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    Have an FCA1616, Line 6 HD500x, Rode condenser mic... can I plug guitar 1/4 into FCA port 1, condenser mic into Port 2, and route out to input on HD500x POD, out from HD500x via USB to computer and record in my DAW...Want to apply effects to both guitar and vocals individually prior to recording... what is the best way to cable these connections,.. out to HD 500X then to computer, or loop output from FCA1616 to Line 6 then back into FCA then via FCA USB connection to computer??  In any case, how to I link everything up??





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    It's not the first mixer I've had to have this exact issue, I've tried a basic ground loop isolator, an iFi iDefender and plugging it in to other sockets/usb ports. The clip has the audio with just power/USB cable and no XLR and then with an XLR cable later in the clip. I've been trying to fix this for almost 2 weeks with no progress. 

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    Are there any techs from Behringer or Behinger certified techs that will do trainings on the X32?

    [email protected]

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    • Tomg123
      Nigel67 Do you mean tech as in repair, or tech how to operate the X32? If its operate, then I would advise taking a look at this You Tube channel I think Drew goes through just about everything you need to know about the X32. Some of it is pre V4 firmware, but all of it is relevant and can be easily converted to V4 firmware. You should be able to learn just about everything from his site.
      • Sep 22
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    I get a load, high pitch squealing noise when I run the monitor signal from my JBL Eon One through any channel of my Behringer X18 mixer.  The monitor signal works fine through other analog mixers.  The squealing occurs with different power amps, different DIs and different cables.  I also get the squealing with the line-out from a Carvin bass amp.  Other line-outs work fine.  I have my my bus 6 signal routed to USB output for live streaming. 

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    • rickeyboards
      NicJonesMT Hi RickeyBoards.
      Please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Sep 22
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    Need Help with external FX Routing -using AUX SENDS 1/2

    I need help understanding and setting up my 2 external fx processors to this mixer so that I can use the aux 1/2 knobs to send vol to each channel. Im trying many diffrent routes and Im having trouble understanding the right way to do it on the QX1832. My original attempt is that I have it going from Send 1 and Send 2 jacks into my effect processors inputs. I then wanted to use the aux1 and aux 2 knobs on each channel strip to introduce the effect per channel. By the way I have the effect processors outs, unconventionally plugging into Ch 3/4 and 5/6 panned hard left and right (instead of using the returns) the reason for this is that I want to specifically route the effects sound through the mixer's sub outputs instead of main outputs - and this woudl be the only way to do it. part of my set up needs... So I can get the sound of effect 1 through send 1 but not for send 2. if I switch the cables of send 1 and 2 I can hear the other effect that wasn't sounding now sounding.. so essentially I cannot get to hear both send outputs at the same time layered or summed. the only way so far I have been able to get both to sound is by plugging in one effect to the send 1 and the second to mon out and using the mon fader to control fx2 volume.. it works, im not exactly sure what is happening in this set up.. would love to understand it a bit more.. but I would rather have both effects on send 1 and 2 working if possible.. im not sure if something is hardwired in a way where this is not possible and would love some help to get this set up correctly.

    Thank you!

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  • Paul_Vannatto
    Volunteer Moderator
    The purpose of this thread is to compile all of the tips, tricks and tutorials that we all have discovered for the Mixing Station (and Pro) app for the X32/M32 consoles. Please feel free to contribute your favorite discoveries.

    Since the X-Air/M-Air version of Mixing Station is very similar, other tips, tricks and tutorials can also be found here
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    • Paul_Vannatto
      Nick11111 How are you Paul? Do you work for behringer and if you do can u please help name is Nick and I bought the mixer wing but didn’t know that there’s no manual if I new would’ve bought it.I bought it this last Christmas and till now can’t record on sd card or even route a signal. Please help me. Thank you
      • Feb 7
    • Paul_Vannatto
      Nick11111 How are you Paul. You never reply to my message.are you still around and can you help me?
      • Sep 11
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    Hi, we use the XR18 connected into our Macbook Air for our livestream (into OBS) however the Mac has stopped recognising the XR18 as a sound input. Its listed as a device but doesn't show as active.

    I've changed cables, even tried it on a different Macbook which didn't even detect it as being there. We're currently on 1.18 for the firmware, could this be the issue?

    Has anyone else had this issue and/or does anywhere know where I can get the earlier firmware versions from? I have seen in other forums that the mac os stopped recognising the XR18 but they got it going using an earlier firmware. I'd rather not downgrade it but if that would get it working again I'll do it! Thanks.

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    • HazelMears
      Nigel67 Hi HazelMears. This seems more hardware related than firmware. However, you can find older versions of firmware at this link - Select XR18 in the Product column and Software in the Type column. You will then need to tick the box labelled 'Show all Versions' and the older versions of firmware will appear. Have you tried a factory reset on the unit. This sometimes works.

      Any show / presets that you have on the unit will be deleted.  With the unit powered, locate the hole in the front panel by the access point logo.  There is a switch behind the hole.  Push something through the hole gently until you feel a click as the switch activates.  Hold the switch in for 12 seconds and when you release, the unit will reset.  Set up the connection again and see if you can connect back up to the USB port.

      If this does not work, I would suggest filling out a Technical Support ticket and we will be able to advise further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket.
      • Sep 5
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    Here is my setup for reference. 
    To use this you have to move your pads to channel 10 in the controller. I suggest you start pad 1 at C1 and go up from there. 
    Here is a video i made showing you how to create a new script and install it
    Here is information on how to use this script.


    # Config File for User-defined Instant Mappings
    # We assume that the controls on your MIDI controller
    # send CCs (except for pads). All controls that do not have
    # an explicit channel setting are expected to use the
    # global channel. CCs & Notes are counted from 0-127
    # and channels from 0-15.[Globals]# The channel that the controller should send onGlobalChannel: 1
    # If your controller is connected via USB, replace ControllerName
    # with the name of the respective port. Live will then try to
    # recognize the ports for you when you select your Instant-MappingsInputName: MOTÖR49 Keyboard (Port 1)OutputName: MOTÖR49 Keyboard (Port 1)
    # If your controller has pads that send notes, you can use them to
    # play the visible pads in your DrumRacks. Just replace the -1 for# the note (and channel) of the respective pad. The arrangement of
    # the pads in the DrumRacks is as follows:# 1 2 3 4# 5 6 7 8# 9 10 11 12# 13 14 15 16# (If you leave the channel of a pad at -1, Live will assume that
    # the pad uses the global channel)
    Pad1Note: 24 
    Pad2Note: 25
    Pad3Note: 26 
    Pad4Note: 27
    Pad5Note: 28
    Pad6Note: 29
    Pad7Note: 30
    Pad8Note: 31
    Pad9Note: 32
    Pad10Note: 33
    Pad11Note: 34
    Pad12Note: 35 
    Pad13Note: 36
    Pad14Note: 37
    Pad15Note: 38
    Pad16Note: 39
    Pad1Channel: 09 
    Pad2Channel: 09
    Pad3Channel: 09
    Pad4Channel: 09
    Pad5Channel: 09
    Pad6Channel: 09
    Pad7Channel: 09
    Pad8Channel: 09
    Pad9Channel: 09
    Pad10Channel: 09
    Pad11Channel: 09
    Pad12Channel: 09
    Pad13Channel: 09
    Pad14Channel: 09
    Pad15Channel: 09
    Pad16Channel: 09
    # The Encoders will control the device parameters (you can also
    # use knobs or sliders). Replace the -1's with the CCs sent by
    # the respective controls on your controller. You can also set# the channel for each controller if it differs from the global
    # channel (if you leave the channel of an encoder at -1, Live
    # will assume that the encoder uses the global channel).
    Encoder1: 71
    Encoder2: 72
    Encoder3: 73
    Encoder4: 74
    Encoder5: 75
    Encoder6: 76
    Encoder7: 77
    Encoder8: 78
    EncoderChannel1: -1
    EncoderChannel2: -1
    EncoderChannel3: -1
    EncoderChannel4: -1
    EncoderChannel5: -1
    EncoderChannel6: -1
    EncoderChannel7: -1
    EncoderChannel8: -1
    # Enter the respective map mode for the encoders here. The following
    # map modes are available:
    # - Absolute
    # - Absolute14Bit
    # - LinearSignedBit
    # - LinearSignedBit2
    # - LinearTwoCompliment
    # - LinearBinaryOffset
    # - AccelSignedBit
    # - AccelSignedBit2
    # - AccelTwoCompliment
    # - AccelBinaryOffset
    # Consult the controller's documentation to find out which mode to use.EncoderMapMode: Absolute
    # Buttons used here are expected to not be toggles (i.e., sending# value 0 every second time you press it).
    Bank1Button: -1
    Bank2Button: -1
    Bank3Button: -1
    Bank4Button: -1
    Bank5Button: -1
    Bank6Button: -1
    Bank7Button: -1
    Bank8Button: -1
    NextBankButton: -1
    PrevBankButton: -1
    LockButton: -1
    # Again enter the appropriate CCs for the respective controls.
    # If all sliders use the global channel to send their data,
    # you can leave the channels at -1. You can, of course, use
    # encoders or knobs instead of sliders.
    VolumeSlider1: 21
    VolumeSlider2: 22
    VolumeSlider3: 23
    VolumeSlider4: 24
    VolumeSlider5: 25
    VolumeSlider6: 26
    VolumeSlider7: 27
    VolumeSlider8: 28
    Slider1Channel: -1
    Slider2Channel: -1
    Slider3Channel: -1
    Slider4Channel: -1
    Slider5Channel: -1
    Slider6Channel: -1
    Slider7Channel: -1
    Slider8Channel: -1
    MasterVolumeSlider: 53
    MasterSliderChannel: -1
    Send1Knob1: -1
    Send1Knob2: -1
    Send1Knob3: -1
    Send1Knob4: -1
    Send1Knob5: -1
    Send1Knob6: -1
    Send1Knob7: -1
    Send1Knob8: -1
    Send2Knob1: -1
    Send2Knob2: -1
    Send2Knob3: -1
    Send2Knob4: -1
    Send2Knob5: -1
    Send2Knob6: -1
    Send2Knob7: -1
    Send2Knob8: -1
    TrackArmButton1: -1
    TrackArmButton2: -1
    TrackArmButton3: -1
    TrackArmButton4: -1
    TrackArmButton5: -1
    TrackArmButton6: -1
    TrackArmButton7: -1
    TrackArmButton8: -1
    VolumeMapMode: Absolute
    SendsMapMode: Absolute
    # The transport buttons are also expected not to be toggles.
    RwdButton: 115
    FfwdButton: 116
    StopButton: 117
    PlayButton: 118
    RecButton: 119
    LoopButton: 120 
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    Anyone know where I can get one? It's the little USB dongle receiver for the mic

    Can't seem to find an email address for Behringer support


    thanks for any pointers/tips/advice


    Dan, London.

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    • djframpton
      NicJonesMT Hi Dan.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and from there you can submit a support ticket.
      Please note that the receiver dongle is normally hard paired to the microphone that it is supplied with, and that a replacement unit will not work.
      • Aug 25
    • djframpton

      Thanks Nic - yes thought that - still worth me trying to get a replacement then?

      • Aug 25
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    Hi there! 

    I am using the X-touch mini on Studio One. I have an issue to fix: I just can config knobs and the sliders. Its impossible attribute functions to the bottons because they are not identified. How can I use the bottons to control notes from a VST, for example?

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