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    Hi there, I have a client who is asking whether the FBQ3102HD input / output monitor level will show level at all times regardless of whether the unit is in Bypass mode?

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    Hi everyone, I find myself having this problem with my new ultravoice UV-1: Once the correct drivers have been installed the system cannot install a "Subdevice" (attached image) ... Any suggestions?

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  • PeterH

    This video shows you how to update the firmware on your Model D synthesiser.

    Download link:

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  • CharlieJohansso
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    I've had a good look at your U-Phoria series soundcards, ecspecially the UMC202, and they do come a bit closer to the live scene than the rest of your similar products, but they still need a lot of tweaks to be able to take the heat in a panic live situation.
    I'm dreaming of a "U-Phoria UMC LivePro" or whatever you want to call it. The main thing about this product is that you don't have spend any time setting it up or getting trapped in settings - but still get perfect results everytime.

    Here are the crucial specs/requirements:

    # Driverless installation. (Generic Audio Device in windows/mac)
    # 32/44.1/48/96khz 24bit (CEntrance can do this driverless with the TAS1020B - so can you)
    # Transformer isolated balanced XLR Outputs +4dBu with groundlift option.
    # USB powered only.
    # No volumecontrol. (Or a volumecontrol with a recessed bypass switch to please both live & studio users)
    # Bright power LED
    # Sturdy rugged case with USB-B connector.

    (, if I only wanted the above specs I would buy the 48khz Peavey USB-P, they are allready world standard, but I really miss some INPUTS - and here Behringer have a chance to make an impression to the market, so I'd like to add...)

    # XLR/TRS inputs with gain, bright clip-LED & +48V option.
    # Toslink or SPDIF out (allready on the D/A chip, so why not)
    # Headphone/monitor amp with volumecontrol. (This is kinda extra, but nice to have on smaller stages without monitors, and it pleases the studio user)

    A 3.5mm laptop hp output doesn't sound or performs any better with a DI-box and the stageboxes are always with XLR's, so your soundcard should be correct from start for a quick setup. The roadies on site always have extra XLR cables lying around so it's never a problem.
    The lack of drivers makes the card very versatile to plug in any computer at any given situation.
    No fuzz, just plain gain! (hey...that's a slogan )

    Behringer what do you think? Am I dreaming?
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    • CharlieJohansso
      BrianMonroe I agree charlie. I've been looking for something like this for a while, (and think I've posted about it somewhere) by only addition is MIDI In/Out as well. Keyboard players using stuff like MainStage are dying for something like this.
      • August 14, 2013
    • CharlieJohansso
      CharlieJohansso Zoom beat them to it with their U44. Best 4x4 I've ever had.
      • Sep 24
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    I am attempting to set up Adobe Audition 2022 with the Behringer UMC1820 interface, and not quite successful yet.  I am using a Windows 10 PC.  I am in the initial phases, and reading some of the posts here, am wondering if this is a reasonable pairing.  I don't mind a few workarounds, but I do want to know I will be able to successfully record  music with this setup.

    Are the two compatible, or should I look for a different DAW to use with the Behringer?


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    • Anne125
      NicJonesMT Hi Anne125.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      Please provide a detailed description of your setup, screenshots of your Audio IO settings in Adobe Audition and a description of exactly what is happening. From there we can advise you further.
      • Sep 8
    • Anne125

      • Sep 8
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    Looks very intresting. Have tried looking for it on various sites in the U.K no-one has it can find no information on this product apart from your on site. And a price would be a good place to start

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    How to install Win 11 driver for UMC202HD?

    I have tried UMC Driver 5.30.0 (for Windows 10+11) but the responce is

    "The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and Windows does not recognice it."

    Should I return this UMC202HD to distributor?


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  • CableMonkey
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    Hi folks, so I've picked up from reading plethora posts on t'interwebz that it is mandatory for new owners of XTs to go through a trial by ordeal type initiation into the XT world, it's been 2 days, will someone make it stop, PLEASSSE.


    Kinda lost in what i can try now to get these 2 communicating tried dhcp tried static, tried about a dozen ethernet cables tried direct ethernet connection tried router.


    Yes firmwares are up to date, x touch via ethernet is checked, static ips are correct, submask is correct.


    The only curious thing i've noticed is that the XT doesnt appear in my router client list.Could i have been shipped an XT with ethernet issues?


    Oh and i also rang midas support, they couldnt get theirs working together either. :s


    Anyone got any bright ideas or thoughts on diagnosing the issue with a bit more clarity (or sanity o_O )


    Thanks in advance.



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    • CableMonkey


      DHCP will only work if you have a router and you are on the same subnet. Static is manually assigned and must be on the same subnet. What is your mixer's IP address?

      The following is from a previous post:

      1.15 is the latest firmware for the X-Touch.  What firmware version on your XR18?

      Is the yellow light in the ethernet port blinking (when connect to your router)?

      I set my X-touch to a static IP (no DHCP) when I connect to my X32 and these are my settings:


      Note: The address shown is the IP address of my mixer.

      Hope this helps.  (Try a pair of MIDI cables if you have them)

      • May 4, 2019
    • CableMonkey

      Thanks for the reply Dave and sorry for my late response, i fell asleep like a grandad in my chair.


      I understand DHCP and static ip assignment and both my M32C (NOT xr18) and XT are on the most recent firmware; m32c is 3.11 iirc and xt is 1.15, i have even tried downgrading to 3.09 on the m32c to see if its due to the 02/04/19 update (3.11)  - it doesn't appear to be..


      The two things which are really making me raise an eyebrow are firstly that the XT does not appear on the client list on my router, and secondly that the midas support team had the same issue. We had to stop investigating because it was time for the poor bloke to go home (he was happy to continue but its a bank holiday, i insisted he went and started his weekend) 


      Today i'm going to try a different router and i'll get the m32 out (i have an m32 and an m32c) and see if XT will connect directly to that, but i think its the XT and i reckon its an ethernet issue.


      All of this malarkey has made me rethink putting anything behringer in my system, i was moving past behringer taking over midas but this causes me to reconsider, if a product cannot operate in the manner it is supposed to out of the box how the hell is going to work in a real world situation.








      • May 4, 2019
    • CableMonkey
      pj6913 Did You resolve this problem
      • Mar 14
  • JohnMcKeown
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    I have just purchased these Behringer Eurolive B615D Active PA Speaker for my Bar
    but when I switch them on there is a load Buzzing sound I have tried everything
    even when there is groups playing they have the same problem
    we reckon it's coming from the lights could anyone please help thank you
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    • JohnMcKeown
      RyanHammond Yup. It's always a good idea to have the lights on a separate circuit
      • February 7, 2016
    • JohnMcKeown
      Roblof Does the buzz go away if you only have the power cord connected or is it always present?
      • February 7, 2016
    • JohnMcKeown
      JohnMcKeown disconnect the Earth from the plug see if that helps
      • Mar 8
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    Hi. The automation buttons on the x-touch one (write,touch,latch) etc don't work when you press any of the buttons they control the screen set in Logic Pro instead, and the buttons won't light up does anyone have a solution for this?


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    • maestro1958
      NicJonesMT Hi Maestro.
      Can you please submit a tech support ticket by clicking "Support" at the top of the page.
      Please provide as much detail as possible on your setup (OS version, USB ports, Other devices etc) and any trouble shooting you've already gone through.
      • Mar 3
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