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  • 2020-09-18

    Sell your gear to those who'd love to have it.


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  • 2020-09-14

    We’re rolling out some new Community updates for everyone with even more coming soon!

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    • MusicTribe
      cjeffers235 I need help with routing on a Midas Pro 1. Currently the House mix and the Streaming mix are the same mix. I'd like to separate them, but the routing is a little confusing.
      • Thu at 4:55 AM
  • 2020-09-14


    We’re very proud to be ranked no 11 among the global industry leaders, based on the recent Music Trades report.


    30 years ago we started our journey in a small living room and have since become one of the fastest growing industry leaders.

    However one should never forget who got us there and my deep gratitude goes out to you, our amazing Tribers and Customers who continue to support us on this incredibly exciting journey. We owe you everything!

    - Linkedin Post by Uli Behringer

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  • 2020-09-11
    Meet Thom Gorrell, Music Tribe's new Performance Scrum Innovation Leader, based in Manchester, UK.
    Thom will oversee the Scrum Team and E2E process ensuring best practices, on time, right quality and lowest cost delivery of Music Tribe's new products to you, our valued Customers.
    He brings a wealth of experience in Product Development, Design and Process creation from consumer and lighting industries.
    Welcome to Music Tribe Thom!
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  • 2020-09-08

    In line with Music Tribe commitment to continue to strengthen our Organization by recruiting World Class Talent, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Elisabeth Bourst as Senior Heart Leader.

    Liz joins us today and will immediately help to support our HEART (Human Resources) matters.

    Originally from France and now based in KL, Malaysia, Liz graduated in Law and secured her Masters in Employment Law. Liz developed her skills and knowledge with Companies including Siemens and Nokia developing Digital HR programs.
    Liz brings an enthusiasm and passion which will help us to transform our Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits and Performance Management programs.

    Welcome to The Tribe Liz!

    #MusicTribe #customerobsession

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  • 2020-09-05

    In line with Music Tribe’s Customer and Digital Obsession Vision, the company today announced that it will open a large innovation center in Bangalore, India with initially up to 100 system architects and engineering talents.
    Its focus will be on developing software and hardware solutions for the company’s pro audio, musical instruments, gaming and DJ divisions.

    The new innovation center will work in close collaboration with Music Tribe’s nine innovation centers and 300 engineers in Germany, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Canada, US, Malaysia and China.

    Music Tribe’s COO David Hunter commented: “India is a powerhouse of innovation with an incredible talent pool. We’re currently hiring senior leaders as well as experienced engineers in the areas of embedded software, hardware, DSP, FPGA, app, cloud and machine learning.”

    CEO Uli Behringer added: “We’re extremely excited about our new innovation center in India. With our recent hirings of Armin Prommersberger and Brent Erickson we are now assembling a world class leadership team to execute on our Customer and Digital Obsession Vision.
    Since the announcement we have already received huge interest and we like to welcome talents to apply at [email protected]

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  • 2020-09-05

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Oliver Smalley as VP Engineering and Senior Product Category Leader.

    Oliver will be based in our Manchester, UK Innovation Center and oversee Music Tribe’s global product delivery. His deep aerospace product engineering experience will be a great contribution to our Customer and Digital Obsession Vision.

    Please join us in welcoming Oliver Smalley to Music Tribe.

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  • 2020-08-26

    Linkedin Article by Uli Behringer

    Dear Tribers,

    I would like to thank you all for your passion and commitment as we’re going through unprecedented and very challenging times to transform Music Tribe into a very lean, agile, digital and insight driven organization in the Pro AV and Consumer industry.

    We are right in the eye of a storm that is dramatically accelerating the global digital transformation by many magnitudes, while creating a completely new world:

    - Work from home with all its digital and remote communication

    - Unprecedented e-commerce consumer behavior and collapse of brick and mortar

    - Disruption of traditional live events while creating new digital event formats incorporating AR/VR elements

    - Industries rethinking their real estate and physical assets strategy while becoming asset lean and agile

    - Brand new concepts in hospitality and education incorporating health and safety measures

    We at Music Tribe are well prepared for this new era as we started early on by disrupting and reinventing ourselves. While the current market climate drives many traditional companies into extinction, we see this as an incredible opportunity.

    Most importantly, it’s our committed people who’ll enable us to succeed in executing and delivering on our Vision. It’s a very tough time and many challenges are in front of us, but I am 100% sure that we will master them together. We are continuing to strengthen our leadership team with amazing talents from within but also attracting some strong, renown experts from the outside.

    Today, I am excited to share with you that Armin Prommersberger has joined us as our Customer Solution Senior Leader. Armin comes with a breadth of experience across the Pro, Consumer Electronics and Automotive industries and in-depth knowledge in business and engineering.

    Our next evolutionary step is to transform Music Tribe from a product to a Customer Solution service provider. Armin and the Customer Solutions team will now get deeply engaged with our strategic partners together with our Customer Solution and Product Category teams to co-innovate and disrupt the status quo.

    Please join me in welcoming Armin to our Tribe and provide him all your support for a successful start.


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  • 2020-08-26

    Linkedin Article by Uli Behringer

    Known around the gaming industry for his many award-winning adventure, sports and racing games, Brent is the founder of several software companies including Flashpoint Productions, Symphonix Studios and Motion Software. His products have been enjoyed by millions of fans over the past 40 years.

    It is a great honor for Music Tribe to be joining forces with Brent Erickson to build a dedicated Gaming and software division under Music Tribe’s TC Helicon brand.

    About Brent Erickson

    “I was lucky enough to participate in the birth of the video gaming industry. In March of 1978 I published my first video game at the age of 12 for the TRS-80 Model 1 computer. Little did I know that I would go on to publish more than 90 titles over the next 30 years on many different platforms.

    I developed a very diverse portfolio of products ranging from graphical adventures, arcade shooters, large RPGs, sports, sound and music, and racing games. While some titles were self-published, I also worked with large publishers such as EA, Sega, Bethesda, Activation, and Microsoft to produce and publish many products.

    Earlier in my gaming career I recognized the often overlooked but highly import role that audio plays in games. In the early 90’s I formed a studio, Symphonix, focused on audio for gaming – likely one of the first that existed. The studio focused on adaptive music composition and sound effects and we even published software to help create and edit FM synthesis-based instruments and sound effects. Game audio has come a long way since then.

    It was this connection to audio that led me to join Harman, where I’ve remained for the last 9 years. At Harman I was responsible for building large, cross-functional software teams in the U.S., India, and China and served two, two-year expat assignments in both India and China. I initially focused on the Digitech, dbx, bss, and Lexicon brands but eventually expanded to include all Harman brands. My teams developed a variety of software including embedded, DSP, and desktop and mobile apps. My time at Harman was very challenging and rewarding and I learned a lot about the larger audio/video business.

    With the rise of game streaming, game and pod “casting”, eSports, real-time chat, and the demands for higher quality in-game audio, there is an exciting opportunity for innovation and advancement of gaming-related technologies and products. Music Tribe and TC Helicon are in a unique position to capitalize on this market.

    When Uli contacted me earlier this year and expressed an interest in me leading the TC Helicon team in Canada and expanding their already successful gaming-targeted devices, I decided to take on the challenge. The gaming business is fun, on the bleeding edge of technology and it is growing rapidly. I’m really excited to return to my roots and combine my gaming background and audio/video industry experience with the technologies and expertise that exist in Music Tribe.”

    About Music Tribe

    Uli Behringer, Founder of Music Tribe commented: “We are extremely proud to have Brent on our team. He is not only one of the best software leaders in the pro audio industry but also one of the most competent gaming veterans.

    For more than 20 years, TC Helicon has been the leader in vocal processing technology and two years ago entered the gaming market by launching the GO XLR Series which have become wildly successful. Music Tribe is determined to become a leader in the gaming industry and timing couldn’t be more perfect as TC Helicon just opened a new innovation office in Victoria, Canada.”

    Uli continues: “We are currently recruiting experienced software and hardware engineers with a passion for audio and gaming from all over the world to join us in our mission. People interested can directly contact us at [email protected]

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  • 2020-07-17

    We’re bringing new features to the Klark Teknik, Lake, Turbosound and Bugera websites to make an even better experience for you! Visit these websites today :)

    #KlarkTeknik #Lake #Turbosound #Bugera #NewWebsiteFeatures

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    • Rovi Mortell
      Bassman001 Link doesn't work!
      • Jul 29
      • Klark Teknik, Lake, Turbosound and Bugera Websites have been Upgraded!
        Rovi Mortell Thank you for your feedback. Sorry about that, the links have been edited.
        Our brand websites are also accessible via the Brands Tab above Thank you!
        • Aug 2
    • Rovi Mortell
      Hump Play Acoustic not getting consistent vocals. Cuts in and out like poor connection. Have tested jack cords without connection to Telicon and works fine through same amp. Home remedy?
      • Aug 13
    • Rovi Mortell
      miket1964 καλημερα σε ολους!!!
      • Aug 17
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