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    Hello- requesting assistance on TC-Helicon harmony Singer 2 pedal not activating.  Power is on and still can utilize tone and reverb but voice harmony is not activating when pedal been pressed.  Also red light not staying on.  Thank you in advance.  


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    • maxphiltor
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Please click on the support link above and create a tech support case. An agent will get in touch with you ASAP.
      • Feb 11
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    I'm looking for a Voice Live 3 scale chart.

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    I purchased the tc helicon talk box synth and the stomp switch stop working. What are my remedies for replacement or repair?

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    • ESharp
      Nigel67 Hi ESharp. The unit will require repair as replacement is usually only if the product fails within the first 30 days. First of all, please contact the seller and they should help you out. If there are any issues, please raise a Service Ticket and the Service Team will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Jan 5
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    Hey everyone,

    I have a problem I just can't seem to solve so I'm hoping that someone here might have the answer.

    Basically, when I plug my guitar into the 'In' jack on my VL3X, the guitar signal has disappeared from the outputs. It's present in the unit - the input LEDs light up, the signal passses out the 'thru' jack to my amp, the tuner works and, most strangely, the looper will record what I play (silently) but then play it back when I finish the loop. Same with overdubs! I can't hear the guitar signal when recording/dubbing but what I play is faithfully recorded using the on-board amp sim & effects and then played back when I run the loop. The guitar signal is gone from the main XLRs, the guitar jacks and the headphone output, but plays back from the looper through all of these outputs. It's weird!

    I have gone over every setting 100 times and can't hit upon the answer. Everything worked just fine the last time I used it a couple of weeks ago. I have completed the factory reset process successfully and updated the firmware to the latest version/build 2.2.00 b.366.

    I'm stuck! Help!

    Simon M

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    • simon_m_2020
      PedroRodrigues Hi simon_m_2020, thank you for your post, please consider that the VOICELIVE 3 EXTREME Output can be set up set up in different configurations such as the XLR Output Tab, the XLR Output Level parameter and the different Guitar Jacks Mode.
      You can use the XLR Output Mode parameter to select the output mode for VL3X.
      Parameter settings:

      -The left XLR output jack carries the left stereo channel.
      -The right XLR output jack carries the right stereo channel.

      -The left XLR output jack carries the summed (with effects) mono vocal & guitar channel signals.
      -The right XLR output jack carries the mono vocal signal without effects.
      -The dry channel includes Tone and Auto-Chromatic Pitch Correction (if applicable).
      -The dry channel does not contain HardTune effect(s).

      Dual Mono:
      -The left XLR output jack carries the summed (with effects) mono vocal channel.
      -The right XLR output jack carries the summed (with effects) mono guitar channel.

      You can also use the XLR Output Level parameter to set the relative level of the signal going to the XLR outputs.
      Parameter settings:
      Mic Level:
      Typically, the best setting when connecting to a mixer/PA. This level closely replicates that of a microphone going directly into the mixer.
      Line Level:
      When connecting to a mixer/PA line inputs, this setting is a good choice.

      When it comes to Guitar Jacks Mode you may select from three modes to direct your backing track and guitar to the guitar outputs. Especially when working with Backing Tracks, this allows for maximum flexibility.
      The Guitar settings acts as the “normal” or “default” mode, sending guitar signals from the ¼” outputs in mono or stereo (depending on whether you have one or both jacks connected).

      With the Track L / Guitar R setting, Backing Tracks (summed mono) are sent out the left Guitar ¼” output, while your guitar signal (summed mono) is sent out the Right Guitar ¼” output.
      With the Backing Track setting, Backing Tracks are routed to the guitar outs.
      If both outputs are connected, the signal is in stereo. If one is connected, the signal is summed to mono.
      This mode allows you to have a two-component Backing Track where “the click” is sent to one ¼” output and “the track” to the other. These signals can then be independently routed wherever you wish.
      Usually, you will have “the track” go to the front-of-house mixer and “the click” to a stage/ monitor mix or the drummer.
      If you’re listening to Backing Tracks over your headphones, you’ll hear the split tracks as described here, with “the click” on one side and “the track” in the other.
      For a tutorial on PA basics, Yorkville has an extremely useful “PA Primer” guide (PDF):

      There is also a great video episode covering Mixer Setup with TC-Helicon devices:
      Regarding your last question the Guitar output please see the text marked in yellow as effectively you are correct, never the less to effectively provide you with you option regarding the output of the VOICELIVE 3 EXTREME will only be complete with the information present on the picture below

      I hope this helps
      • Mar 10
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    Newbie here. I have friend with an older "Quintet" harmonizer that is improperly identifying the MIDI chords that a Kronos keyboard is playing. The Quintet is in "chord" mode, and according to the manual it should be identifying the notes and chords played by the keyboard that is plugged-into the MIDI in on the Quintet. The screen displays the wrong chords. Anybody got any ideas as to what might be going on? 

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    My guitar will play direct to my amp but will not play through the harmonizer

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    I just bought a go xlr and have since noticed that i have to use the built in headphone jack to be able to listen to it

    i was looking for the specifications of the build in DAC so I can compare it to my schitt DAC I already own

    also wondering there is any way to allow / support multiple headphone outputs

    i commonly switch between my headphones when streaming on pc and my oculus when streaming VR 

    And final question is I have a stereo mic and was wondering if there is any way to support this feature 

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    • Chewychunga
      PedroRodrigues Hi Chewychunga, thank you for your post, the only information available to end user is the one present on the product page as we do not provide any other specs. Unfortunately the unit will not allow you to have two different signals on the Headphones output. When it comes to the Mic input the GOXLR, the unit only supports a mono input. Thank you
      • November 24, 2021
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    Hello all,

    I have a VoiceLive Play GTX and I am facing the following problem.

    When I connect my guitar with my DAW, it keeps the effects applied by the GTX. There is no option to turn them off.

    Is there any way to bypass the guitar effects?


    Thank you

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    • YiannisS
      kiskadar69 If you plug a cable into the INST THRU, the guitar sound will appear here (without effects) and the guitar will not be heard on the XLR outputs.
      • November 1, 2021
    • YiannisS
      PedroRodrigues Hi YiannisS, thank you for your post. there are 3 output settings VoiceLive Play GTX
      STEREO – XLR outputs receive a stereo mix of all voices, guitar and other inputs.
      MONO – A MONO full-mix signal is on the LEFT and a DRY vocal is on the RIGHT. Any Tone and Pitch Cor Amt settings from the Setup menu are included on the RIGHT DRY channel.
      DUAL MONO – All lead and effected vocals are sent via the LEFT output and all guitar, aux/ digital signals are sent via the RIGHT output. Loops are passed in Stereo.
      Regarding what you have mentioned I agree with what kiskadar69 mentioned and to pass guitar signals to an
      amplifier and bypass internal guitar processing, connect a 1/4” cable to your guitar rig from the INST/ THRU
      • November 2, 2021
    • YiannisS

      Thank you very much for your replies and your time lads. Very helpful, indeed. I will go with your common suggestion, through an amp and the INST/ THRU jack. Works nce. Take care...

      • November 2, 2021
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    I have racked my brain trying to create a reasonable phase shifter in my Voice Live 3 Extreme. I change all of the parameters in the flanger, but it never gets close enough to use on the gig. Some of the other users posted a few ideas to try but no luck. PLEASE! Does someone have a workable solution?

    Also, TC Helicon staff, 1) could we please get this as a firmware upgrade?

                                    2) Get JUST Aux, and guitar for looping? (No vox). This way, we can create a soloing track while we sing?

                                         I'm using my aux for the drums I play with my foot.


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    • RaynaldoMartine
      PedroRodrigues Hi RaynaldoMartine, thank you for your post, please consider that the VOICELIVE 3 offers an Inverse Phase effect but not a phase shift, a phase inversion is neither a time shift nor a phase shift, but simply a swap of plus and minus.
      The phaser and flanger create very similar sounds and can be used interchangeably, the flanger can sound more extreme than a phaser, so phasers can be used when more nuance is needed.
      Often confused due to their similarity, these processors all incorporate phase shifting in different ways.
      To set up the flanger on your unit please see the images below.

      To help you on your creative direction it may be useful to follow the link below:

      When it comes the Firmware upgrade for your unit please consider that all the firmware are accessible via VOICESUPPORT 2.
      When it comes to new features on this unit please take in to account that this unit has been replaced by the VOICELIVE 3 EXTREME therefore we will not perform any more development on the VOICELIVE 3.

      Thank you
      • October 13, 2021
    • RaynaldoMartine

      Hi Pedro. Thank you for your detailed (and helpful) response. 1st: The image you told me to refer to, was an image of a dog eating a cupcake. Pretty sure that was a mistake. LOL! 2nd: I actually own 3 Voicelive Extremes (I play 6 nights a week, and I 've had to send two of the units back to Sweetwater for repairs at different times, but always need one for the gig, and a spare in the truck for backup. As a VL3 owner, I would like to still make my request for the firmware upgrade?

      Get JUST Aux, and guitar for looping? (No vox). This way, we can create a soloing track while we sing?

      I'm using my aux for the drums I play with my foot.

      • October 13, 2021
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    I've had my VL3 a year or so now.  As far as voice goes it's brilliant.  However, I play 3 acoustic instruments in a live gig: 6 string, 12 string and a bazouki. I've figured out I need an off board input controller to adjust the input signals from three into the VL3. Now I just need to be able to step on the program pedal and know that all the basic tone, reverb etc is correct for the instrument I am playing. I Can get it right for one. How do I get it right for all three.

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    • AshleyKitson
      PedroRodrigues Hi AshleyKitson, thank you for your post, and I'm sorry for the late reply.
      When you use an off-board input controller you will most certainly be feeding one signal at a time on to the VOICELIVE 3 and I believe that you would be able to set up a configuration for each instrument and trigger that configuration when you are playing any of the 3 instrument, this will be by setting up PRESETS on the VL3 for each instrument.
      Essentially, a Preset is a record of all the settings for a group of effects that you can recall quickly and easily and extremely flexible.
      A Preset can be general purpose like a simple Reverb or Harmony sound or can also represent a specific song or portion of a song via multiple effects and settings.
      To be honest not sure how this would work specifically when it comes to change the instrument on the input controller side but on the VL3 if you store a Preset you can recall that full present at any time
      If your set up a Preset for each instrument and change the instrument on the input controller and then trigger the preset stored for that specific instrument it might work.
      I will leave you below a link for the full manual where on Page 44 and forward you will be able to access more information on Presets and on page 54 for Remapping a footswitch
      I will also leave you below the full video collection for the VL3

      I hope this helps.
      • November 3, 2021
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