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    where I can find vst which are in the set? Behringer1820
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    I am an integrator and I have a install that I would like to propose a TLS84 rig in. I need help with EASE to generate supportive data. I have .DWG files for the space, and of course .GLL files for the boxes. I am just VERY inexperienced and therefore inefficient with the software, and require assistance. I am on shows thoughout this weekend, but would greatly appriciate a call from someone at the beginning of the week.

     Thanks so much.


    Flash Point Productions, Inc.

    cel # 727-460-9154

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    Hola, espero puedan ayudarme. Tengo una cmd studio 4a y al conectarla a la laptop me sale un error de codigo 10 y que no hay recursos de sistema suficientes para completar la llamada a la API. La laptop es nueva, la compre hace unos 15 días, es una HP con procesador AMD ryzen 5, con Windows 10 single language. Actualice el Windows a Windows 11, pero no he podido dar solución a mi problema, llame a la marca hp y me dijeron que el problema es de terceros osea que es de behringer. Ayúdenme por favor, ya no se que hacer para solucionarlo ya que compre la laptop para usarla con la consola. 


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    Hi everyone. I'd like to ask. has anyone here had this problem? and how to overcome the begai where.?

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    I am taking the time to write to you here, as it is not clear on your website where to send my problem to.I try everywhere 


    I introduce myself, Antoine Caron, technical director of La Maison pour la Danse de Québec. We are an organization that supports professional contemporary dance artists by providing studios and creative boxes in the dance community.


    When building the place, I decided to choose TurboSound Brand to equip all of our workspaces. I chose your brand for its reputation and the fact that models chosen would allow me to do acoustic control right out of the speaker, such as equalization,compression and limiting. At the time of purchase, the products had a 10-year warranty.


    To do this I made the purchase on March 30, 2017 of:

    12- NuQ102-an wh

    4- Nuq102-an

    8- IQ10

    4- IQ12

    2- IQ18b


    From January 2019, I started having problems with my NUQ102, 12 saw their amplifier fell out of function, I had to send them back to your Canadian distributor Intellimix, it took several months to have a complete repair of my speakers without having any replacement speaker during repairs. It is now September 2021 and here I have another 9 NUQ102-an speakers that are or need to be returned for repair. For this new shipment for repair, Intellimix started by telling me that it was no longer guaranteed and that the speakers had 3 years of warranty, I had to demonstrate using a screenshot of your website and PDF data sheet taken when purchasing that the products were guaranteed for 10 years. Moreover, shortly after the website was modified to no longer indicate the 10 year warranty on the products, which is a bit odd. My products have been under repair for almost 3 months now and I have no scheduled repair date and no replacement, let's say my confidence is taking a hit.


    Intellimix, asked me to check several aspects on my site and I even had an electrician come to check, but be aware that the building is new since 2017 and that all audio equipment has its own electrical network with isolated ground and everything is in order according to this professional.


    So I question the quality of the NUQ102 product! During all this time, none of my IQ10-IQ12-IQ18b products failed, yet subject to the same conditions as NUQ products. I see on the site that the NUQ 102 products are discontinued, but not the IQ products. I also notice that on the warranty pages for the NUQ102 product, the 10 year warranty legal notices have strangely disappeared and that I have to fight to honor a warranty that was present at my purchase.


    I am requesting feedback from TurboSound to find a solution to my problem and act as a responsible company for a product (NUQ102) that does not live up to our expectations. Intellimix will surely fix my speakers again, but how long will it last? Should I be fighting again in 18 @ 24 months to claim my warranty again when the same problem occurs again? Should I still deprive the La Maison pour la danse creative spaces of their sound quality by losing my speakers for months?


    Please contact me and take the time to analyze my problem and ideally find a solution.


    Thank you

    Antoine Caron

    [email protected]


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    • Antoinedanse123
      Nigel67 Hi Antoinedanse123. I am sorry to hear of the various issues you have been experiencing with your Turbosound speakers. I see that you have submitted a Service Ticket on Case CAS-502131-W3P8G4 so I will let the Service Team reply to you from there.
      • Nov 14
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    Hello everybody, A little about myself.. I’m a working musician, my bread & butter is on the road. I have a studio with drum room 

    control room. Have some decent microphones/ outboard gear. I run PT w/ Universal Audio for my I/O’s tons of guitars, drums, basses etc.

    Hope this is the right place to post this question:



    I finally got my 2600 and having lots of fun with it. Vary happy. I hooked up the midi and was on my way. 

    I have a Moog Mother 32 and a Arturia Microbrute and really want to start using the sequencer in both pieces of gear.

    I know with the Arturia it has something to do with patching gate out into the sampler & hold clock & the pitch out. 

    I have not been successful with running the sequencer on my Arturia or may Mother 32.. Was thinking it might be the drop pins 

    on the back of my 2600 or firmware that needs to be installed.  Any help would be received gratefully.


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    This amp has four separate inputs on the back; does any one know if you only use Input 1 if it will be be the same music for all four inputs?

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    I've tried several links to reload this package on my VLX3 but they have all exprired. Is there a current one that someone it wiling to share. Thanks. This is a great product. I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm fond of single boxes that do a lot. 

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    Can I get any replacement for this sub?


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    • Emorgadoj
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For spare parts inquiries please click on Support and then Spare Parts to submit a ticket.
      • Oct 17
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