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    Bonjour ,

    Est-il possible de régler l'interrupteur pour que le son ne se coupe pas instantanément ?

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    Hi guys has anyone used the meloaudio midi commander with the voicelive3 to control either guitar effects or the looper functions any help would be much appreciated the only info I can find on which pedals can be used on the voicelive 3 is the tc helicon 6 switch cheers. 

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    • Robbodafisho
      Robbodafisho I’ve set the midi commander on the custom 2 setting and and into the vl3x midi in it scrolls through the different presets 1 to 8 then scroll up or down on the set buttons to go onto the next presets 9-16 and so on what I really want to know is there a way of controlling things delay, flanger, compressor or looper settings through midi learn if it’s possible cheers.
      • Tue at 4:42 AM
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    I can update the firmware but I cant get WIN10 to see my folder so I can copy off my loop to be saved on my computer.

    I SWORE I did this before.


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    I just recieved the Ditto + and upgraded the firmware right away.

    When I press record in either regular or extended mode, the volume increases quite a bit. The playback volume is also increased.
    The pedal was working normally one day and the next, it started with this unusual volume increase when I hit record and play.
    I reinstalled the firmware but that made no difference. 

    Is there something I can adjust or is the pedal broken? 

    Note: The volume knob doesn't change the record level. 

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    • BryanB2
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi BryanB2, would it be possible to provide some further information on your setup such as if any other pedals are being used, how the device is being powered, and how you are connecting it to your amp?
      • Sep 5
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    I'm trying to find out what products I have registered 


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    • JosephScottVanWye
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi JosephScottVanWye, it is currently not possible to view your registered products within the Community Portal, however, upon registration, an email would have been provided confirming the registration along with the product details. I will also send you a PM shortly with some extra information on what you currently have registered.
      • Sep 3
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    I am using a pmp560m with passive speakers and I want connect a XENYX 1622FX with powered speakers to it so i can use the  mic inputs and powered speakers as  floor monitors  can this be done ..if so is there a diagram that shows how this is done


    Joe (electronic drummer)

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    • JosephGiannini
      DavidKnighton Hello Joe,
      The PMP560M does not have any passive outputs, it only has the powered outputs. That being said, I would suggest using the 1622FX first in line, then use the main or sub outputs to relay signal to the PMP. Your powered monitors can run off the 1622FX Aux Outputs, however you need to decide which mics/instruments you want to hear in your floor monitors, because the additional inputs on the PMP can in no way be shared to the 1622FX. Put your choice inputs on the 1622FX, and the rest on the PMP.
      • Aug 31
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    I've had a Ditto x4 for about 9 months and it's worked fine but I recently rearranged my pedalboard and my Ditto x4's indicator LEDs now show steady green on power up and the unit is unresponsive. I've tried making sure the SD card is seated properly and have attempted a firmware update however the Ditto wouldn't connect. Interestingly when restarting with the loop switch 1 depressed, loop 1's light goes off and the rest glow red/green simultaniously -- steadily and the unit is still unresponsive.

    Looking for qualified input before I try and re-image the internal SD card.

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    I've just purchased a Ditto x4 and it's freezing after around 30 seconds every time I switch it on. All the switches stop working and the lights just stay in whatever mode they were before it froze. 

    I've tried updating the firmware and I checked to make sure the SD card is in position. Absolutely no idea what's wrong with it. Incredibly frustrating. I've not been able to hear anything the pedal does yet. 

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    • GarethThomas
      Nigel67 Hi GarethThomas. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your newly purchased unit. Have you tried factory resetting the unit. Hold down the Loop 1 switch for 13 seconds, the Loop switch LED will blink orange (once) and red (once) when the reset is complete. If the unit is within 30 days of purchase, please contact the shop that you purchased it from and ask for a DOA replacement. If it is over 30 days old then we can get the unit repaired. Please submit a Service ticket. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with an RMA number and advise the local service centre to you. Many thanks
      • Aug 25
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    How can I run separate channels to my Bose T1 tonematch. I don't want to use the thru input for the guitar which would lose the harmony effect. I would like to use two channels on the mixer one for guitar and one for vocals both coming from the TC Helicon.  Thanks!

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    Hi Behringer,

    I am looking for a parallel loop mixer and am wondering if you could be of assistance to put something like this together.
    The unit should fit into a 1U 19” Rack enclosure.
    There should be 8 loops onboard each with send and return level, phase invert switch and switchable muff pi style tone stack.
    It should have master input and output level adjust.
    Loop 8 and 7 should have Feedback control, and should be routable in series or parallel. 8 in 7 / 7 in 8 or parallel.
    Switching of the 8 Loops should be possible by front panel push/push switches and on status should be displayed by a corresponding LED.
    Additionally Midi in out thru sockets should be provided at the back on the unit, facilitating Midi switching of the loops via PGM Changes.
    0 to 127 User presets containing all 8 loop switch and tone status should be stored in non volatile memory and programmed by a simple to use midi learn push/push switch on the front panel.
    A Program Number display would be an advantage but not neccessary.
    A 240V switched solid state power supply should be onboard as well.
    A bonus would be a break out floor board with the 8 loops, bypass and midi learn switches onboard connected with a single mono ¼” Jack lead.
    Now why, you might ask?
    I have been looking for something like this for years. I have various vintage 19” effect units I would like to revive. And unfortunately they are all more or less designed to be used as effects on a mixing board feeding back through a return channel.
    Essentially this is what I am trying to achieve but for just 1 guitar signal and up to 8 FX sends and returns.
    Currently there is only The EHX Tri Mix and the Wounded Paw Blender V4 which come close to what I am looking for but they are both landmines that integrate badly into a rack environment.
    Personally, I have three 19” Tube Preamps, two vintage compressors and three Multi FX units that I would like to setup like that in my studio as well as being able to take them on the road.
    If you can hear me I really would like to hear from you too.
    Kind regards
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    • smburzynski
      Nigel67 Hi Sascha. Many thanks for your product request. I will put in a new product customer request form to the R&D Team for discussion. All the best.
      • Aug 24
    • smburzynski

      Thank you Nigel...

      • Aug 24
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