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    Guys i need 32bit Behringer 32bit usb driver...


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    • RobertAthlet3
      DavidKnighton Hello RobertAthlet3,
      Every product we sell will either have a dedicated driver or will use ASIO4ALL. These drivers will be available on the product page of the Behringer website.
      • Jun 9
  • WesleyRingel
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    Hello group!

    Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated, as I am about to return or exchange my IP2000.

    We do 'Dueling Pianos' professionally - so, two keyboards, and two mics. That's it. Simple set up, way less than other posters here running full bands through IP2000.

    I am using a Mackie ProFx12 V2, which has been tested with other speaker setup's and sounds great with those....

    But with Turbosound, hear me out:

    -Was getting terrible crackling and distortion. Went back and forth with Music group. Identified the likely cause, namely, that the XLR line out from Mackie was too hot, and clipping the input gain's on the IP2000. And according to the spec sheets, this was true - IP2000 can handle up to +22dB from a mixer or other line level source.

    So I did two things: A) tried the 1/4 inch Main out from Mackie, which is rated at +22dB. Same issues. And then B) I used a freaking DI box from the Mackie, into the Turbosound, cutting th impedance way down - same issues!!!!!

    Ready to ponder? Check this: bluetooth streaming sounds amazing, no clipping, through my IP2000 and I can jack the volume to unfathomable levels with no problems. Likewise, I can use a guitar and keyboard directly into the inputs, and raise the volume way up, again, no clipping. But as soon as I use more than (2) instruments, through the mixer, I get static and clipping even at low volumes!!!!!!!!

    Please advise and thank you! Do I just have a bad unit?
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    • WesleyRingel
      FreddieGarcia Have you tried connecting a different mixer to the speakers to see if you get the same results?
      • August 29, 2017
    • WesleyRingel
      WesleyRingel Thanks for your reply. Well, yep, that would've helped...because after speaking with Sweetwater support, we all thought for sure it was the IP2000. They sent me a new one....same results. Amazing. This has never happened to me before in many years in live music, but the only explanation is I have a bad Mackie mixer, or they are somehow incompatible.

      I feel really bad for sending back a perfectly good Turbosound. Everyone seemed certain it wasn't the mixer, I would guess because good quality ones don't malfunction very often.
      • September 3, 2017
    • WesleyRingel
      FreddieGarcia Are you 100% sure you are not clipping on your mixer's master output or on any of the mixer's input channels (no red at all)?

      I'm thinking you may have the ip2000 input gain set to be too hot. Lower the input gain on the ip2000 channels and make that adjustment up in volume by raising the master output of the ip2000.
      • September 12, 2017
    • WesleyRingel
      JoeNardi I also started having the same issue. I've been using a set of these for about 5 months and have had no issues until last week. Noticed some crackling coming from one of teh speakers. I checked my levels and nothing was peaking so I couldn't really figure out why all of a suuden it was cracklin. I swapped out the cables thinking taht teh crackling would follow the cable but the other one still performs fine.

      Were you able to figure out why yours was crackling?
      • September 20, 2017
    • WesleyRingel
      FreddieGarcia One thing I thought of that might be a distant possibility is to check the bottom column pins within the connection to the base. Make sure there are no bent pins or dirt and debris. Make sure the connection is solid.
      • September 21, 2017
  • TomKumagai
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    My unit is only four months old, and up to now has been great! It has started to develop a very annoying 'static' type of noise when it is turned on. This static noise comes and goes, it can be loud, then soft, and it began to be an intermittent problem, but is now present most times that I use it. The noise is present even when NOTHING IS CONNECTED to it, and the noise does NOT increase or decrease with the volume settings.
    Any suggestions??
    Thank you!!!
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    • TomKumagai


      I am having the exact behavior with my ip2000. Nothing is connected, static comes and goes, I have another unit and by switching parts around I could pinpoint the problem is coming for the sub amp part. Also the static only comes from the top part, but this could be related to frequencies, either the crossover is falty or is further back the line processing, either transformer or amp.

      Any ideas?


      • September 19, 2019
    • TomKumagai
      AngelSalazar I have the same issue static, cracking noise on IP2000 :'( HELP me
      • May 17
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    Salve ho appena acquistato un mixer x air 18, ma usando sempre mixer analogici ammetto che questo mi porta qualche difficoltà, ma non conoscendo l'inglese non capisco nulla nelle istruzioni, qualcuno potrebbe passarmi istruzioni in italiano sia primo accesso che quelle generali? Vi ringarazio per l'attenzione in ogni caso a presto

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    • alexcolm
      Nigel67 Hi alexcolm, I am very sorry, but we do not have a user manual or quick start guide written in Italian.
      • May 11
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    Can't get any output on headphone jack!

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    • TomFenner
      JoeRivers96 Hi, please submit a support ticket using the SUPPORT option at the top of this page - we will be able to run through some troubleshooting steps with you.
      • May 8
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    Is there a way to defeat the APO function so that the amp stays on all the time and does not require a threshold audio signal to turn it on?

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    • GlenMorrison
      Nigel67 Hi Glen. Can you tell me which model of E-Series that you have and serial number(s). Until I have those, I cannot give you a definitive answer as it may come down to what version of the amp you have. Many thanks
      • May 4
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    havin problems connecting Deepmind 6 thru my audio interface behringer umc 204 into my computer 

     Windows 10/64 recording in Studio one 5 Artist version. 
    I am using the two 1/4" out l/r from Deepmind into umc fron 1/4 inputs. Also using Midi out of Deepmind into umc input midi. 
    umc is connected thru usb into my computer.

    not sure if my problem is the configuration in Studio one but I can't record on the instrument track.


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    • Rocky195
      DavidKnighton Hello Rocky195,
      I would suggest connecting the UMC to your computer and just run audio from iTunes or YouTube out to a pair of speakers or headphones. This will determine if the unit is working properly. Also, with Windows, you need to make sure you have the driver installed. If it's a setup problem with your DAW, make sure the UMC is the preferred Input/Output interface. Your individual tracks need to be sourced from the UMC inputs and record armed before you hit the RECORD button. Hope this helps to uncover the issue.
      • Apr 29
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    Evidentemente tengo un problema con Windows, no sé cómo lograr que la App reconozca la interface de mi xr18.... conocté el USB pero no aparece en el listado de interface y a partir de ahi no puedo avanzar.


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    • argentino40
      Nigel67 Is the XR18 showing up as a audio device in your Bluetooth and other devices in Windows 10? If it is, also check the Sound settings, both recording and playback to see if the XR18 is showing up there. Play some audio from the XR18 to the computer and the bargraph on the recording page should light up indicating that audio is reaching the computer. If it does, then the issue is more than likely going to be with your DAW. I would suggest trying to uninstall and then re-install it. I have attached a jpeg showing the set up of the XR18 for Windows 10.
      • Apr 25
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    cab somebody halp me , |I am looking for tye drivers for the behringer umx 49. on the site from behringer there are no working links

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    • pigro
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi pigro, the UMX 49 uses the ASIO4ALL driver. A link for this can be found on the product page via our website and alternatively can be download directly from their website. Please see the link below:
      • Mar 25
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    Hello TC Support,


    I just purchased the new TC 6000 native bundle, registered succesfully but the mentioned link for downloading the software is wrong...

    please send me the correct link

    thank you and best regards


    Achim Oppermann

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