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    We’re very excited to introduce SWING, the first of many exciting new MIDI controllers/sequencers to come - all with cool features and at incredible prices.

    What makes us different? All our controllers are designed to automatically integrate with our future Music Tribe DAW which we target to launch next year and will be completely FREE of charge.

    Of course the SWING will also seamlessly work with any other DAW or MIDI equipment and it comes with a great ControlTribe app, which will be downloadable in the coming week. Price? 99 USD or 89 Euro. Shipping from our factory next week.

    What's the plan? Together with you, we’re committed to shake up the whole MIDI controller and sequencer market and for that purpose, we love to have your input what controllers and sequencers you’d like us to make.
    We hear you:-)

    #Behringer #SWING #32Keys #USB #MIDI #ControllerKeyboard

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  • 2020-01-24

    Hi friends! We're working on the next Voicelive product, and we're wondering what you all want in it! What did you love about the VL3, VL3x, or the Voicelive Play series? What features do you want in our next Voicelive and what features did you never use in our previous ones? Do you use our looper a lot? Do you use steps and the hit button? Do you like the 3 page effect configuration on VL3/VL3x or would you prefer guitar and vocal effects to all be mixed on the same page? 

    Let us know what you want, because making something that works for you, our customers, is our top priority. Smiley Happy  

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    • Robert Deacon

      How about a built in expression pedal?  

      • Jan 24
    • Robert Deacon
      Bjørn Kurseth

      A little difficult to use looper and get the rythm 100percent so I almost dont use it. Probable its me the problem is. My biggest issue with vl3x is the sound quality. When i use sharpness 50 that is recomended. I get a crispy sound that have whey to much trebble... I normaly just turn the whole thing off. Use the tc helicon mic also. It was a little better then my nta1. Shimmer effext for guitar is also welcome. And better gain control on the outs

      • Jan 24
    • Robert Deacon
      Clayton Vetter


      features that we're missing from the vl3 were cc messages to control the looper externally. 

      cc message to clear all loops. 

      hope the feedback helps



      • Jan 24
    • Robert Deacon
      Robert Deacon

      @terryx that's an awesome idea, and something that we've been thinking about. We'd love to hear what more users think about having a built in expression/volume pedal... it would add a lot of size to the overall footprint of the product but if it's something you guys really want we'd consider adding it. 

      • Jan 24
    • Robert Deacon
      Steve Gould

      We use my VL3X to control the vocal delays and guitar patches live on click tracks (with count ins), using the built-in automation. However, we'd love if we could tack on a midi track, or something similar, that could send midi note changes to run our sequenced lights, instead of a computer. I scoured the web to see if VL3X could do it, but never saw anything clear.

      That way, VLX3 is a live vocal, guitar, and lighting engineer.

      • Jan 24
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    Analog 4-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer with 37 Full-Size Keys, 4 VCOs, VCF, 2 LFOs, 2 Envelopes,
    Sync and Cross Modulation and Arpeggiator

    Check out our video links to learn more:

    We have managed to offer the MonoPoly for US$ 699!
    #Behringer #MonoPoly #Analog #Synthesizers #Keyboards #Synth #37Keys #Polyphonic

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    We’ve implemented some much needed features so you can have more meaningful interactions and learn more about your product as well as how to get more out of the Community.

    Chat Module

    • Send private messages
    • Create Group Chats
    • Share files and other media

    Warranty Section

    • See your product’s warranty information in the Warranty section of the Support page

    How To Section

    • Get a step by step guide on the different functions in the Music Tribe Community

    Plus, more UI improvements and bug fixes to make your browsing experience a lot better!

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    • Music Tribe
      Dave Morrison I have looked for all three of these features today. Is there another invisible button for these? Maybe I'm blind : )
      • Oct 29
    • Music Tribe
      Pet Gerbil I find it's helpful when reading posts about "improvements to the site/community" to raise the back of your hand to your mouth, cough and at the same time mutter Bullshi7!! Saves a lot of anguish and time... hth :)
      • Oct 30
    • Music Tribe
      Nicole Stampp hali hallo kann mir wer sagen wie ich den support kontaktieren kann ?
      • Nov 6
      • The Latest Music Tribe Community Updates are Here!
        Kyle Johnson Kyle here with Music Tribe. Click on the Support tab at the top of the main Community Window. Then submit a supoort ticket.
        • Nov 6
      • The Latest Music Tribe Community Updates are Here!
        Nicole Stampp das hab ich gemacht vor 4 tagem und habe bisher keine antwort bekomen
        • Nov 8
    • Music Tribe
      William Standhardt How to register a pedal?
      • Nov 6
      • The Latest Music Tribe Community Updates are Here!
        Kyle Johnson Hi William, Click on the Support tab at the top of the screen then submit a ticket.
        • Nov 6
    • Music Tribe
      Shakeel Ahmed Just registered my Behringer Wasp but found it confusing, there was no confirmation it has been registered & I’m confused with this ‘create a ticket?
      • Nov 6
  • 2014-11-21
    Dear All,
    We will be taking the forum offline for a period of 24-48 hours for maintenance, beginning on this Sunday evening, November 23 (PST). This is part of a migration to the new MUSIC Group forum, which will also host forums for our sister companies.

    The new URL for the BEHRINGER forum will be

    The current URL will also redirect to the new location. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve your experience on the forum.
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    • JohnDiNicola
      Florian Gerstenlauer Hi Webmasters,

      seems you are running both forums in parallel now. I don't think that this was your intention.
      • November 24, 2014
    • JohnDiNicola
      Per Øyvind Heldal
      Florian Gerstenlauer;35001 wrote:
      Hi Webmasters,

      seems you are running both forums in parallel now. I don't think that this was your intention.

      I'm not so sure the term "master" applies here.

      The new forum doesn't seem to be quite ready yet. It isn't possible to log in so I doubt that user-data has been transferred and/or converted yet.
      • November 25, 2014
    • JohnDiNicola
      Per Sovik Did the "webmaster" give up?
      • December 18, 2014
    • JohnDiNicola
      DavidSandborgh forum migrations are hard and half the time they break forums and lose posts, so yeah not surprised we are back to vB
      • December 18, 2014
    • JohnDiNicola
      JohnDiNicola Dear All,
      We had some tweaks to make on our last update attempt, which is why we reverted back to the current server in November.

      This Sunday evening, January 11 (PST), we will be taking the forum offline again for a period of 24-48 hours to complete this transition.

      For anyone needing support during this time, please reach out to our CARE team:

      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: 702-800-8290 (US)
      +44 1562 732290 (UK)

      Thank you for your patience while we complete these updates!
      • January 9, 2015
  • 2020-10-23

    Today, we’re very excited to announce that Music Tribe has been featured in Onshape’s Innovation blog and websites!

    The article talks about how Onshape has helped us streamline our design process and re-create over 10,000 library items. Music Tribe was also recently invited to a panel discussion where senior leaders from Google and other leading companies attended. Our mission is to partner up with Tier 1 suppliers who provide disruptive applications in line with our Customer and Digital Obsession Vision.

    Last year we made a radical change to consolidate all our mechanical engineering solutions from Pro-E, Solid Works and Inventor to a new cloud based solution called OnShape. It has been a challenging but incredibly rewarding journey that has allowed us to cut our mechanical engineering time in half within less than a year.

    This strategic partnership with Onshape is remarkable as they listen and implement our feature requests in record time, marking it as a true co-innovation partnership. We’re very proud to be part of their success story as they are contributing to ours.

    Learn more:

    #MusicTribe #OnShape #CustomerObsession

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  • 2020-10-21
    Free Music Tribe charges 0%! What are you waiting for?
    Sign up at today!
    Learn more about Free Music Tribe in this video:
    #FreeMusicTribe #Free #NoCharge #ZeroPercent #Buy #Sell #PrelovedGear #NewGear #Music
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  • 2020-10-19

    Today, we welcome Simon Antrobus as the new Music Tribe Acquisition Senior Leader.

    Simon will be based in Malaysia to lead our Acquisition Team in Heart (Human Resources) Division and will help support the Tribe on a strategic level, thanks to his extensive experience in Digital Transformation. He has world-class expertise on Acquisition Strategy, Process Design and Implementation as well as Full Lifecycle Projects.

    We are very pleased to have you Simon.
    Welcome to Music Tribe!

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  • 2020-10-16

    Find a new home for all that gear! For Free! Sign up at!

    Learn more about Free Music Tribe in this video:

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  • 2020-10-14

    Need cash? Find a buyer. Sign up for free now at!

    Learn more about Free Music Tribe in this video:

    #FreeMusicTribe #BuyandSell #prelovedgear #newgear #gearlove #musician #musiclover

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