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  • PeterH

    This video shows you how to update the firmware on your Model D synthesiser.

    Download link:

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  • New
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    in my voicelive play, my firmware version is: 1.5.00 B74. when I check on voicesupport2 software, firmware update on 1.4.00 build 70. should I downgrade?

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  • CharlieJohansso
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    I've had a good look at your U-Phoria series soundcards, ecspecially the UMC202, and they do come a bit closer to the live scene than the rest of your similar products, but they still need a lot of tweaks to be able to take the heat in a panic live situation.
    I'm dreaming of a "U-Phoria UMC LivePro" or whatever you want to call it. The main thing about this product is that you don't have spend any time setting it up or getting trapped in settings - but still get perfect results everytime.

    Here are the crucial specs/requirements:

    # Driverless installation. (Generic Audio Device in windows/mac)
    # 32/44.1/48/96khz 24bit (CEntrance can do this driverless with the TAS1020B - so can you)
    # Transformer isolated balanced XLR Outputs +4dBu with groundlift option.
    # USB powered only.
    # No volumecontrol. (Or a volumecontrol with a recessed bypass switch to please both live & studio users)
    # Bright power LED
    # Sturdy rugged case with USB-B connector.

    (, if I only wanted the above specs I would buy the 48khz Peavey USB-P, they are allready world standard, but I really miss some INPUTS - and here Behringer have a chance to make an impression to the market, so I'd like to add...)

    # XLR/TRS inputs with gain, bright clip-LED & +48V option.
    # Toslink or SPDIF out (allready on the D/A chip, so why not)
    # Headphone/monitor amp with volumecontrol. (This is kinda extra, but nice to have on smaller stages without monitors, and it pleases the studio user)

    A 3.5mm laptop hp output doesn't sound or performs any better with a DI-box and the stageboxes are always with XLR's, so your soundcard should be correct from start for a quick setup. The roadies on site always have extra XLR cables lying around so it's never a problem.
    The lack of drivers makes the card very versatile to plug in any computer at any given situation.
    No fuzz, just plain gain! (hey...that's a slogan )

    Behringer what do you think? Am I dreaming?
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    • CharlieJohansso
      BrianMonroe I agree charlie. I've been looking for something like this for a while, (and think I've posted about it somewhere) by only addition is MIDI In/Out as well. Keyboard players using stuff like MainStage are dying for something like this.
      • August 14, 2013
    • CharlieJohansso
      CharlieJohansso Zoom beat them to it with their U44. Best 4x4 I've ever had.
      • Sep 24
  • New
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    Hallo mein GOXLR wird nicht erkannt wenn ich aber auf audio einstellungen gehe dann steht da das der treiber ein problem hat habe den jetzt mehrere mahle deinstaliert und wieder instaliert und immer noch der selbe fehler.

    was kann man da machen das das funktioniert?


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    • Sneikers
      NicJonesMT Hi Sneikers.
      Please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      Please provide a detailed description of your full setup (Include your full PC Build Specs) and exactly what is happening (For example does it light up but fails to be recognised, If you touch the cable does it connect/reconnect).
      • Sep 22
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    I am attempting to set up Adobe Audition 2022 with the Behringer UMC1820 interface, and not quite successful yet.  I am using a Windows 10 PC.  I am in the initial phases, and reading some of the posts here, am wondering if this is a reasonable pairing.  I don't mind a few workarounds, but I do want to know I will be able to successfully record  music with this setup.

    Are the two compatible, or should I look for a different DAW to use with the Behringer?


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    • Anne125
      NicJonesMT Hi Anne125.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      Please provide a detailed description of your setup, screenshots of your Audio IO settings in Adobe Audition and a description of exactly what is happening. From there we can advise you further.
      • Sep 8
    • Anne125

      • Sep 8
  • New
    Contributor - Level 2

    Recently it has become apparent that I cannot use more than one / sometimes two condenser mics at a time.if I try to use more phantom power all inputs will cease working at all. No input shown on meters and no output. Yet all of my local inputs and aux inputs still work. And the output from the aux inputs operates fine.

    firmware is up to date.
    This only happens when more than one or two phantom powered devices are activated.

    The X32 is connected to the S32 by way of the AES50/cat5e cable to FOH. And this system has lived its entire life (7rs) in a Tavern and operated on avg 5-6 days per week. Never toured.

    Otherwise, the board seems fine on all scenes.

    I don't know whether the board or the stagebox is the problem.
    So I would like to know which component I should replace.

    Please advise


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    • JeffreyBridges
      Nigel67 Hi JeffreyBridges. Can I double check that the phantom power to the local inputs on the rear of the X32 is working absolutely fine, no matter how many condenser microphones you connect to the XLRs on the rear of the console, but the problem is when connecting them to the S32? If so, then the problem is in your S32. The power supply in the S32 that supplies the phantom voltage is faulty under load. Do all the other inputs on the S32 that do not require phantom power still work normally and any outputs assigned to the S32?
      • Sep 7
    • JeffreyBridges
      JeffreyBridges I have selected ch25-32 to be local only on the X32. And they work fine. It is the first 24 ch that just cease to operate once I cross the threshold of too many phantom powered mics.
      • Sep 7
      • X32/S32 phantom power issue
        Nigel67 Apologies for the delay in replying but I didn't receive the notification. Inputs 1-24 are assigned to the S32 and they are the ones which are not working correctly. Therefore it is the power supply on the S32 that requires repair as this is where the phantom power for the S32 is derived from. If the S32 is still under warranty, please contact the shop that you purchased it from and they will organise a repair. If it is not under warranty, please contact one of our Authorised Service Centres from this link and they will book your unit in for repair.
        • Sep 15
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Looks very intresting. Have tried looking for it on various sites in the U.K no-one has it can find no information on this product apart from your on site. And a price would be a good place to start

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  • AndyEdwards
    Contributor - Level 1

    About to set off to Upton Jazz Festival. looking forward to a day of sun and jazz two sets from our students and one set with my band Kundabuffa...

    Playing through Bugera Guitar Amps, TC Electronic Bass Amp and Turbo Sound PA. Sounding incredible.

    Will post the evidence shortly....

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    • AndyEdwards


      • June 29, 2019
    • AndyEdwards

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    • AndyEdwards
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  • New
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    I've connected two mono source inputs and I want to output/distribute these as full-range outputs to two pairs of speakers.

    Channel 1 - input, sent to output channel 1 and 3.

    Channel 2 - input, sent to output channel 2 and 4.

    All outputs should be full-range, not low, mid or high only.


    Is there a way to set this up with the Ultradrive Pro?

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  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I am having trouble configing the routing for this setup. I unfortunetly have leanred that my AES50 B port on my DL16 is not functional out of box (did not realize this until I tried to ad a second device to it about a year and a half after purchase). So far I can get both the X32rack and the M32R to connect and work properly with the DL16 on the AES50 A port, but I cannot seem to get the X32rack and M32R to route I/O to each other. They are visible with each other upon connection, but they are not seeming to route. I will checking for firmware updates tonight, but otherwise these devices are not doing what I want them to do. Any assistance on this setup would be greatly appreciated.

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    • BFProductions
      Nigel67 Hi BFProductions. I am going to send you an e-mail because it requires some pictures and adding pictures here is a little difficult as the moment.
      • May 21
      • Using X32 Rack for monitor control with M32R at FOH and DL16 stage box for stage connection.
        Nigel67 E-mail sent. Please also check your spam and junk folders as sometimes the e-mails end up in there.
        • May 21
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