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    Recording live instrument over recorded playback without delay or volume howl - Behringer 802 Mixer / TO CTRL vs TO MIX - Newbie

    I am using a Behringer 802 two bus mixer through a Shure MVi USB interface into a laptop running Windows 10 and Audacity.

    I can’t figure out how to get the pre-recorded tracks to playback through the monitors while recording a live instrument or vocals without either a delay or feedback/howl/volume swell.

    I’ve got the playback audio from Audacity coming out through the headphone jack into the CD/TAPE Input via RCA, the CTRL ROOM Out to the monitor speaker and the MAIN OUT into the Shure MVi USB into the laptop.

    When I depress the CD/TAPE TO CTRL while recording in Audacity there is a delay in the live instrument.

    If I depress CD/TAPE TO MIX during recording the live instrument does not have any delay but there is an awful feedback/howl happening.

    I have the settings in Audacity set to “Play other tracks while recording” and “Software Playthrough (play new track while recording”

    I am trying to both hear the other tracks as well as the live one through the monitor speaker during recording but can’t figure out how to do it without a delay in the live instrument/track or without noise coming into to the recording.

    The closest I’ve gotten is disabling the “Software Playthrough” in Audacity while depressing the CD/TAPE TO MIX which eliminates the delay and the loud howl but there is still noise coming back in being recorded.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    Thank you in advance!

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    If I go into the control panel it only gives me three options, 48,000k, spdif, or Adat, but not an option for 44,000k.

    So obviously Pro Tools will not allow me to change it within Pro Tools because it already doesn't match.

    It would appear it's default is 48000, but I want to record it 44.

    Can anybody shed some light on this problem? Thanks much!

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    • Dwib86
      NicJonesMT Hi Dwib86.
      We've recently released a new driver for Windows. Can you please download this and you should be able to then change the Sample rate.
      Alternatively (If on Windows) you can go into your Windows Sound Settings and select Sound Control Panel. In the Playback tab, right click the UMC and go to Properties > Advanced. You should see a drop down menu and you can use this to change the sample and bit rate.
      On Mac go to your Audio MIDI Setup and again you should see a dropdown menu to adjust the sample rate.

      If you are still having issues please click support at the top of the page and submit a tech support ticket.
      • Oct 11
      • How can I set Behringer Uphoria 1820 to 44,000k instead of 48,000?
        Dwib86 That's amazing! Thanks for the info!
        • Oct 11
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    I've recently purchased a Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD and have some Presonos monitors pluges into OUT1 & 2. When ever Windows 11 starts, stops or hybernates do to no activity I get this load obnoxious buzzing pop sound (attached). 


    How do I make it go away?

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    Comment changer échantillonnage  sur le panel contrôle  de umc  404  hd

      impossible  de   changer à l’échantillonnage  sa  reste  bloquer  sur 4800 kHz  alors que reaper enregistre en 4 100  khz  le le derouleur  ne  marche pas  aider  moi svp


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    • OSFOUR
      NicJonesMT Hi There. Please close Reaper, then Right click the Sound Icon on your Tool bar and select Sounds.
      In the Playback Tab right click on the UMC option you are using and Go to Properties > Advanced. in this Menu you will see a dropdown Menu. In this menu you can change the Sample and Bit Rate. Change this to the option that you would like to use and close this menu. You will need to do the same in the Recording tab.

      Once you open Reaper you should be able to change the sample rate of your project.

      If you are still having issues please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Sep 28
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    Hi, So I just recently got the behringer xenyx 302usb audio interface. For me, it is everything I could have asked for...

    I use it for competitive gaming with my beydynamic MMX 300(2nd generation) gaming headset.

    I have the 5VDC power cable plugged into my gaming PC vis USB. Then I have the headset cable going from the headset into the behringer interface split from the headset to the "Headset" microphone and headphones ports.

    On my end, everything sound great and performs great. However, when I get into Discord and start talking to my teammates - They tell me that I sound very close to the microphone and they can't really understand what I am saying most of the time because it's very "muffled".

    I have ALL volume knobs set to midway. The only button that I have pressed in, is the "LINE/USB PLAY - "FROM" button pressed in.

    I checked all drivers and it says that they are all up to date via the audio interface and the headset. All Windows 11 drivers are up to date. All motherboard drivers are up to date. I am not sure what is going on here, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    • ddxrty23
      PedroRodrigues Hi ddxrty23, thank you for your post, from your description it seems that the issue is centred on your Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset so I would suggest to contact Beyerdynamic support directly. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Sep 25
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    I was excited when my upgrade audio interface arrived, only to have issues with driver update which I managed to get on board without any errors but now I got no audio/signal from the 1820 Main Out. I got sound from the headphone ports but none on the main out. Did I get a lemon? hate to send it back

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    Estou com o seguinte problema: Eu utilizava somente uma guitarra conectada e não tinha um microfone condensador, então, adquiri um recentemente e ao ativar o botão do phantom power, notei que os leds do microfone "SIG" e "CLIP" ficam acesos constantemente e o microfone não funciona e em alguns vídeos que vi sobre a umc22 isso não deveria ocorrer.

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    • claudioscas
      Dale_M Use a different XLR lead, use another condenser mic and see if the fault stays with the unit, if you still need support please go to the Support tab above and submit a Technical ticket so we can assist you.
      • Sep 21
  • Jtfielden
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    I am feeding my x-32 via from the x-if card (2 channel) to a Mac Studio (2022) and I'm getting sporadic "pops" in the monitor speakers attached to the Mac Studio as well as in the headphones in the X-32. I am using a USB printer cable (16'). Any thoughts or sugggestions would be appreciated.

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    • Jtfielden
      Paul_Vannatto Is the samplerate the same (44K, 48K) in both X32 and Mac Studio? What is the buffer set to in Mac Studio? Also, the 16' USB cable is the max length with a repeater. Try a shorter cable.
      • Sep 19
    • Jtfielden
      Dale_M The X-UF card has issues like this on later versions of MAC and WIn and is no longer supported by Music Tribe as it is a legacy product, it would be advised to swap it out for the X-USB or the X-LIVE card.
      • Sep 19
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    I've got the UMC204HD.

    I have a good mic going into input1 and it works fine with live monitoring with my headphones.

    BUT, if I place my phone/mp3 player/iPad into input 2 via the 3/4" jack, the audio coming from there sounds massively watery/wobbly/cuts out/mid range is missing/voice frequencies are totally lost, YET the mic works as it should.

    If I unplug the mic, it sounds fine. but when the mic goes back in, the sound from the mp3/ipad player goes bad again after a second. Almost like something flicks a switch

    Any suggestions? or should the DAW not be used this way?

    Essentially I want to play music via an external source(iPad), hear it over my headphones, and also record myself playing the sax, via the mic with live monitoring.

    Any ideas or help with this?


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    • kuztardd
      PedroRodrigues Hi kuztardd, that effectively will not work as the INPUTS on the UMC204HD are exclusively for Mono uncompressed signals. The MP3 is an effectively a stereo compressed file.
      I would suggest just use your UMC204HD and your DAW and to set an extra track on your DAW where you will have the audio file present on your phone/mp3 player/iPad playing.
      This would allow you to control all your creative process on your DAW.
      You will not be able to play music via an external source (iPad) but you will have the same files being played on your DAW and all your reaming required will be possible such as hear it over your headphones, and record yourself playing the sax, via the mic with live monitoring.
      It is important to take under account that the configuration will depend on the features available on your DAW, but if you are using a DAW LIKE Reaper that will be possible.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you
      • Sep 20
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    I've been having this weird hissing noise come through the interface that accompanies the instrument(s) sound and it muddies up eeverything when I record. Anyone else have a similar problem?

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    • Be3Rak
      WilliamR Please click the support tab above and create a technical support case. Someone will contact you ASAP to troubleshoot this.
      • Sep 15
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