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    Related to the X32 Ultranet system - the P16i will take ADAT input and distribute to P16M (what a cool unit, takes analog signals too). Anyone know how that works exactly? Looking at a non-Behringer mixer deck to use that has an ADAT out card with two outputs marked 1-8 and 9-16. Does the P16i just send those through to the P16m - or anyone know anything else about that?   Can the analog and ADAT signals be used at the same time?  Don't have it to experiment with yet.  Behringer information doesn't address this feature other than to say it is there on the unit.

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    • MikeDV
      KyleJohnson Hello Mike, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Yes you can connect from a 3rd party ADAT Output into the ADAT Inputs on the P16-I and it will convert the signal to Ultranet. The ADAT Source must be 44.1 or 48kHz in order to be compatible.

      No, The analog inputs can not be used while the ADAT inputs are in use. As soon as a clock signal is present in the ADAT Inputs, the analog inputs are turned off.
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      • P16i
        MikeDV Awesome, thanks Kyle. Assuming channel designations sent (1-16) will show up that way on the P16m - will experiment with that part. Can't wait to see how the P16m performs with a different mixer. They work great with my X32 rack.
        • Apr 27
      • P16i
        GaryHiggins You can combine adat and analog but in combinations of 8, if you use all 16 adat inputs you can have no analog but if you use 8 adat you can use 8 analog with it. Those combinations will be output from the P16i's ultranet outputs.
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    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo in questa community e ne sono onorato. Vorrei acquistare un ADA 8200 per registrare soprattutto la batteria.

    Volevo sapere se  l'ADA ha il pad in ogni ingresso per attenuare di-10/-20 db il segnale. Potreste darmi una risposta? Grazie

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