't sound as good. At some point my understanding is that TC updated the firmware in PLAY with a specific feedback suppression capability that can be switched on, but it was not added to the GTX at the time, I guess because the GTX had been discontinued I'm not sure.

      But then later in 2015 there was a firmware update to the GTX again anyway, which I'm not sure right now whether I have that yet, I have to get my GTX out of storage and connect it to my computer to find out. But anyway, I am wondering if they added that feedback suppression to the GTX also at that time? That would be EXTREMELY good if they did, it would make me very happy.

      I don't know if I can switch to PLAY from the GTX in order to get better feedback suppression. Mainly because I am definitely using the GTX's built in condensor mics as IEM ambient mics.

      The other larger and more sophisticated VL's are not an option for me as I am just a backup singer and I don't want a box that is that big and complicated for what I do. The GTX is/was nearly perfect, except feedback was sometimes a problem with it.
      • May 10
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    Is there any documentation available on the voicelive play's sysex implementation?
    I have one but find it a little tedious to make changes with just the built-in encoder. i was hoping that voicesupport 2 supported preset editing for this but sadly not.

    i know there are third-party programs available for other products (i.e. the GTX) but was unable to find any for the standard play, so i thought i would try and do that myself - but this will be a tedious process without any documentation.

    Only documentation i've found so far is for the voicelive 3 but i'm assuming that this wouldn't translate to the play

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    • Takelmeifter
      NicJonesMT Hi Takelmeifter
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      We can then look into this for you.
      • May 10
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    The Voicelive Play does not react at all to the MCA 100.  I have set up the VP for the correct mic type and have verified with a multimeter that the XLR cable is fine and the 48 V phantom power is present (the button lights up.).  I have also downloaded and installed the latest firmware for the VP.  I have tried with all of the modes: Hit; Hit/Talk and preset up; nothing works.  Is there something else to try, or is the MCA 100 just defective? 

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    • jshangst
      NicJonesMT Hi JshangSt. Please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      We need you to provide a detailed description of your full setup and exactly what is happening.
      • May 8
    • jshangst
      kiskadar69 Tip 1: set SETUP / "Mic Type" to "MP-75 MIC".
      Tip 2: set the SETUP / "Mic Control" parameter.
      Tip 3: the MCA100 is not compatible with condenser microphones but can be used with any dynamic microphone.
      Tip 4: you need to connect the MCA100 and VoiceLive Play with a standard 3-wire microphone cable (2 wires is not enough and you can't put a wireless microphone system between them).
      Tip 5: restart the VoiceLive Play AFTER you connect the MCA100 +microphone.
      Tip 6: if you are not using an original power supply for VoceLive Play, try an original power supply. The processors can happily deal with a less than optimal power supply. However, the external switching is based on precise voltage sensing across what would normally be the phantom power circuit. The problem being that sub-optimal power supplies have different voltage drop characteristics during high current draw.
      • May 9
    • jshangst

      Thanks; I have checked all of these things. The mics I have tried are SM57 and SM58; cables are all tested. Is it possible to diagnose what is going on by removing the mic and measuring the signals on the exposed pins? (I am an experimental physicist and have access to any kind of test equipment you can imagine.)

      • May 9
      • MCA100 not working with Voicelive Play
        kiskadar69 "Is it possible to diagnose what is going on by removing the mic and measuring the signals on the exposed pins?": even if this is possible, TC-Helicon will never tell us the procedure
        Tip 7: do not connect the MCA100 directly to the microphone. Use a short microphone cable.
        • May 9
    • jshangst

      Hi all i got the same problem with my tc helicon Perform-V and the mca100 adapter, the button is blue all seems to be connected but the switch doesnt work, how can i solve? Thanx

      • May 22
    • jshangst

      Same here, have the voicelive play, and the mp75, preferred the sound on my Sennheiser e935 so I though I would try this route. Following the directions above, no dice. I need to know has anyone had any luck with this or if I need to send it back because it just doesn't work?

      • Jun 6
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    Where do/how do I connect acoustic guitar to VoiceLive Play?

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    • Paol
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Paol, The Voicelive Play is not designed for use with an electric or acoustic guitar and only has a Microphone input. If you wish to use a guitar within your setup the Play Acoustic or Play Electric are the best options as they both have dedicated guitar inputs.
      • May 6
    • Paol
      kiskadar69 The blue VoiceLive Play has no guitar input. If you want to control the harmony processor with guitar, there is a workaround:
      Step 1: Split the guitar's dry signal with an active splitter.
      Step 2: Connect the first output of the splitter to the "AUX" input of the VoiceLive Play.
      Step 3: In order to prevent the guitar sound from appearing on the XLR output of the VoiceLive Play, set the "Setup" / "Input" / "Aux In Type" parameter of the VoiceLive Play to "LIVE".
      Step 4: Use the second output of the splitter as you used to use the guitar output.
      • May 7
    • Paol

      Thanks guys! Really appreciate the response. I wasn't aware that TC Helicon offered a VoiceLive Play Acoustic until after I got the VoiceLive Play. Still like the unit. That said, I'll give the connection a try. Thanks again! Paol

      • May 7
    • Paol
      Isaac42 My VoiceLive Play has INST IN/THRU jacks. An instrument plugged into the IN jack will have its signal processed by the internal effect selected and will appear at the microphone output. If a cord is plugged into the THRU jack, the instrument signal will appear there, but without any effects, and not in the mic output.

      There may be ways to change this. I'm still new at this.
      • Jul 31
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