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    Hi TC Helicon Developers,

    I have been using the Play Acoustic for quite a few years now and am finding I have need of more from it.

    Here is the challenge I put to you. Come up with a new, closer to fully digital version of the PA.

    The problem I have is trying to adjust settings from behind the mic, guitar and PA. I need to be able to hear what the audience is going to hear to make those adjustments confidently. So what I envisage is the PA being able to connect wirelessly to either a phone or tablet (android), or laptop or tablet, (windows). So I can record myself on the looper, then go out into the venue connected to the tablet and be able to make all the changes to settings there. I would like the settings to be more advanced and more user friendly like the way they are generally displayed and adjusted in a daw. In paticular EQ, Comp, Gate.

    Would be awesome if you could build it!

    Does anyone know of anything like this already on the market?

    Cheers, Ken.

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    • KennethKohncke
      PedroRodrigues Hi KennethKohncke thank you for your post, it sound like a very cool idea I will forward your proposal to the Dev. Team . Thank you
      • September 28, 2021
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    Just purchased the Tc helicon voicelive 3 extreme. There is no amazing grace preset as described in the manual. Anybody got any ideas? 

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    I have a musician fulfilling multiple roles on a tour, including BVs. He chose the Voicetone Harmony to use a standalone device, without using the guitar input. 

    My issue is this: the FOH guy insists on taking a dry vocal, previous to the Voicetone (a Y-split cable is used to achieve this). When the fx are bypassed, we still get a perceptible doubling effect in the monitors and PA, as the unaffected thru seems to be delayed a tiny amount, presumably by latent processing. I have also tried using the 'DRY/WET' out function of the pedal, and this issue persists. 


    Any ideas? TIA.

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    • IanSheppard
      PedroRodrigues Hi, IanSheppard in this case the only suggestion that I can provide is to set up the DRY/WET' out function that you mention but, in this case, please confirm that you have set up the unit as stated below.
      Please leave the level balancing between your dry voice, Tone active only and a mono signal of the Harmony, Double and FX to your FOH engineer, by ensuring that the Stereo LED is not lit, and that the Harmony knob is set to full right.
      Please connect the outputs to two channels of your audio mixer. The Left (Mono) output will send the “wet” effects and the Right (Dry) output will send your dry voice, allowing this to be adjusted by your FOH engineer.
      • September 7, 2021
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    I am trying to use an Alesis SR-16 MIDI time output for the looper tempo. When I connect it, the signal eventually goes out of time. The loops fall out of sync with the drums. I believe there is a firmware update for this. My voice live 3 is not connecting using Voice support 2. Can anyone help?

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    Hola alguien puede ayudarme. he instalado la version firmware reciente 2.2.00 Build 366

    Estando en vocal, me ha canviado los colores de el boton pulsador (Hold Ford , Looper) a un color violeta , e igual que el boton pulasador (Step)

    a mas cuando aprieto el botón pulsador  para (Looper)se pone en rojo ,antes de cambiar actualización se ponia en violeta. el rojo es para cuando tienes la guitarra ,


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    • joan3457
      PedroRodrigues Hola joan3457 tenga en cuenta que los LED del VL3X se vuelven ROJOS, lo que indica que ahora está en la capa de guitarra. Cuando mira la pantalla, verás que los nombres de los efectos han cambiado, y hay un pequeño ícono de guitarra en cada uno de los cuadros, hay pequeños íconos de micrófono en cada cuadro de Vocal Layer box. Para volver a la capa vocal, debe presionar Inicio, cuando esté en la capa de guitarra, indicado por LED rojos, presione el botón Layer hasta que la capa vocal esté activa.
      • September 6, 2021
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    Hi can anyone help me with getting my voice live play pedal repaired. The XLR microphone input is not registering any signal. Tried new leads and different mics. I think its a fault. Its worked fine up to now. Any ideas. I think it needs sending somewhere.

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    I can't hear the metronome all of a sudden on my PA speakers. I've checked all levels on the main mix and still none. Please help!  Thanks 

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    I have used the EHX Iron Lung Vocoder in the past as a 'talkbox' kind of effect with my Kemper Profiler.
    I put the EHX in the effects loop of the Kemper and then just engage the effects loop when I want to use the harmonizer.

    I'm now trying to switch to the TC Talkbox Synth and hook it up the same way; but it appears that only the un-affected signal passes thru the 1/4" output and using the XLR output into the return of the Kemper doesn't work.

    Is there no way to set it up in this manner?
    It has to send the effected signal to the XLR output into a PA only?

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    • JimRodgers
      WilliamR Hello Jim, The talkbox synth effect is designed to only come out of the xlr out of the pedal and guitar thru of the 1/4 inch. There really isn't a convenient way to seamlessly integrate it in the effects loop of your kemper the way you are describing.
      • August 17, 2021
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    What is the power input for Perform VG?


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    I just bought a Perform V about a week ago.  After hooking it up, there is a ground hum (about 80 hertz) coming out of it that I can't get rid of.   Here are a few notes about the setup:


    Shure ULXD24/KSM9 > Perform V > Mixer (input>onboard compressor>onboard EQ).


    1.  The input is all the way down and distorts if I turn up the gain at all.  I've trimmed down the gain coming out of the wireless receiver and it is working ok as far as input/distortion.

    2.  I've swapped out the mic cables and checked wiring to make sure it isn't a problem with the cables.  Same result with all cables.

    3.  It seems to be slightly less prevalent after a reset of the unit.  As soon any presets are loaded, it gets worse.  This is the case even without the preset being selected or HIT being on.  

    4.  In order to get the mic up to an acceptable level on our sound system, we have to turn up the gain/fader which in turn amplifies the hum.  

    5.  The firmware is updated to the most current version.  


    Can anyone help?  Could this be a line/mic level signal problem?  It's a pretty neat little unit and I want to use it, but the hum makes it useless.

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    • jeaves726
      PedroRodrigues Hi jeaves726 thank you for your contact, I would suggest to confirm that you have the 48V (Phantom Power) activated and also confirming the type Mic control is set up on this unit . On another point it may be useful to test a wired microphone with this unit to confirm that the input is operating correctly and the wireless signal is not causing any issues on any signal stage specially on the Roomsense onboard microphone. For last as a general check please confirm that all your cables are in good conditions and that you are using the supplied PSU.
      • July 28, 2021
    • jeaves726
      jeaves726 It's amazing how little info is out there on this unit. I was able to figure it out though. If you are an end user, I would be careful about the trouble shooting given here. Phantom power was absolutely wrong for the setup I detailed in the original comment. Most of the rest didn't apply.

      Ultimately, I was able to figure it out. The unit is not equipped to accept a line level signal (as I suspected). I switched the ULXD receiver to mic level and started adjusting the gain on the unit. There is no option to pad or switch the Perform V so if you don't have a mic level signal, you are out of options.
      • July 30, 2021
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