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    Hello fellow Tribe members.  So, I had go send my Poly D out for warranty work.  I just got it back after a lengthy wait for parts to arrive.  It came back to me completely uncalibrated.  Not wanting to send it five states away for this work to get done, I decided to tackle it myself.  Tuning the individual oscillators turned out to be quite straightforward, and is now properly calibrated.  Now the only problem is tuning the octave calibrations.  The instructions were a little bit more sparse in the Behringer Trube instruction page.  There is an adjustment marked only range.  This is, what the instructions say, is how I adjust this.  I am then confused.  I was using one oscillator.  I adjusted osc 1 to 2 manually on the front oscillator tuning knob , as instructed(although this step confused me a bit).  From there, I tuned by ear and adjusted accordingly.  Then I adjusted the range.  When then trying it out on different octaves(Switching from 8 to 16, for example on the same oscillator), it just seemed to screw everything up. What am hoping is someone of you kind people van give me a more direct step by step instructions on how to do other words, how you would describe the steps exactly, as obviously, I seem to be doing something wrong.  As I said, the individual octaves are in tune with themselves across the whole keyboard, but if i switch from say 8 to 16 on the oscillator, the 8 is not in tune with the 16.  Thank you for any help you can give.  

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    Hi. On 2015 I bought a RH450 from sweetwater, USA. After 2 months using, all the front pannel stopped working.

    The amp stills sound, but when you move the knobs or pres buttons, nothing happens. The tuner works fine, and when you plug the headphones works fine. The volume I guess it's working just with the power amp, maximum power. 

    I've sent the amp to Digicustics, offcial repair partner in Argentina where I live. The said need to change the mainboard. For our economy, the repair price is more expensive than buying a new one. So I'm trying to get the spare part in the US. I have a courier can birng me the part to South America. Can anybody help?

    As Musc Tribe service says, the spare part numer is A09-00001-63348.

    I've been looking here to find some schematics, here's the say Mainboard P18301-C

    If can't get the spare part, maybe I can get the schematics to try to repair with a local technician.

    Thanks in advance!

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    • juanho
      Nigel67 Hi juanho. You can purchase the part in the USA through one of our Service Centres. Their details can be found here - I am sorry, but we are not permitted to distribute schematics unless you are one of our Authorised Service Centres or a Super Partner. If you have sent the unit to the official Service Centre in Argentina, then they will have access to the schematics. Many thanks
      • Nov 27
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    I have purchased a Trust Gaming GXT 258 Fyru USB 4-In-1 Streaming Microphone to work through the Behringer B105D 5'' Portable PA Speaker with Bluetooth with a USB lead

     Can you advise if this is suitable & how to set the two up – as I do not appear to be getting any sound when using the USB port on the speaker?

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    Hey everyone. New to this group. I have a level problem that I hope someone has an answer fot. I have a Hall of Fame 2 and a Flashback 2 in line with a keyboard. I'm running in tru bypass mode. I have real clean, low level signal gong into reverb. As soon as i hit the switch to turn it on, the level of the dry signal goes up enought to be real noticible. its impossible to turn on in the middle of a passage without jumping up in volume. Is there any level matching adjusments internally to match the bypass and effected outputs? The dry level should equal the tru bypass.

    U love the sound of the reverb, but it's unusable if I can't "just ad reverb" to the dry signal .

    Thanks for the help

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    my Behringer is not working on Nattery power, loading the battery is not working...i bought it new, and in les than one jear the battery died?

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    HI all,

    I have a problem with switching my channels between my TC G-system and Fender amp.

    It only swithces between "clean" and "more drive". I need the normal drive channel too.

    I  tried different tr/trs cables, made my own, nothing seems to work, it only activates the "more drive" channel.

    Anyone with a solution for this problem?


    Kind regards,


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    Ok, after only a couple of days inside this thing, the whole Music Tribe / Behringer experience seems somehow lacking, sloppy, careless and ill-thought out. It is so bad that I honestly don't know if it is Intentional or not? Do Behringer set out to sabotage themselves? Quite possibly it would seem.

    Before I lay out my initial critical thoughts on this matter (positive suggestions for improvement later), I will state that this is no de-facto criticism of the Behringer line of products. Far from it. I know there are many who are quick to put them down, but what does that achieve?

    I have just received my first product (X-Touch One) and I think it is a fantastic product for its price range. It really is well made, feels solid and reliable, and was simple to set-up and connect to Cubase. It feels like it has a lot of mileage to it. I am suitably impressed and may now even consider many further equipment purchases . . . . . except...

    Part 1 - Some Issues (that make no sense)

    The after sales set-up support for the product is ridiculous / The official video tutorial inadequate and out of date / The use of messy Sysex routines instead of a dedicated USB interface for product line communication / A website with the typical corporate 'happy people' imagery hiding a weak platform design that doesn't make it easy to find solutions! - The complete lack of attention to detail is stunning.

    Additionally, on a personal note, the time display plastic cover on my brand new device is covered in tiny, and a few not so tiny, scratches! Where the hell is the industry standard, forever, removable fine plastic protection strip? Was I sold an ex display unit? Was it a returned item being sold back on? So many questions, and I have only had the unit 24 hours. That's not a good beginning if we are to be friends. And there's more...

    Follow Fader not working in Cubase! It seems people have complained for years and you said it was fixed - but it is not! Come on people, the CC-121 does it flawlessly - why can't you? The code already exists and works without issue. It makes no sense. Or are you telling me that Steinberg is intentionally sabotaging your access to essential routine code?

    Oh, and by the way, not offering a feature to reduce the ridiculous brightness of the scroll wheel ring is just unnaceptable. It becomes a nightmare in an otherwise beautifully lit relaxing atmosphere. Are the designers a bit mad?

    Part 2 - The Solutions

    You actually declare 'We hear you' on your merchandise manual, and yet I don't see a well designed system to backup that statement. But you never know, lets see if it is true... Are you listening MusicTribe/Behringer?...

    1. It is 2022, the cost to build a functioning USB interface APP (Mac/Win) that works in real time as a go-between with your servers and your clients units must now be negligable, or at the very least, easily within your budget. BUILD IT! Stop messing around like some early 90's SysEx freak! I was there, I remember. It is messy, lazy even.

    Look at Novation (A tiny company compared to you), In-Music Brands, Korg and many others. They already do this - why don't you? Give me a believable reason? It makes no sense.

    You could run one interface that covers your entire product catalogue, connects with each selected device and updates them with regular bug-fixes or additional features. You could also offer a simple interface for each device which allows users to easily see the parameters they can modify.

    I can imagine you making such an APP and putting yourselves way ahead of rival manufacturers (even an open-source solution would be better than nothing). These kinds of things are basic common practice nowadays but you don't do it? It makes no sense.

    2. The MusicTribe website seems like an empty echo-chamber where people post things and nothing much happens. "Welcome to the new solutions website" it says! - I couldn't find anything! Even the most basic questions I searched for came back with nothing! Who built the backend relational database system? It doesn't really work? It makes no sense.

    Invest in a good website (it currently works so slow and sluggish on my phone) which interacts with your USB APP. Get a good team. It is not difficult stuff.

    3. If the APP is beyond you right now, at least  build a dedicated SysEx channel on your website with both text and video guides. Be honest, it's not that hard. You could even encourage people to submit code routines and be official Behringer Champions. You could build a real loyal client base this way.

    I could go on further, a little imagination is all that is needed on your end, and maybe really 'listen to your clients'.

    You seem to be able to make good real world objects, I am pleasantly surprised, but your virtual world is terrible.

    3. Do You Want To Fail / Do You Even Care?

    This is the mystery to me, and although I have said it many times already... IT MAKES NO SENSE?

    You seem to respond to complaints on external social networks and point people to pages that say nothing?

    Is MusicTribe a place where comments just accumulate until people tire of waiting for something to happen - and it never does?

    Everything is confusing and messy with after-sales support. Are the MusicTribe group a typical corporation interested in 'Point of Sale' cash generatiom only? This seems a likely candidate as it would explain why NOTHING makes sense?

    I, and many others I assume, would love to believe in the vision statement - making quality music tech at reasonable, maybe more realistic, prices. Giving access to legendary synths and drum machines, the originals being outer-space prices.

    You could be so great, with little effort really, so... WHY DON'T YOU DO IT?

    Solve the mystery, answer the questions,  really LISTEN to your client base and build the bloody APP.

    What do you prefer...

    Behringer - a dodgy technology company with hopeless after sales support that receives lots of negative reviews and criticisms. Unhappy customers

    Behringer - a visionary company bringing music technology to the majority with smart interactive control features. A company with a large client base of dedicated supporters.

    The choice - it appears - is yours.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen.

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    • Stev

      Thank you Stev, for your frank and honest comments. I work for Music Tribe and I am very aware of the pain points you mentioned, in addition to feedback from other people. I can't profess to knowing all the answers to your questions (...yet!) but I wanted to comment, simply to mention that I am part of a new inititive to elevate Music Tribe Brands to where they should be. Better systems, support, service and experience... Better Products! The issues are well and truly noted and a new team has been formed to tackle this. I truly hope you will be able to enjoy the transformation as we embark on this journey.

      • Nov 7
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    Love this pedal except, for the life of me, I can't get a reverse delay effect as good as my Line 6 DL4 reverse.  I've tried using FB II x 4 standard reverse options, customized a reverse patch using Tone Print, experimented with tap tempos, subdivisions, and the obvious delay, feedback, level inputs.  I can't seem to get the reverse to sync as well as the DL4 with the music I'm playing.  Any suggestions or tips?

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    Hi do I return an XR18 for repair?

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    • nicholsonuk
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. To submit a repair ticket click on Support and then click the Customer Support option to submit a ticket.
      • Nov 1
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