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    I plugged my speaker in last night at a venue that had bad power. A neon sign was pugged into the same power source (that I didn't see). The power popped, sparked and fried the control panel to my Turbosound IQ 12. I need fuses too. Can anyone help? I don't want to order the wrong ones. Thanks!

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    • kchurch74
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. You can order parts directly from us, please click on Support at the top of the page, then select Spare Parts and submit a ticket.
      • Mar 21
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    Had an outside gig powered by clients generator and I suspect the voltage dipped or spiked. The LEDs show the music input but no sound. Is there anything I can do on my end, or is it fried? :( The firmware is up to date.


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    • danjamowf
      RexBeckett Hi danjamowf, it seems likely that the IQ12 power supply was damaged. I suggest that you open a Care ticket.

      At the top of this page, click Support then scroll down the new page and select Service. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • Mar 18
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    Can you run ultranet to the iQ15's and use the crossover to send XLR to another brand sub? 

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    Where can I find the plastic volume knobs for iQ18b and iq15???

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    • aggelos69
      Dale_M Hi aggelos69 the best route is to simply put a Support ticket through from the tab above and send in a Spares request, the team can then advise you of price and availability.
      • Mar 15
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    I am using my iQ8's and 15B in our small studio/rehearsal place and want to set up the speakers with XLR connections from our analog rehearsal mixer and Ultranet to the X32 in the control room used for recording.  I had all the speaker inputs set to 'Auto' but the X32 was not turned on at the time as I understood the iQ speakers would 'Auto' to XLR when no Ultranet signal was detectedwhich is what I want for general use for other users.  Only I use the X32 when recording so when I turn on the X32 I expected the Ultranet connection to take priortity.  This set up is to make it compatible for both the analog desk and the digital desk without the others having to change the input selection on the back of each speaker (which means pulling them all out to access the back panel) Is this not how the 'Auto' input should work or am I missing something.  To avoid the hiss and use XLR I had to switch the inputs to analog and then turn the speakers off and on again before they stopped hissing.  Any advice would be appreciated


    Many Thanks



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    • MichaelHutton
      GaryHiggins I believe you can only connect to one or the other, digital via the ultranet or analog via the xlr not both (physicaly connected) at once. I also believe the auto is only for eq not for the analog/digital connectors.
      • Mar 13
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    Hi. I'm confused with using my Milan sub.

    I connect from my mixer into the sub and then from the thru output up to the tops.

    The confusion comes from the Milan's signal led. I rarely see it working! It only shows a signal when the mixer output is high AND the milan output level is high. Oh, it sounds great but it's too loud for some of the venues I play!

    My experience and expectations would be that the speaker would display a signal received via the led and then you'd turn it up to suit the venue. Or you'd set the speaker level high and then control the overall volume from the mixer, however this could add unwanted noise.

    I thought the idea of a signal led is to display that the speaker is receiving a safe level before it would clip or trip the limiter. At the same time it would also ensure you're not introducing noise.

    I tried by having the mixer turned up fully but it still wouldn't show a signal until I turned up the speaker to almost full volume as well.

    I've followed the manual but it offers no explanation.

    With lockdown coming to an end and gigs starting up again, I was hoping I could use the milan with a bit more confidence.

    If you could reassure and help, it'd be great, thanks.


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    Is there anyway to switch off the Bluetooth function completely? so no meddling kids try connecting to the speakers when I am using analog input

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    • Ub41d
      Dale_M I am afraid there is no lock system for this feature, however once you have paired these and synced with your device it will not allow any 3rd party device to hijack the connection, so you should be safe.
      • Feb 23
    • Ub41d
      Nigel67 Although it is not possible to switch the Bluetooth off, you can password lock the unit so that the kids cannot change any settings on the speakers or connect their devices. Without pairing from the speaker they cannot cause any issues. The lock option is in the set up menu just above Factory reset. You just have to remember not to lose your password or make it easy enough for the kids to guess it :). Hope this helps
      • Feb 23
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    IP300 are they disccontinued  Canada dealers saying they are  what the replacement  thank

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    • claude123
      DavidKnighton Hello Claude,
      I don't believe this product is discontinued, as it's only been in production for a few years now. If you can submit a Support ticket for Pre Sales, we can get your question over to our availability team. They'll be able to tell you who to contact in Canada for sales.
      • Feb 17
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    I have two loud speakers. I had a friend use them and now one makes a static/ screech when it is turned on even without a cable attached. The other appears to have no high end. Is the possibly a simple solution or will I likely need to send them in to be repaired? 

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    • Yakoba
      DavidKnighton Hello Yakoba,
      It definitely sounds like your friend may have caused some damage to your speakers. I would suspect they blew one of the high frequency drivers in one unit, not sure about the other with the screeching sound. I suggest opening a service request ticket using the SUPPORT link at the top of this page.
      • Feb 8
  • LeeE_Wolloff
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    How can I get the service manual for my TFX122M-AN?  I have them for my iq12, iq15b, ip300, and ip1000.



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    • LeeE_Wolloff
      Paul_Vannatto Unless you are an approved service depot, the service manuals you already have are not official ones, since the company has a policy of not giving them out.
      • July 21, 2020
      • Service Manual for TFX122M-AN
        LeeE_Wolloff I beg to differ. I downloaded them directly in 2018 from the music tribe / Turbosound documents page. Since they decided to “upgrade” the website you can’t find anything. Even tech support says everything is a mess.
        • July 22, 2020
      • Service Manual for TFX122M-AN
        Paul_Vannatto Users manual, yes. Service manual, definitely not
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        • July 22, 2020
      • Service Manual for TFX122M-AN
        LeeE_Wolloff I would be glad to send them to you. Either email or text.
        • July 25, 2020
    • LeeE_Wolloff
      donbroussard My name is don louis Broussard at db Sound dealer # 23320. I sold a nx3000 behringer amp to a church warranty #cas-418624-p7z4r2 on January 23 2021. The amp was installed by me for in Christ int church and ministries. The amp worked 23rd 24th and 25th of Jan. When they came back the next Friday the amp did not come on. I put it on my desk and it did not power up. The amp was a week old. I understand it is a 30 day replacement. Music tribe told me to send the with a # CAS-418722-C3Q5R6. RMA# 378693 to audio lab of Georgia. Phone 7704550571 Wendy. So Monday the 1st of feb i sent it off to Georgia. YOU SENT ME A EMAIL AT 5:18 this morning CRM:0018300004058 saying to bring the product to the dealer. I am the dealer. Please help me. My phone is 9047045719. The amp is now in Georgia. Boxed and ready to mail.
      • Feb 4
      • Service Manual for TFX122M-AN
        Paul_Vannatto Don, this has nothing to do with this discussion (Service Manual for TFX122M-AN). Please remove your post and start and start a new discussion regarding your issues.
        • Feb 4
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