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    Bought a new Vortex flanger and connected it to PC (Win 10) and/or Android. Both devices recog. the pedal. I can send artist toneprints to it - that works fine.

    I can not build own toneprints. The software says "connect your TonePrint product to your xydevice..." Well, it is connected - i can send toneprints...

    But i want to create own toneprints. Why is that not working?




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  • jdosher
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    The screen has become very, very dim on my Deepmind 12. I've emailed customer service about this and 10 days later I've still received no response. I've also emailed [email protected], and again, no response over a week later. I've contacted the two west coast parts supplies listed on the musictribe site, and both have responsed that they do not actually sell any parts. At this point I'm about to swear-off Behringer and never again purchase any of your products, if this is the level of customer support I going to receive. 


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    • jdosher

      I also replied to your other post: 


      Hi @jdosher , 


      Welcome to the community. Have you opened a support ticket on the Care Portal?  ( 


      You should get an automated reply with a case # stating they'll contact you within one business day but it's been longer than that lately, more like a week.  If you don't get the automated message, check your spam/junk folder and add that email sender to your whitelist.  


      You can always check the status of your open tickets by replying to the ticket email asking for status or by logging into the Care Portal. 


      Hope this helps, 


      • November 14, 2019
    • jdosher
      EchoKraft I also am having this problem. HELP!
      • Sep 16
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    Bonjour ,

    Est-il possible de régler l'interrupteur pour que le son ne se coupe pas instantanément ?

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    I can update the firmware but I cant get WIN10 to see my folder so I can copy off my loop to be saved on my computer.

    I SWORE I did this before.


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    Hi guys, why are my monitor SO LOUD? Cant increase volume more than 2/ 3 what ever way i have them wired. 

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    • peterkirklive
      john0121 Hi Peter, you need to lower the level of your source material/ pc volume if the speakers are too loud as there isn't any volume control on the speakers for the USB bus.
      • Sep 10
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    I have been loving my Neutron but today I turned it on and it would not respond to MIDI controls from my keystep pro. I tried several different midi channels. It will pass a very low pitched sound if I turn the VCA bias up but it seems unable to receive midi. I also tried a basic CV patch (pitch to osc1+2, gate to env 1) and it had slightly better results but still far short of a performable level of control. I attempted the reset process I found online to no avail. Please help! 

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    • Elttut
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Elttut, I can see you have also submitted a technical support ticket for this issue. Upon checking the ticket I can see a response was sent on 08/09/2021 and is awaiting further follow-up.
      If you do not see this response in your main inbox could you please check your spam/junk folder as we have seen our responses route to these locations on occasion if you are unable to find it please let me know and I will have it resent.
      • Sep 10
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    If I want to connect my Flow 8 with PC (Windows 10) I gett the message "No Device Connected".
    What is wrong?
    The same problem is whe I use Notebook.
    I changed USB-Cable already, nothing!
    How I come to "Firmware Update Modus" ?

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    • Petrus1945
      DavidKnighton Hello Petrus,
      Make sure you first install the driver for Windows. Go to FLOW8 product page, click the SOFTWARE tab and download/install the driver.
      • Sep 7
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    I just recieved the Ditto + and upgraded the firmware right away.

    When I press record in either regular or extended mode, the volume increases quite a bit. The playback volume is also increased.
    The pedal was working normally one day and the next, it started with this unusual volume increase when I hit record and play.
    I reinstalled the firmware but that made no difference. 

    Is there something I can adjust or is the pedal broken? 

    Note: The volume knob doesn't change the record level. 

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    • BryanB2
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi BryanB2, would it be possible to provide some further information on your setup such as if any other pedals are being used, how the device is being powered, and how you are connecting it to your amp?
      • Sep 5
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    I'm trying to find out what products I have registered 


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    • JosephScottVanWye
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi JosephScottVanWye, it is currently not possible to view your registered products within the Community Portal, however, upon registration, an email would have been provided confirming the registration along with the product details. I will also send you a PM shortly with some extra information on what you currently have registered.
      • Sep 3
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    Behringer MS-1 and Roland TR8 doesn't seem to be syncing with each other.. whenever I'd hit start/stop button on the TR8, both devices do start playing however, it's not in sync

    Below are some details


    - Connected via MIDI cable

    -MIDI OUT from TR8 > MIDI IN of MS-1

    -MS-1 MIDI channel is set to channel 1

    -TR8 MIDI channel is set to channel 10


    Does anyone else have the same issue?

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    • dkusuhara
      DavidKnighton Hello there,
      I would suspect that if the two are only slightly off sync, then it could be that your envelope on the MS-1 is too slow. Try it out with a fast attach and see if they come together.
      • Aug 31
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