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  • electricfunk73
    Contributor - Level 1

    I want to use both the VL3x effects and some of my pedalboard effects that the VL3x doesn't have, at the same time. I am using a mic and playing guitar and/or bass through the VL3x and then it is connected to the PA system via the XLR outs L/R. I would like all the effects from both VL3x and my external pedalboard effects to be heard through the PA system, be able to turn on/off external effects as normal. This setup will be for Church worship service through the stereo PA system. For example, I have an EHX C9 that I like to use for organ sounds, played through my guitar during some parts of the service. I have other pedals that give me different instrument sounds like the C9 that I need to use with the VL3x guitar fx (reverb, chorus, delay, etc...). Some of my external effects are stereo outs like my Mimiq doubler for guitar. How do I connect my external pedalboard of which need a stereo out, so that I can use it with the VL3x's internal fx, and still hear everything through the PA system only. There won't be any amplifier or monitor being used, just straight to the PA system. Thanks!

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    • electricfunk73

      Hey @electricfunk73,
      So incorporating a pedalboard with a VoiceLive 3 isn't impossible but it's kinda tricky.  One issue is that the VoiceLive is expecting clean guitar input for reliable chord detection, if you send VL3 a distorted guitar you'll find your vocal harmonies will often pick "wrong" notes.  Another obstacle for your setup is that VL3's guitar input is a mono input only, there's no way to get a stereo signal through its guitar path.  These two things make me want to tell you to put your pedalboard after the VoiceLive, you could run the VL3's stereo guitar output into your stereo pedals no problem, but you said you're using the VoiceLive's guitar effects for reverb and delay - obviously you don't want to be sending an echo-y guitar into your C9...

      To have your pedalboard before the VoiceLive, there is a way around the chord-detection thing, but you'll probably have to ditch the idea of using stereo effects on your board.  To be able to use your pedalboard first to alter your guitar signal and then send that into the VoiceLive, and still get reliable chord detection for harmonies, you'll need to split your guitar signal at the source.  Use a 6.5mm splitter (like this) plugged into your guitar to split its dry signal, send one copy through your pedalboard which then goes into the VoiceLive's guitar input, and send the other dry signal copy directly into the VoiceLive's auxiliary ("AUX") input.  Now a couple settings:  In the "Setup" menu on the "System" tab set the "Global NaturalPlay Source" to "Aux/Mon", and also in the "Mix" menu on the "Main Mix" tab turn the "Aux" level all the way down to "Off".  With this configuration, your wet guitar (pedalboard into VoiceLive effects) will be audible out the main XLR outputs, and your dry guitar will be acting as a 'silent' guide through the auxiliary path.

      The cons are that you won't be able to have stereo effects from your board, and of course the extra cables, but I believe this is best way to utilize your VoiceLive with a pedalboard and still get reliable harmonies.

      • October 3, 2019
  • irwiner
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    Hello everybody,

    I recently purchased the VL3 extreme and am very happy with it. However there are 3 things I cannot find how to do so I am wondering if there is something I have missed, a workaround or it is simply impossible to do... 

    1. Looper - When I press Stop track A/B/C button, the track stops instantly. Is is possible to press stop and have the VL3 to stop the track only at the end of it ?

    2. Drums - I am really missing the ability to have a set of drums that could be used instead of the metronome for example. Is it possible to replace the standard set of sounds usable for the metronome by another sound? Meaning to navigate in the files of the VL3 and replace the current metronome sounds by other ones ?

    Alternatively, I know I can load a drum patern as a backing track or record it with the aux input. However, once this is done, in loop quantize or smart I cannot change the BPM to adjust the pattern speed depending on my needs...I would rather avoid to have 10 backing tracks per drum pattern each with a different bpm.

    Do you have any recommendation on how to manage this ?

    3. Soud effects guitar or vocals - How can I do to have sound effects on the same preset or even on the whole VL3 to have the same output level in volume ? there are all sort of effects that **bleep**ulate, most of them with pregain and post gain volume options. At the end, hiting the comp, drive or changing the preset can give me a volume level totally different and therefore impossible to mixt together in the looper....

     How do you manage this without using a sound level meter in adjusting each effect / preset one by one ?


    Thank you all for you help!



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    • irwiner

      Hey @irwiner,
      Glad to hear you're liking your VL3X so far.  Hopefully I can help clarify some of these thing for you...

      1. There's no way to queue up a loop-stop action, pressing "Stop" will always stop the loop immediately.  This requires a little extra skill/work but you have to time your button press with the end of your loop when you want it to stop.

      2. The metronome samples cannot be altered or replaced.  Also there's no way to stretch or squish recorded/imported loops into new BPMs.  So yeah unfortunately you're stuck with having to import drums and dedicate a loop slot to each BPM you think you'll need.

      3. Output levels for each preset are managed manually.  There are of course the unit's overall output levels in the Mix menu, but getting each preset's output level relative to other presets is a manual process.  There's no global compressor or something that'll equalize all presets to output at a level similar to each other.  We did our best with the factory presets all to be pretty close to each other's output level, but creating new presets will require you to bounce back-and-forth between a few presets to get an idea of their levels relative to each other.

      Sorry this reply turned into "nope, nope, and nope" - if you have any other questions feel free to ask.  Cheers!

      • October 3, 2019
  • Marie
    Contributor - Level 1


    The function Sync SERIAL is KO when I launch loops by switches assigned with buttonmap (S:A) => it works as Quantize whereas if I lanch loops in the menu "looper" funtion SERIAL is ok.

    Is it possible to do ? However, how can I launch loops and effects in the same time ? can I affect one loop to one preset and use steps ?

    Thanks a lot

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    • Marie

      SERIAL quantization does not work with loop triggers - it has been common feature request in the past, as it would be a really useful functionality for the Switch-3/6.


      • September 25, 2019
  • Beppe1
    Contributor - Level 2

    Hello, I'm sorry for my english, I would like to buy a voicelive, but I can't decide between the voicelive 2, the 2 touch and the 3 extreme. The thing that interests me most is the completeness and quality of the vocal effects. Could you tell me which of these machines is the most complete and performant from a vocal point of view? I also play the guitar, with the same characteristics on the vocal effects, I would choose the machine that I can also use with the guitar (but not if I have to compromise with the voice effects). I will be grateful to anyone who wanted to answer me.

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  • rshankar
    Contributor - Level 1


    I have noticed that there is a random spike in the guitar volume when I change the patches in play electric.

    Its not due to different volumes of different patches.

    There will be a sudden spike for maybe half a second before the volume goes back to normal.

    I am unable to change the patches quickly within a song due to this glitch.

    Has anyone else noticed it  ?

    Is there any workaround ?


    Thanks and regards,


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  • JavierMartínezR
    Contributor - Level 1

    Please! I love the TC HELICON VOICELIVE PLAY ACOUSTIC. But we do need a ”less bright more comp” mode on the tone feature!

    It’s very strange it doesn’t exist this option. I really like the ”more comp” option... But it would be nice to combine it with the ”less bright” for preventing feedback at loud environments! Could it be possible on a firmware update? Someone from TC HELICON here? This option would make this device perfect for a lot of people! 

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  • wavesequence
    Contributor - Level 1

    I'm wondering if any updates after OS 1.21 are avaliable and where can be retrieved.

    Thanks in advance,


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    • wavesequence

      Hey @wavesequence,
      Yes indeed that is the latest and last firmware update for the VoiceWorks Plus.  Hope you're still getting some use out of that thing

      • October 1, 2019
    • wavesequence

      I was also searching the internet for an update for my trusty old TC-Helicon Voiceworks Plus as my unit is still on Versions 1.01. I cannot find versions 1.2 or 1.21 and wondered if you could point me to a resource or possibly (out of the generosity of your heart) send the update to me. I have spent endless hours trying to find these updates and I just don't understand why the company does not have them posted somewhere.

      Please let me know. Thanks for your consideration.


      • February 17, 2020
    • wavesequence

      I also need the latest firmware (I think it is 1.21) for my Voiceworks plus - where can I download it, please advice
      Thanks & greetings,

      • March 18, 2020
  • JimMcLean
    Contributor - Level 2

    I have downloaded Voicesupport 2. 

    The menu items show only half a window, and anywhere there is text, the text is musddled and merged with other text, making commands and info unreadable. Anyone else found this and is there anything I can do?

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    Contributor - Level 1

    HI - totally new to this so please be patient.

    Could do with a couple of pointers for the functions within the device and are there any more presets to download?

    Thanks in advance



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    • FENDERMAN101

      Hey @FENDERMAN101,
      You can get our free desktop application, VoiceSupport 2, and its accompanying manual on our website here.  Connect your VoiceLive to your computer via USB and you'll get access to hundreds of new presets from VoiceSupport's Cloud.  Cheers!

      • September 10, 2019
  • PatrickJE
    Contributor - Level 1


    Hi folks,

    I was bored to manually prepare the .WAV loop files for transfer to my VoiceLive3. So I developed an app, running on Mac and PC .

    What it does:

    - create , check ,  clean or delete  the VL3_Loops folder on the USB flash stick used for transfer to the VoiceLive ( for Mac users: automatically remove the .DS_Store files )

    -automatically rename your .WAV loops whith the choosen pattern SLOT#_TRACK_VOC  or SLOT#_TRACK_GTR

    Attached is the main screen screenshot ( Mac version).

    So tell me  if you are interested in...









    VoiceLive VL_LOOPS.jpg
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    • PatrickJE

      Hi Patrick,

      thanks for sharing. i move your message to a releavant product forum, so more people can see it.

      Best regards,


      • October 28, 2019
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