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    Uploaded new 21 firmware 

    Had on there the New Pitch control I've never used this effect an not sure how to operate. 

    Is there any file/paper work on how to operate that on the console on a channel. 

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    • Shanog5050
      Nigel67 Dear Shanog5050. Thank you for your information request. This is something that we are looking at producing and when done, the documentation will be added to the MCloud. Many thanks.
      • 6 hours ago
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    Can I use the behringer stage boxes for the MIDAS 32R? With the scarcity of Midas stegeboxes is there any other alternative instead of buying a 100ft snake? Thanks

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    • cristtiah
      Paul_Vannatto Yes you can use the Behringer stageboxes (S16, S32, SD8, SD16) with the M32.
      • Jul 20
    • cristtiah
      joehughes00000 We have a DL16 and DL32 stage box that work well with our X32 console
      • Mon at 1:28 PM
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    for a theatreproduction we need an 'audiotech' on stage. This will be an actor mainly controlling ques, starts, fades and stuff. In FOH I will be controlling the overall sounds including headsets. Is there a way to sync two m32's? This way he can do all his stuff, but I will still have full control over everything. Sharing inputs is easy, routing his outputs to me is easy, but having full control from two places is not something I figured out yet. If syncing both consoles is not an option I can work without(I'll have a laptop to control his console), but I'm just curious if its an option. 

    Hope someone has an idea.



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    • WMV87
      Paul_Vannatto Using the laptop (or tablet) is the only option available to control another M32.
      • Mon at 5:55 AM
    • WMV87
      KevinMaxwell Using the laptop (or tablet) the way that Paul suggests is the best and probably easiest way to do it and is how I would recommend doing it. For the last couple of musicals that I did I had an unmanned X32 Compact in the pit as the monitor mixer for the pit. I had control of it at FOH with a computer and I also let the video recording person hook up their computer so the pit mix to them could be controlled by them. I was using a WING at FOH.

      There might be another way to do it but it would be more expensive and also not as flexible as just using a laptop or tablet.

      There might be a way to do what you want over Midi if you add a (MSEP) Midi Solutions Event Processor. I use one between two different Midas M32 consoles with it setup to just send certain Midi commands from the main M32 to the secondary M32. They are next to each other and I go from the Main M32 Midi Out to the Midi in on the MSEP then the Midi out of the MSEP to the secondary M32 Midi in. I have only done this in one direction so I don’t know if it could be done with 2 MSEP one for each direction. Theoretically is should work but the maximum recommended length (50 feet) of a Midi cable if probably too short for your needs to allow for a cable run from FOH to the stage. The MSEP needs to be programed to only pass the Midi that you want passed between the 2 consoles.

      To overcome the cable length restrictions there are Midi extenders available see this link -

      But the other issue is the Midi implementation (on the M32/X32) is limited so you might not be able to do everything you want. I was just making the main M32 control a few DCA faders on the second M32.

      I have never tried this for actually usage but I am pretty sure if you were to be close enough or use a Midi extender if you just hook up the 2 consoles to each other thru the Midi inputs and outputs then every move (that Midi is enabled to do) should echo to the other console. But that is asking for trouble. You might have an endless loop between the 2 consoles kind of like an audio feedback loop. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. SO DON’T DO THAT!!!
      • Mon at 7:00 AM
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    Hey all.
    We've been playing with a HD96-24 and it looks almost perfect for our needs, however I have two little observations and was wondering if anyone knows if such things might be adressed in a future update.

    MIDI control.
    We cover live sports events, and on our current setup we use a little GPIO to MIDI box so that when the vision mixer cuts to a certain camera, the channel for the relevant microphone is automatically unmuted.
    For example, when the director cuts to the team manager, the camera-mounted microphone is automatically opened.

    Currently on the HD96, MIDI control only allows recalling scenes, and not any other function. Whilst we could theoretically bodge something so that a certain scene is recalled, it's less than elegant, and could prove problematic since we use scene/memory recall for other functions.

    Is there any update in the pipeline that might enable more functions to be triggered via MIDI?

    One of the things we use scene/memory recall for is to change the state of various sends and master bus on/off for different sections of our shows. We have coverage in multiple languages, and need to tie in and merge different presenters and commentators to chat among each other to give a complete overview and introduction, before separating off into their own separate coverage.

    The scene recall safe on the HD96 currently links the fader with the master bus on/off, so I can't recall the state for one without affecting the other.

    Again, is there any idea on an update that might allow seperate recall safe of fader and master bus send?

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    • SionJones
      Nigel67 Hi SionJones. I will put these questions to the Design Team and get back to you shortly.
      • Mon at 1:04 AM
      • HD96-24 MIDI control and scene recall questions/minor gripes
        SionJones excellent, thank you.
        • Mon at 3:34 AM
      • HD96-24 MIDI control and scene recall questions/minor gripes
        Nigel67 Hi SionJones. At the moment there is not anything specific in the pipeline that would cover the two questions that you have made, but the Design Team are very interested in understanding your requirements and discussing any enhancements that could be made to the HD96. I am going to send you an e-mail today. If it is not in your inbox by the end of today, please also check your spam and junk folder. Many thanks
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        • 6 hours ago
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    it would be handy to get the option to change the order of the inserts on the console.

    Easy like drag en drop it in the way you want, so you can try out different insert structures.

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    I'm running a Macbook with the latest software - where can I find a copy of the offline editor for a Midas pro2

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    Does anyone know if the Midas m32r has a Testing mode?     Think of an SC48 with its test mode.   

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    • Cblair819
      Paul_Vannatto No it does not
      • Aug 3
    • Cblair819
      KevinMaxwell Years ago we thought we had something wrong with one of the M32 mixers that we had and support told us a key combination to press to put it into a self test mode. I don't remember what the key combination was but I will see If I can find out for you. and then see if it works with the current firmware.
      • Aug 3
    • Cblair819
      KevinMaxwell Well the fellow I work with that owns the 2 Midas M32 mixers that I have regularly used found the Key combination to put the M32 (I assume that it should work on the X32 also) into the Surface Test mode. It is - with the mixer off press and hold the Home, Meters, Routing and Setup buttons all at the same time and turn on the power while holding them. Let them go when you see the mixer start in the test mode. I am not 100 percent sure how you are SUPPOSED to get out of it but turning it off and then on again it comes back on like it should.
      • Aug 6
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    Mair for my Midas rm18 crashes in iOS 16 on an iPad. It is IOS 16 beta 2.


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    • Olemou
      NicJonesMT Hi Olemou.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      Please provide as much detail on your setup and exactly what is happening (For example does it crash if you adjust a certain parameter in the app).
      • Aug 2
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    Hi there, 

    So we have 3 HD's in a Broadcast environtment and using automixer in AFL insert and SOLO config on PFL. I was expecting to have SOLO PFL but the insert of this automixer in AFL is causing SOLO following AFL too. Is that normal behaviour? Do other consoles work that way?

    Best regards,


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    problem with Midas stage box. the mute all automatically goes off and on my DL32. Please how do I fix this

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